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Hi There,

When will you be releasing an update to support WordPress 4.6?




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can i have a copy of the previous version of the theme? i noticed that after updating to the current version i get a javascript error on the backoffice that i wasn’t getting.

themeple_upload_gallery.js?ver=2d379b2…:83 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).disableSelection is not a function(…)

purchase code – 380136e9-3ab7-4fc2-b3a9-d974582f85cb

thanks in advance

My submenu is not working. i am using the premium Novus theme. when the submenus come’s up it has a big Gap so no way for the mouse to select it can you please help me?

Hi moutheme,

I am having serious trouble trying to get into the support forum and I cannot seem to figure out this issue with the Novus Wordpress theme I purchased a few weeks ago.

The sub-menu bar is hanging far too low on the navigation and I cannot seem to hover my mouse over it. Is it CSS? If so, where? I am really confused because no matter which class or id I grab it will not reposition this correctly.

I am also wondering if I can replace the little buttons on the Nav bar when I choose “Header6.”

I have my purchase code and screenshots ready for email contact. If you could, please get back to me!


Hi Moutheme, was wondering if I could get a follow up on this? Thank you!

Hi, I have not heard back. Is there anyway I can get a hold of you without getting into the support forum since I cannot get in. Please let me know. Thank you!!

Nevermind. I figured it out. Here it is. Put this in Custom CSS code but create child theme before you do this.

nav .menu > li > ul.sub-menu li > .sub-menu { top: 0px !important; }

Hi – we are checking if there is an update in the works for this theme? Visual composer is now up to version 5+, but theme only has 4.11 – this may start to become a security issue.


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Hello everyone,

Recently I got the copy of Novus them. After installation I encountered several problems. The main teo issues that I had are: 1.Animated counters are not working at all.(No any js error) 2.Google maps also doesnt’ work(Inside of iframe window it appear 4(04 Error – Page not found.)


x4us Purchased

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Good night, I install the theme and everything works perfect. But when I go to install the slider demo it from the database error. How do I solve this problem?


we need to sort out our work process section in home page of the template that we just bought – NOVUS.

It is not showing at all in the home page after the installation.

Waiting for your prompt feedback.

BR, Juljan


we do have another problem with the Main Menu Bar that shows Contact Details and Social Media Accounts. – NOVUS Theme.

Where is the option to show them or to activate it. Please check the below link:

Don’t forget to write us regarding our previous request for ” OUR WORK PROCESS ” Section.

Regards, Juljan

Visual Composer – Services Element not working My system updated and now the many service elements no longer work. Can you help me? How can I revert or add the custom code?

Does the theme have bread crumbs?


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I have the theme in and when I put an image or background color in a row it does not come out, can you help me? Thank you Thanks


goandweb Purchased

I have the theme in and when I put an image or background color in a row it does not come out, can you help me? Thank you

This theme is dead and the developer has more than likely abandoned it. Anyone that has purchased or is installing this theme in the last 6-8 months should look for a more updated theme. This theme only supports WP 4.5.1. The version of Visual Composer is very outdated, missing lots of features, and simply does not work with WP 4.7+

This was a great theme 2+ years ago but has not received an update in over a year.