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Nice Work mhan. Very clean looking and professional. Good luck the sales! v:)

Man my screen is going insane with your background choice. But other that great theme!

Hey thanks.

How do you mean it’s going insane?

I’m also ready to buy this theme, it’s really nice!

Only one thing I want to change and that is moving the main menu to the right of logo, basically replacing the welcome text in the header with the menu justified to the right. Is that something you can help me with if I buy it?


Yes I’ll set up a separate menu position so it will utilise the WordPress 3+ menus feature and I’ll send you an updated style sheet so you can create a menu from it.

Regards, Martin


Just thought of one more thing that I wonder if it’s possible, and that is if the transition animation when sorting the portfolio can be set to fadein/fadeout instead of sliding?

Will purchase later today/tomorrow.

Thanks again!

Currently that is not possible I’m afraid.

Regards, Martin

Hi there MushinDesign, I’m actually liking this theme a lot; I’m needing to completely overhaul my portfolio site and I’m scanning all the different portfolio websites…

I’m with Deom – I’d prefer it if the nav-menu was to the right of the logo and was using Cufon header fonts. Is that possible? I’d definitely love it to be more than a “text menu” – with the full usability of the WP Menus system…

One other thing, on the home page, I’m interested in the full page of portfolio items rather than the sliders, possibly… I’d love to have it set up so that they actually click left and right to each other. Is that possible?

thank you!


Hi, if you wanted I can send you the replacement files for the different menu too, this just sets up the menu in the extra position using the WordPress menus feature.

I’m not 100% on what you mean in your second question, there is an Alt home page which has no slider and shows a grid of your items (similar to the portfolio pages) or you can turn the slider off on the normal homepage.

Hope this helps Martin

what i meant is – on the “Alt Home” with the portfolio items, can you set it up so that when you’re looking at the full size image in lightbox, can they click left and right to each other?

Ah I see, the theme uses PrettyPhoto for the lightbox, and a quick look at their site shows this is possible, it would just require a very quick update to the code which I can help you with.

Regards, Martin

Great theme, will buy as soon as the PSD is provided :)


I’ve just added the light layout PSD to download :)


I am having trouble with the shortcodes for bullets/listing.

I follow the instructions on the PDF to use the buttons (orange tags) located on the visual editor.

When I click on the button a pop-up appears asking what type of icon I want to use and how many. After I made my selection I click on “Insert” and I see nothing has changed. Nothing appears in the editor box.

I’ve tried doing it in Visual/HTML mode. I just can’t seem to get it working properly. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Hi there, thanks for purchasing.

Could you email me from my profile page with login details for your WordPress install and I’ll take a look and see what’s going on here.

Regards, Martin

Hey Mushin,

Still waiting on your reply in regards of my issues with the bullet/list feature.


I replied yesterday and to your second email. Do you have another email address I can mail you at as it seems the current one doesn’t seem to be working.

Regards, Martin

Hi again,

Sorry about the confusion and thank you for the quick reply.

For some reason your mail went to my spam box. I am going to follow your instructions provided in the email.

Update you soon.

The same email should be working now. Talk to you there :)

Brilliant :)

Speak soon, Martin

emailed you :)

Thank you for your help, Mushin!

Everything is working beautifully :)

Brilliant :)

Any other queries just ask!


Hi there. I think this theme is great.

Two questions about this theme (that I’m interested in buying):

1. Would a search function be possible with this theme? I’d like users to be able to search the portfolio area for company names, etc. and save the filtering of the gallery as you have it.

2. On the portfolio page, your example has 16 thumbnails but I’m wondering what to expect when you have more than 16 items? Would it force a second page or just add additional rows?

Would like to know before I buy. Thanks.

Hi and thanks for the interest :)

1. This feature does not come as standard, just the search in the blog but if you know your way around a WordPress theme it would be easily achievable.

2. You can set a max of 20 items per page before pagination occurs. Again, if you know your way around, setting the number higher would be a simple task.

Best regards, Martin

Hi and thanks, Martin.

Thanks for the clear and concise answers. I think I’ll know enough to work my way through the theme to add search and limit the number of thumbs before forcing pagination. Just wanted to ask instead of assuming anything.

Theme looks great BTW ! I really like it.


Not a problem and thanks :)

Regards, Martin

Great theme! Any idea why my portfolio projects are not showing up on the main page? Ive followed the documentation, the feature is enabled, and the space is there (with ‘Latest Work’ title) but the images are simply not showing up.

Hi and thanks for purchasing :)

Can you email me your WordPress login info from my profile page please and I’ll take a look.

Regards, Martin

1) Would you also be able to supply me with the edited navigation files making it a simple text navigation as knowing I could change the navigation was my reason for purchasing.

2) Is it possible to remove the depth of the dark grey footer at the bottom as I have decided to not add any content into this.

Many Thanks, this is a really nice theme with plenty of possibilities.

new site in progress:

Best Regards

If you send my an email from my profile page I’ll forward the files on and give you instructions :)


Hi Mushin,

Dropped you an email with my details in.


Hey there,

I replied to your email the other day with the files, could you check your junk incase it got lost in there, if not let me know and I’ll re-send them on.

BTW , it was sent to the address you have associated with ThemeForest the info@yourdomain one.

Cheers, Martin

Hi I love the template but I need to modify the portfolio setting to make the images bigger on the individual pages to be at least 900 px a crossed. I do a lot of storyboards.

thanks ta

Hi there and thanks for purchasing.

Unfortunately I don’t do customisations however if you send me an email I can give you some tips to edit the page the way you want to.

Regards, Martin

800 be fine too

Is it possible to link the individual slides on the homepage to page throughout the site? For example, I would like to display a photo in the slider and then link it to an individual portfolio page


Hi and thanks for purchasing.

At the minute, if you have the right knowledge of coding you could easily hard code links in. Long term, I plan on adding the option in the next update.

Regards, Martin

This theme is awesome, but… when I’m setting up my individual portfolio pages the images are dynamically resizing to 690px. I’ve manually sized this image to 600px, but it is still stretched and bleeding over the font.

That is an example of the page.

Thanks for your help and the great theme!


Hey and thanks for purchasing :)

Could you shoot me an email from my profile page with your WordPress login details so I can take a closer look.

Regards, Martin

How do I get the tagline font on the homepage to match the template? For some reason it is showing up in Italics. Thanks.