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Great work, GLWS! :)

Thanks a lot!

Very nice theme! A few pre-sales questions:

1. What slider are you using on the home page?

2. What email marketing service can be used with the newsletter subscribe box? MailChimp, MailPoet, Constant Contact, etc.?


Hi Carol007, 1. It’s a custom Slider made for Novelty. 2. Well you will have a list of subscribers and you can export it, then you can use it with whatever service you want (we don’t have the services installed).

Nice work!! Good luck! :)

Thanks, pal!

Great work done ! Congratulations ;)

Thank you!

Is it possible to have different ads on different pages? So If I place an ad on my sidebar on page”A” can I run a different ad in the sidebar on page”B” for example?

At the moment, the theme has no support for different sidebars, but you can use plugins that generates more sidebars, and you can put different ADD widgets on different sidebars you create, we will consider this in a future update to be possible, thanks for the input.

I’m not talking about adding widgets I am talking about affiliate advertisement. Sidebar plugins often are in compatible or difficult to track your ads tracking code.

We don’t have tracking features for the adds, you have to add them yourself by code.

One more question: Can we add video? Where?

No, at the moment the theme has no support for video. We will add this feature in the next updates.

Where’s the content sharing part?

Hi DustinDeMoss,

This is a magazine/wordpress theme it has share of it’s content only, there is no support like a sharing platform between users, it’s just that the theme are under the same themeforest category.

I’m agree with Dustin – where’s the content sharing part? I mean, you say this is a content sharing theme but you don’t even have share buttons in your posts! LMAO

Oh wait, I get it. That tiny little baby “share” button is supposed to make this a “content sharing theme”. Try making big SHARE buttons on the bottom of the posts. Take a look at www.9gag.com, www.upworthy.com, www.distractify.com, www.totallyshareable.com, etc

Good luck ;)

Hi, I can not properly install the THEME, when I import the demo I have Error who can help me

Hi, Please provide to hi@teslathemes.com the text of the error and we’ll inspect this. Thanks!

Hi Tesla. I bought Novelty Wordpress Theme, and i want to change the language of the site. However the po files doesn’t exist.

Could you tell me where can i get the file or the php files to change languages?

thank you!

Hi, other question. I want to set [novelty_toggle] to no active. I have to edit directly on css codes? thanks!

Hi, please address all questions on our support forum.

Can i embed youtube video’s instead of the images on the blogpages?


Luukvv, at the moment the theme dose not support. We will make a future update.

Hello. If one cannot embed videos in the blogpost, how then did you do it in your demos? :s

We did not use any video, as a featured video, you can use it inside post.

Is there any demo data I can import?

Hi there guys

1. I imported demo data. Tried to import demo options but it just hangs.

2. where is the slider (how do I set it up)?

3. I’m not sure if it’s me, but the documentation is completely useless. It shows you how to install wordpress… am I missing something?

Anyway, please provide feedback. thanks.

Hello ,

Please send your WP (WP installation url, WP username, WP password) and FTP (FTP host , FTP username, FTP password and optional: FTP port) credentials to support@teslathemes.com . This message will be kept private and only TeslaThemes support staff will see it . Once we get them , your issue will be resolved much quicker . Thanks for understanding.


1. Manual import from THEME_ROOT/theme_config/import.xml using WordPress default import plugin. 2. To show the main slider write the [novelty_main_slider] shortcode. To add / remove slides edit the customs posts in Dashboard > Main Slider. 3. We have available in our documentation the list of all shortcodes and their attributes. You can also access it online at http://teslathemes.com/doc/novelty/

Okay that’s it. I want a refund… :(

Great theme, but it’s worth nothing if I can’t get it setup and the support is so poor.

Hi, usually we are answering within 24h. You support ticket is in queue so please be patient. Also, it was required by email to send your wp admin credentials to inspect your issue, because we cannot replicate this error. Your issue doesn’t mean that support is poor, so please be more professional. Thanks!

I sent you guys an email 15hrs ago and I’ve had no response.

“how do I set up the home page. How do I setup the slider? Where is the list of shortcodes (it’s certainly not in the documentation)

If anyone else has this website working please help!! I have deadlines to meet

It will be better to send your credentials to hi@teslathemes.com. You have an issue that we cannot reproduce. What kind of documentation do you have if you cannot see the list of shortcodes? http://teslathemes.com/doc/novelty/#section4

Newsletter set up? Mailchimp integration?


The theme features a subscription system that allows to view and export the subscribed e-mails. Then you can use this list to send newsletter using your favorite program.


I still do not see ANY setup area to make edits or to integrate mailchimp. Can you offer screenshots??

I still do not see ANY setup area to make edits or to integrate mailchimp. Can you offer screenshots??

Hi, How can increases my website’s upload max filesize limit in this template? please let me know


Hi, this has nothing to do with our theme, it’s a server side question, you can solve it, read this how to increase file upload size.

Have you succeeded to solve this?

No Sample Data Available and Nothing proper Documentation. :(

Hi, Have you tried to install the demo content from Dashboard/Novelty/Import content ?

After the last update an annoying message appears to get all themes for only $10. I purchased the theme for a client of mine. Is very unprofessional to show the message for our agency but especially for you. And for this thing the theme is not worth anything! And the footer tesla link is not editable from admin panel…

Hi, you can write to support@teslathemes.com for a help with the announce removal.