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Nice Design, Good luck with sales :)

thank you!

Hello I just wanted to know if the background “sea view” & mobile phone can be removed/replaced easily in Mailchimp. Many thanks

Hi Anita
the mobile phone image can be replaced from the editor like all the other images,
but, the background image should be replaced by changing the path in the code.

Let’s try it! :)

Hey, This is an awesome template! Thank you.

I am only having an issue trying to remove sections from certain templates. I hit remove but it is still there after the page reload. Any suggestions? I can always adjust in HTML but I just wanted to see if there was a way to do it in the visual editor.

Thanks again!

you should do it from the “send campaign” editor.
there you can choose between rtl/ltr as well.


some presale questions:

- are the .psd files included? (phone) - will the phone “slider” (as a .gif) work on all mail clients? Smartphones also? - can I easy change the colors in css to “produce” more than the 9 colour version shown in the preview?

Thanks Peter

1. the phone mockup images are included.
2. PSD is not included.
3. Every single email client I tested supports animated GIFs. Well, except for one:Outlook 2007 displays the first frame of the GIF as a static image.
4. yes, you can change the colors.

Hey there,

Bought your theme last week and it’s pretty nice. However, I wanted to add social icons at the bottom of my mail. So I’ve copied a simple social icons section from another mailing template but it just broke the whole mailchimp. It only includes td tr and whatsoever.

Do you have a compatible social media icons code for this template?


hi, you can use the three column icons module. just replace the icons with a social media icons.