Discussion on Novanoid — Simple Minimal

Discussion on Novanoid — Simple Minimal

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your theme is very clean and very nice, i like it.

right now i have a question, i want to change the picture at home page into a slider, could you please tell me how to do it? thanks

So, slider in 1 version template has random picture. When you refresh page you can see that each time slider has different pictures. To change pictures you should go to img directory and replace pictures with name header-*.jpg.

But if you want to set one picture without random you should replace only header-1.jpg to your own picture and go to scripts.js and remove 2 script called “RANDOM HEADER”.

If you have any questions, please, white me to email: maredwinz@gmail.com

thank you for your reply, i will try it than and will get back here

thank youu

i already tried it, hmmmm … i will email you than.

thank you

Hello. Contact form is not working. Pls Help

Are you installed theme to server with working PHP5?

Hi, is it also easy to make separate pages instead of one-page theme?

Hello, Have you already had problems with this theme for Internet Explorer 9 &+? It is because there is somebody who tells me that he sees only the image of the loader and that the site does not display. Thank you very much

Sorry for my english, im a french guy!

I actually had to pay a developer friend $40 to get the contact script to work and even then there’s no notification that the message was sent nor are there any of the error message pop-ups displayed in the example.

I like this theme but the documentation is really poor.

Same problem: the contact script is not working: I fixed 2 errors about undeclared variables and still no success. Actually I’m not receiving any email and no error message as well. Where is the error message supposed to appear?

The website is www.themarkethomes.com/test

Does anyone understood the bugs?

Also: if I call the php file directly I can’t read the error that is supposed to say that the call is not an ajax call…

I don’t get the contact form to work. I insered recipent email adress in contact-me.php and I also tried to substitute line 63 and 64 as described. But it doesn’t send email neither shows error and succsess details. Do I have to change something else? Thanks! Lena

Folllowing error is shown in console analysis: ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable post_data in script.js in line 153 – post_data = {‘userName’:user_name, ‘userEmail’:user_email, ‘userSubject’:user_subject, ‘userMessage’:user_message};

Try to change ‘post_data’ to ‘var post_data’ in line 153.

Ah ok. Now email is arriving, but there is no succes or error message shown on website (like: ‘Thank you for your email’ or ‘Name is too short or empty’ etc.) And in the arriving email subject from user is missing.

I love this theme, congratulations! But I have a very basic question (sorry if it´s too basic, I´m just starting to play around with CSS). I need to include a bigger logo than the actual one. I see that the Novanoid logo is about 80×30 and I would like to include a 150×30 one. When I try to change the size on the CSS stylesheet of course all the code goes crazy. Could you help with this please? Thanks very much!

I already solved it! Actually there wash´t any problem, it´s just that Coda2 initially previews a broken html each time I change any of the css… but it´s not “real”. Congratulations again!

hi, I would like to know why the gallery section “stretch” the images to fit in the image boxes. In Your theme preview this does not happen. take a look on my one: http://ciaohost.it/esempi/sito-store/


I see. So, this big images on gallery section has size 490×190px. You should resize or crop image for preview, but don’t forget image what located in link. In result, you need 2 images: one small (490×190px) and one big for lightbox. The second way to solve this problem and save 1 image. You should adhere to the proportions.

thanks, but if I can’t adhere to the proportions?

In your case, your full image with size 1280×853px should be 1280×496px. Just crop it for gallery, but full image you may leave as is.

Hey there!

I cannot install this Theme. It says every time .css or template is missing

Please ignore my comment. I oversee that this isnt a wordpress theme. My fault :/

I need help with the contact form. the contact_me.php is empty.


Another very simple template but so nice and clean and clutter-free. This author has been very quick and helpful with any questions or help I needed, even helping with small changes I wanted to make. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

*I had the same question as meflies above re: the mobile menu regarding closing after a selection. Currently it stays open and you have to click again to close it.

Write you e-mail.

Can you have the menu on the mobile version not center align and have a border and disappear after a selection? instead of clicking on the menu icon to close it?

Write me e-mail, please.

Great style, It is really simple and minimal. Good luck with sales friend ;)

Lovely simple boxed template. Good luck with sales bro

I like it and maybe I’ll buy it :)

Very nice and clean, looks great. Could use just a few more features like single blog page with video post, slider etc. Good work though.

nice work, gud luck :)

This is really great stuff. Nice and clean, I love it. Great work!

Wow! This is really creative work, mate! You did a great job.


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