Discussion on Novo - Photography

Discussion on Novo - Photography

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DenK3000 Purchased

Hi, just a quick question: Is it possible to limit the width of the banner item to a specific width? I’m on a 32:9 screen and I would like to limit the banner width to a max width of 1920px.


Hello! Yes, you can set it but only with disabled categories and about buttons features (they can work only like buttons).

i m interested in your theme.. i have 2 different domains. i want to use the theme on both the domains for a different purpose. so should i purchase the item twice for 2 different license or is it possible to use with 1 regular license?

Hello! Thank you for your interest in our theme! Yes, according to the license policy, you need to buy 2 licenses for 2 domains.

Thank You. Will be purchasing soon :)

You are welcome! Have a nice day!

Hi I have another question: It’s possible to use the slider from category home page in the agency home page? Or an other home page with one slider to add more content below the slider?

Hello! Yes, you can mix widgets from different pages.

Can you please reset my domain? I transferred it to another provider and I can not register your theme anymore.

Hello! Sure, we’ve deactivated it, please check

Hi I want to include my picdrop gallery as website.com/picdrop I therefore found the instruction on picdrop got the file and tried to upload it vie filezila ftp. However, I cannot get access to the site (404 Error). Please tell me where I need to put the index.php file to actually get it working.

That’s the steps I followed: https://www.picdrop.com/web/faq/web-integration

Hello! Unfortunately, we support only our theme. Please contact the picdrop support team.

Yeah and they tell me to contact you :-D Maybe you can tell me where to store the index.php file within the novo theme repository (to create with this php file the following: domain.com/picdrop)? It is just about where to store the file.

All theme files you can find in the wp-content/themes/novo/

Hi I’m interested on your theme. I have a question: It’s possible to add a videos (mp4) to the slider on the home page instead of a pictures?

Hello! Thank you for your interest in our theme! Sure, it’s possible

Hi. As discussed in the email, I purchased the license but now when I migrated my hosting to another provider, the license doesn’t work. Please deactivate my current domain, so that it can work smoothly.

Hello! We’ve deactivated your domain. Please activate it after hosting migration.

Hello, I already have the theme in use. Am so far very happy with the design and the customization options. Have also already submitted my review. One thing I wanted to adjust afterwards, but unfortunately I can not do it. I would like to make the header container slightly transparent when scrolling the page. However, I can’t find any suitable values in the CSS to adjust. Black and white OK, but slightly transparent it should be. Maybe someone can help me here. THANKS

Hello! Thank you for your review! Please write us to support@promo-theme.com and provide your URL there. Also, please write here that you’ve sent your email. Our support team will help you ;)


noahr22 Purchased

Hello, I purchased a domain name and now the license won’t work. Could you please disconnect the license for 85w.63a.myftpupload.com

Hello! We’ve deactivated it, please check


wivt79 Purchased

is it possible to disconnect your license with wivtphoto.praktijk7zege.be please

Hello! We’ve deactivated it, please check


wivt79 Purchased

thank you for the quick and good service

You are welcome! Have a nice day!

Hey there, can you please disconnect my Licence-Code so that I can proceed on another webpage of mine? ;)

Hello! We’ve deactivated it, please check

All works fine, thank you very much. :)

You are welcome! Have a nice day!

Buen día, tengo un cliente que tiene esta plantilla y lo que pasa es que no encuentro como activar el swtich de dark a light así como esto https://cln.sh/7S76pQ

Estoy usando el inicio “showcase with thumbnails”

Hello! If you have issues – please submit a support ticket https://support.promo-theme.com/

Hi, Getting this error while importing dummy data.

An error occurred while fetching file from: Array! Reason: http_request_failed – A valid URL was not provided..

hi have activated cURL and xml is already activated


pls reply

Hello! Please check you PHP error logs or contact your hosting support. We’ve provided you all the necessary information to check. All these issues can be on the server side.

I’m interested in your Theme but I have a few practical questions. - Can I adjust the scattered Gallery? And I’d like to change the size of the photos. On my 4k screen, I only have three huge photos besides each other. - Can I undo the “movement” of the photos when I scroll? - Can I add autoplay of videos in the gallery? Example: www.oliveroettli.ch - Can I link to a project page from the gallery rather then a lightbox? Again, see www.oliveroettli.ch

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello! Thank you for your interest in our theme!

- you can change the size by stretching col or custom CSS - Unfortunately, at teh moment we don’t have this feature - please check this autoplay policy https://developer.chrome.com/blog/autoplay/ (all popular browsers follow this too ). - Sure, you can disable pop-up mode and will be opened a project page. Also, we have a feature to open a custom URL

Please deactivate my license code. Its connected to a previous domain I owned but no longer use (tejinderkaur.in). I would need the license to work on a new domain. https://www.vikithakkar.com

Hello! We’ve deactivated your old domain, please check

HI how do i de register the license from a domain

We’ve deactivated it for you. Please don’t forget to delete theme from this domain to not get it blocked.

Hi, the parallax slide doesn’t work on mobile. Can you check this issue? Thanks.

Hello! We’ve checked our theme – everything works fine

This types of sliders are different.


your theme seems to look nice. Is the gallery capable of handling a few thousand pictures? With categories?

Hello! Yes, but it will depend on your hosting resources fro uploading all these photos.

Thank you!

Hey! My Header is totally broken, after i updated the theme to the latest version, and loeaded a header demo version. can you please help? www.mmk.gallery


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