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Very nice layout. So you have to add your own scripts to get it to work? Do you plan on at least coding the notify box? Just asking.

The icons on the right appear to be broken in Chrome, they do not line up vertically.

... and with Firefox 3.6.6 too !

Pleas make an update, the icons on the right appear to be broken when changing default text!

hi! As it is written on the details page and in the themes readme file the icons are not included but a link to the used iconset can be found in the readme

The icons POSITION do not line up vertically. (Die Position der Icons ist bei Textänderung verschoben. Bitte fixen. )

Hi! Sorry for my really late reply. I was on my honeymoon vaccation trip and never expect that my tiny and first template was sold about 30 times within 1.5 weeks…

I removed the icons completely. They never meant to be part of the templates download package…but a download link to the icon designer is included in the templates doc.

Sorry for any problems and the delay! The cleand up version will be online as soon as a reviewer enable it.


Thanks for the nice layput. I want the input field to be an upload field. But when i do that i get the standard “Browse” gray button. Can you fix it so the “notify me” button becomes the “Browse” button?


you just have to apply the same CSS id to your upload field: id=”emailForm”

Hello! I love the style of the icons. Did you made them?

Before I purchase this, when you are typing in the email field is it possible to remove the blue stroke.

hey guys, i am getting a bunch of different errors when i uploaded the fiel to my site.

Warning: fopen(/home1/movierec/public_html/twitter/wp-content/themes/notifyme-source/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home1/movierec/public_html/twitter/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4165

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home1/movierec/public_html/twitter/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4168

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home1/movierec/public_html/twitter/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4171




Its not a wordpress plugin

I like the looks of this item but the form doesn’t display correctly…


It would be so much easier if you actually had the form as a working AJAX form. Just my two cents.

Hi – I have an web form and would like to purchase your theme. However is it possible for me to take the html elements and css and apply it to my page?

Hi Trooper2029, thanks nice landing design!

I have customized and installed and it is working great however what should it do when you click notify me?

In my case seems nothing happens. What should I do/check/expect?

Let me know please.

Best Regards.

Hi! As the templates product page says “Important note: The template comes with an HTML input field and a button, but with no additional script behind it.” it comes without any script in it. It is just a HTML template. You can combine it with your own script or a external service like Mail Chimp etc. Or do a quick search on “PHP mail script” in google… Sorry…its just HTML …

Hi Trroper2029, thanks for your support and sorry I did not see this note. My fault.

I have my hosting with GoDaddy and I know there is a webformmailer.php facility available but I do not know if I can use this for this. My intention is just to receive an email in an predefined account with the email address introduced in the input field.

Could you help me just addressing to some code or article explaining how to do this? I would appreciate it a lot.

Thanks again and Kind Regards.

Hi! I released another template a few weeks ago with a working PHP mailing script. I will try to incorporate it into the DescribeMe template and will release a new version within the next 24-28hrs. It is a simple script and it just will send out the content of the input field as mail to a predefined mailbox…but if thats what you Need: Just wait I bit till I ´am done;-)

Thanks Trooper2029, that sounds great! but I purchased the NotifyMe ;-=) Do you have plans to add it in this one as well.

Many thanks again!

Yes, that was my intention. I plan to upgrade the notifyme template in the next days so that the future version will include a simple PHP mailingscript. Hopefully it works…

Ok great!! sorry I missunderstood you, I am anxious. Kind Regards.

Hi there

Apologies if you have already answered this but is it easy to add logos, change colour etc?