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Hello there,

I have a question regarding your Novus theme. I saw that in some portfolio items you have an image slider that has some pictures. So that means I can add more than one item(image, video, ..) to specific portfolio item? If yes, how is that done in the admin where I am adding a portfolio item? Are pictures being added with the upload image function?


Hi, You can have either several images in which you upload the images in WordPress admin and then copy/paste the link into a text field or you can set a video instead.

Regards, Martin

Just bought this theme today, thought I’d leave a bit of a mini review for people like me who always check the comments before buying :)

The main thing I’d say about the theme (apart from it being gorgeous, but that’s obvious to everyone) is that it’s very easy to set up just like the demo while still being reasonably flexible. Usually it’s one or the other, so fantastic job there.

Homepage sections can be turned on and off individually so if you prefer, you can basically build the homepage through widgets and forget about the slider > portfolio > blog layout.

Buyers should note that text such as the headings for the homepage sections (“latest work” and “from the blog”) aren’t editable from admin and you will need to change those in the code if you want different wording, but that’s no big deal.

I did have a couple of minor blips while setting up:

1. I refreshed the homepage after adding the first portfolio item and was confused that nothing showed up, however adding more items fixed that.

2. The documentation states that portfolio items only need, at minimum, a featured image to be set. This is the image used on the homepage and portfolio pages and works great, however it won’t be displayed on the individual item page. I’m not sure if this is intended or not, but it’s easy enough to copy/paste the URL into the image 1 field anyway which sorts it.

3. I’m having some sort of bug where the number of portfolio items to show on the homepage keeps resetting itself to 4, if I can narrow down what triggers it I’ll let you know but it seems to have been fine once I stopped fiddling with the other settings so it’s all good.

Anyway, extremely happy with the theme, sorry for the wall of text, 5 stars given and cheers!

p.s. I’m from Newcastle, it takes a lot for me to leave nice comments for Sunderland folk ;)

Hey Michelle and thanks for your mini review and kind words :)

I can’t say I’ve ever come across your issue of the homepage portfolio items resetting itself to 4 before, let me know if it persists and I’ll take a look if you like.

I’m glad you’re happy with the theme so far, if you need any help that’s out of your knowledge base in future don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll do my best to help you out.

As it happens I’ve just added a sneak peak of my latest WordPress theme I’m working on to my profile page so you may like that one too!

Anyway, small world you being from Newcastle, glad you managed to find some nice words about us Sunderland folk :)

Thanks again, Martin

I noticed by reading the comments that another person had the same error as I had. I sent you an email reporting it earlier, but I will also ask for help here in case:

I am having trouble with the shortcodes for bullets/listing.

I follow the instructions on the PDF to use the buttons (orange tags) located on the visual editor.

When I click on the button a pop-up appears asking what type of icon I want to use and how many. After I made my selection I click on “Insert” and I see nothing has changed. Nothing appears in the editor box.

I’ve tried doing it in Visual/HTML mode. I just can’t seem to get it working properly. Is there something I am doing wrong?

The other short codes also don´t work, the same thing: I click the shortcode button, insert the text but when I click “Insert”, nothing happens.

Hi Priperca and thanks for purchasing :)

Could you send me an email from my profile page with your WordPress login details so I can see what’s going on please.

Regards, Martin

Hi! This is a very nice looking theme. I wonder if the portfolios are user specific. I´m planning to build a portfolio website for several artists and I would ideally like a link to the author from the portfolio album, and a link to an authors portfolio from an author archive page.


Ok, thanks for the suggestion.

Do you know if I can include a portfolio on an page in this theme, with a shortcode some other way. I´m thinking of making customised author profile pages and there I would like to have the authors portfolios represented somehow.

I’m afraid I’m not sure how you could achieve this other than manually inserting links to work into the authors personal page.

Regards, Martin

Hi again Martin! Hope you had a good xmas!

I’m finally about to finish up the site i’m working on using your theme and have come to the conclusion that i need to be able to use the NextGen gallery plugin in the project detail pages.

So i got everything up and running and working fine if i insert the NG shortcode in the standard wysiwyg editor where you insert the text for the portfolio item, but of course i need it to appear in the image/video div. So i tried inserting the shortcode in the image/video fields but it seems to get stripped and/or is not being triggered.

Is there an easy way of making shortcodes work in one of those fields or perhaps add another field for shortcodes?

A solution for this will for sure be an excellent xmas gift and much appreciated!


I figured out a solution for shortcode embedding using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin if anyone needs that functionality.

But a “built in” solution would still be a really nice option if you are going to develop the theme Martin!


Hey Dag, hope you had a great Christmas.

Glad you found a solution for this I’ll take your comments on board and maybe add to a future update ;)

Cheers, Martin

Hello kind Sir,

First of, the theme looks and functions great. I look forward to seeing it completely fleshed out with content for our site.

I do have one question I’m hoping you can help me with. I’d like to close up some of the space between the logo and what falls below it on the pages (slider on the homepage, page title on the other pages).

Here is a link to the site in progress I double checked the logo to make sure there weren’t extra pixels on the bottom – it’s cropped pretty tight.

Would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of where and how to reduce some of that extra space?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

All the best, Nathaniel

Hey Nathaniel and thanks for purchasing Novus!

I’m glad you’re enjoying using the theme, your site in progress is looking great.

To free up some space, head into the default-light.css file which is located in the styles folder and have a look for the #header selector, from here you will see it has 40px of margin top and bottom, simply reduce the bottom amount to what you’re after.

Hope that helps, let me know if I can be of further assistance :)


Awesome. Thanks.

So, to what I hope is the last of all my questions :)

I’ve ended up not using several of the built in functions and therefore I don’t want to load those Javascripts. So I tried removing those script references in the register_js function in “functions.php” but that makes the thumbnails disappear on the portfolio page. Same problem if I just move the JS files out of their folder.

Judging from the source code they are still there but something odd is happening. How should I go about disabling those scripts?

Thanks again, cheers/Dag

Hi Martin!

I got preoccupied with other work, but now I’m back at this again. Did you get my e-mail a few weeks ago with the URL etc?

Cheers and thanks!

Hey Dag,

I replied to you via the email you asked me to use in your message on the 28th March. I also emailed you on 11th April with a query, both to the gmail account.

Cheers, Martin

Ah, they seem to have gone into my junk mail for some reason, odd…

I’ll take a look and get back to you asap!


Great looking theme!

Are .po localization files included?


Hey there, thanks :)

I’m afraid the localisation files aren’t currently included.

Regards, Martin

Can you develop the files?

I like the theme a lot but need the .po..Thanks.

Hi Martin,

I just purchased. I have been wanting to take a shot a creating a .po for a while from scratch, so this will provide the opportunity. I will keep you posted on how things evolve. Cheers..

Ok let me know of your progress.

Kind regards, Martin


Great theme for an awesome price. I couldn’t expect better. So far so good, my first time using wordpress, and wordpress themes.

I’ve a question, the footer on my page is getting all “cramped up”, its like the 4 collumns are evenly spaced. Check it out at

Can you help ?

Hey there and thanks for purchasing :)

It seems you have added the class ‘last’ to each of the 4 columns which therefore removes the margin to space out the columns. You should only have that ‘last’ class on the fourth column.

Hope that helps, Martin

Hey Martin,

Thanks in advance for the help, just solved it. :)

One more question, i tried to submit a form on the contact page, but my mail never gets anything. What do I need to do? I went to the theme options and inserted my email there, but the form seems to not send anything.

Hello Martin,

I’ve sent you an last email, if possible take a look. Some details, for fixing the contact form.

It’s all i need to get set! ;) You can use the last login details i’ve created for you.

Many thanks

Hi, I have replied to your email. Martin

Hello there!

I would like to ask your help with the novus template. For some reason, the caption button is not working anymore. Until yesterday, when i clicked the “add media” button, the image would be added to the blog post with the white margin and caption text, under a “[caption]” code, but when I tried to do the same thing today, for some reason the images are being attached under “” code. I tried to figure out what’s wrong without success. Could you give me a hand on that?

My blog link is:

That post will show you what I tried to say. first image was attached with the ädd media” button as it’s working now. Second image is how it used to attach the images before the issue.

Will be waiting for your reply to send by email the login and password for my wp page.

All the best!


ps. I love your template to the bone!

Hey Priscila,

Could you email me some login details so I can take a closer look please.

Regards, Martin

Hi Martin- I love the theme so far! I’m having trouble with my slider images. They’re not appearing. I followed your instruction pdf and can’t figure out why my images aren’t showing up. Can you help? The URL is

Hi and thanks for purchasing,

Could you email me with login details to the WordPress install so I could take a closer look please.

Kind regards, Martin

Thanks for the quick response! I wasn’t sure where to find your email address so I sent it via MushinDesign profile page on themeforest.

That’s perfect I’ll get back to you ASAP !

Thanks for fixing the slider. I can’t get the testimonial widget to work correctly. It shows all 4 testimonials at once-I want it to rotate through the 4 testimonials like your demo site. I have it on the sidebar of my pages and posts. Here is a page the widget is on:


I’ve just emailed you with some instructions.

Regards, Martin


When i have instal the Novus. I go on my Website and the front page is blog not the nova slider. What do i do mate :(

Hi and thanks for purchasing.

This is the default set up of WordPress installations. If you read through the documentation for setting up your site all will be explained :)

Regards, Martin

Ty mate.

so i download it now and read the file and i will be good. And i now what to do ?

The documentation is already bundled with the files you downloaded so you will already have it.

Just read through the section on setting up your home page and it will tell you how to set it up correctly.


How do i add images to the nivo slider. I cant do :(

Hi, That’s also in the documentation under the Slider section.

You need to add images by setting them as Featured Image of the slide you’re creating.