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I am unable to add elements via visual composer, I have the latest version of the theme. I have not installed extra plugins. What is going on?

Chrome inspector says :

composer-view.js?ver=4.7.4:145 Uncaught TypeError: $template.get is not a function

C’mon “Sorry, support for this Envato Market purchase code has expired. You will need to extend support or purchase a new license.” This is a conflict in your theme. I will not pay the cost of a new theme. Please advise


Please make sure you have the latest Nouveau 2.4 version.

If you don’t have that latest theme version – update the theme first :

To update your theme you have to:

1.Download latest theme zip file from ThemeForest

2.Extract it and locate nouveau.zip

3.Extract nouveau.zip and locate nouveau folder

4.Copy/Replace the content of nouveau folder to /wp-content/themes/nouveau folder of your web site.

After you have Nouveau 2.4 , you should update Visual Composer plugin to the latest included version 4.12:

1. Please make sure main theme is activated while performing other steps

2. Go to Plugins page in your WordPress Dashboard, locate Visual Composer in the list, deactivate it and delete it

3. You will see message that required plugin is missing at the top of your WordPress Dashboard

4. Install the plugin and then activate it

Clear cache after updating. It should be all fine then.


Hi Select, I’ve made an adjustment to the Select slider to have it “fade” in the backend of my homepage. I replaced the word “slide” for “fade” and the adjustment worked. What happened was that all of the fonts I’ve used were gone.. It had replaced all the fonts I’ve used for my website. Is this a bug? Or did I do something wrong? In Select Options > General Font Options is everything still how it was or how I wanted it to be. Any other adjustment or restoring doesn’t work.

Any ideas? Thank you.


Hi Freddy,

In order to change the Select Slider behavior, you should just change animation type attribute in slider’s shortcode from slide to fade, like you mentioned.

That should not affect any of the fonts.

Could you please submit a private ticket to https://select.ticksy.com , with a link to your site and WP admin access, so our team can check this and help.


HI, in Select Carousel I can’t upload image with your custom field. Thanx


When you’re creating your Select Carousel item, and click to set image, first thing when you choose image is to click FILE URL button, so the url is rendered, and then insert into Post http://screencast.com/t/amZYy7a7DEaX


Hello good day. Why can not I open the Visual Composer? I can not edit pages. http://i.imgur.com/JW6gxTu.jpg


It could be that you’ve lately updated WP to version 4.5+ and there is conflict with jQuery. To solve it, just update our theme to latest version 2.4 by following instructions from here https://themeforest.net/item/nouveau-multipurpose-retina-wordpress-theme/7510444/faqs/20986 and then update also VC to latest version 4.12, here are instructions https://themeforest.net/item/nouveau-multipurpose-retina-wordpress-theme/7510444/faqs/27782

After that, clear all the cache and everything should be working back fine.



You are welcome.

Hi I downloaded your 4.2 version theme but it’s not the latest version that you documented in your update log (july 4th) and it does not have the updated visual composer 4.12 – how do I get that? Thanks!

Hi again,

You are welcome. No, it won’t mess up anything. Maybe you just need to assign menu for your menu location again when you switch back themes. But nothing would be deleted or something like that.


OK thanks!

You are welcome!


inpq Purchased

I have a problema between your theme and visual composer because i don’t see it when i edit a page.

Now i have last version of WP, Noveau Theme 2.1.1 and Visual Composer 4.7.4

I see another reply where you say to delete plugin and install another time, but i can’t delete it because it is in a WP multisite.

The problem is since i update WP to the last version, 4.6.1, before that all was ok.

Can you help me?


inpq Purchased

I upload another time the visual composer and all is ok.

This is solved.

Thank you for the update. Glad to hear this!

Hi there,

I purchased this theme as it looks really awesome (and I had some envato credit) but after the installation, it turned out to be a developer’s nightmare. All the features in the front-end seem to be relying hugely on the visual composer.

I tried making a few changes in the classic mode but the result is nowhere as good as what it looks in the demo.

I’ve been struggling with it for atleast an hour now and am regretting my decision to purchase this theme. Can I please get a refund for my purchase?

Sorry, it may work for people who like WYSIWIG editor style website builders but it’s not for me as making small changes is taking way too long.

Great theme apart from this developer specific issue.

Thanks a lot

Hi Select,

I appreciate your support but I have already purchased an html theme which is more suitable for my workflow and and needs.

If you can issue me a refund, I would much appreciate that. Sorry for the inconvenience mate.

Kind regards


You will have to request refund through themeforest, and there your request would be checked.


Thanks. I have requested it via Themeforest.


LloydNL Purchased

Hi there! Hope you’re good? I would like to inform if you also offer custom development for some extra features?

Looking forward to your reply!


Thank you for interesting in our theme! Unfortunately we are not in a position to accept any custom work at the moment, because we primarily need to focus on providing Theme Support to all customers. We hope you understand.

In case you are not familiar with programming, you could hire someone to do this for you. You could look for someone who you can hire for this kind of job at the following link: – http://studio.envato.com

Thanks for understanding.