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Thanks for getting back to my query so fast!

Hi there

Looking to purchase this. However, our colours are White, Red and Black. I see you only show 6 colours? Can any/all of these colours be changed to suit our brand?

Regards Dave

Ingore my last message, I’ve now downloaded it, but when I open in Dreamweaver, none of the pages look right.

No images etc, etc, no style sheet as well?

I downloaded on the basis of several dozen good comments, and at the moment, I feel a little let down?

Please help

Hi, thanks for purchasing, i sent you a response via email.

Hi all

anyone know how to increase the header size, so I can fit a slightly larger logo in?

When I try it, does it, but then gives me 2 different black boxes ?

Hi, can you please mail me again directly, i’m sure i sent you some suff but not 100%, will check the page and remail it to you.

how do you disable the redirect to index-roundabout.html when you’re using just the html version? This is driving me crazy! I don’t want to use an index.html file redirect.

Thanks, Ryan.

hi, just overwrite index with the one you will like to use :)


This was done but it still is re-directing to index-roundabout.html. I don’t see anything in the files to be causing this… please advise.

thanks, Ryan.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=index-roundabout.html"> this is the only line that does the redirect, and its in index.html if you delete index.html and replace it with one from the others as index.html it shouldn’t be a problem.

Hello, I just joined ThemeForest and planning to buy Novux but the thing is I am upset with the Nivo Slider of Home page – it looks having problems when it loads some of the images seems out of the box and retains its position after a while. Let me know your point on this.

Regards Aaron

hi, i think i know what you mean. usualy does that when my hosting is slow :), anyway there is a short fix for it in the css. adding an overflow:hidden; to the box’s content will prevent that;

hi i purchased your theme. how to replace the cufon font with the museo webfonts please? if I use german special characters the kerning of the cufon font messes up. I did not manage to get this running. I do have all the webfonts.

dear bogdan,

I signed in with an other alias, I have an other account which I used to buy your template. I can mail it to you so you can check. I can send it by fax or mail if you want. Everything is o.k. please tell me how to go on.

Hi, Please post from that accout, so i can verify purchase.

oki got the mail, mailed you back. will continue there since its exchanging code via mail then here.

I am looking for the “Roundabout slider plugin for WordPress”. Is this a WordPress Theme? Does is come with the plugin? Where can I get it. I want to buy your theme. Thank You Elmer

I just purchased your theme. Loved the demo but am frustrated because when I upload through WP backend, it says the stylesheets are missing and theme is broken. Please help. Sent you a private support email too. Am working on deadline and need help. :(

Hi, i’m sorry but, this is not a wordpress theme, it is a HTML theme.

I would like to have the green layout but it doesn’t show the green layout this is my css

<!- Load Main Stylesheet -> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”_include/css/style.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen” /> <!- End Load -> <!- Load Alternate Stylesheets, can be disabled if not used -> <link rel=”alternate stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”screen” title=”green” href=”_include/css/style-green.css” /> <!- End Load ->

Can you help me?

I would like to have the green layout but it doesn’t show the green layout when I change my css. Can you help me?

i sent you an email a few days ago about that.. did you get that ?

remove the word “alternate” from the green stylesheet. and then disable the styleswitcher alltogether.

Tnx that worked

Hi, I just wanted to know if this theme was responsive.

Thank you

Tim Millaway

Hi, nope its not. “Layout: Fixed”


I have already purchased and implemented this theme on my website.

I wanted to integrate a “wordpress” blog into the blog section of this theme. Can you suggest me how to do that ? Or by any chance you have a wordpress version of this template ?

Please reply as soon as possible.


Hi, no i don’t have a wp version of this template. I can’t suggest how you can do that, i think you might want to start at the beginning:

and then taking it from there.

Great looking template. Will you be creating a WordPress version?

Planning some new stuff in the next year not for Novux tho, completley new.

Hi, Can you put videos in this sliders? ie vimeo, youtube embeds


Thanks so much for getting back to me. I have a difficult client who wants a website that “parts the Red Sea”. I already have the second slide and she doesn’t like it. I think it is fantastic! I think I decided I don’t like her and will dump this client. Sorry I had to vent!! Thanks!!

no problemo mate.

Hello, how I can add a checkbox to have to accept in order to send email from the web form? Typically, to accept the general conditions of the site. I’ve tried but I can not make it work.

Thank you.

hi, i see you sent an email too, will reply to your email shortly.

Okay, I hope your email.


The preview is not working :(

yeah, thanks for letting me know i recently changed hosts and forgot an old config there, should be up in a couple of minutes.

Hi, be available at some moment a responsive update?

Hi, sorry no responsive update is planned so far.

Where I can find information about the latest update 07/2015

Hi it was the PrettyPhoto bug update.

Hi it was the PrettyPhoto bug update.

Ok, thx.