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Hi There,

When will you be releasing an update to support WordPress 4.6?




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can i have a copy of the previous version of the theme? i noticed that after updating to the current version i get a javascript error on the backoffice that i wasn’t getting.

themeple_upload_gallery.js?ver=2d379b2…:83 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).disableSelection is not a function(…)

purchase code – 380136e9-3ab7-4fc2-b3a9-d974582f85cb

thanks in advance

My submenu is not working. i am using the premium Novus theme. when the submenus come’s up it has a big Gap so no way for the mouse to select it can you please help me?

Hi moutheme,

I am having serious trouble trying to get into the support forum and I cannot seem to figure out this issue with the Novus Wordpress theme I purchased a few weeks ago.

The sub-menu bar is hanging far too low on the navigation and I cannot seem to hover my mouse over it. Is it CSS? If so, where? I am really confused because no matter which class or id I grab it will not reposition this correctly.

I am also wondering if I can replace the little buttons on the Nav bar when I choose “Header6.”

I have my purchase code and screenshots ready for email contact. If you could, please get back to me!


Hi Moutheme, was wondering if I could get a follow up on this? Thank you!

Hi, I have not heard back. Is there anyway I can get a hold of you without getting into the support forum since I cannot get in. Please let me know. Thank you!!

Nevermind. I figured it out. Here it is. Put this in Custom CSS code but create child theme before you do this.

nav .menu > li > ul.sub-menu li > .sub-menu { top: 0px !important; }

Hi – we are checking if there is an update in the works for this theme? Visual composer is now up to version 5+, but theme only has 4.11 – this may start to become a security issue.


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Hello everyone,

Recently I got the copy of Novus them. After installation I encountered several problems. The main teo issues that I had are: 1.Animated counters are not working at all.(No any js error) 2.Google maps also doesnt’ work(Inside of iframe window it appear 4(04 Error – Page not found.)


x4us Purchased

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Good night, I install the theme and everything works perfect. But when I go to install the slider demo it from the database error. How do I solve this problem?