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Menu dissapears to quickly even on mouseover in some browsers, what should i do?

There are 2 things you need to mod: in the section of the HTML version, and in header-css-js.php module in the PHP version “Superfish Dropdown Menu” section there is a typo on loading bgIframe and hoverInt “jqeury”, mod that to “jquery”.

After that, in both HTML and PHP versions open up custom.js in the “superfish menu nav” section add “disableHI: true”, make it look like this:

$('ul.sf-menu').superfish({ delay: 300, animation: { height:'show' }, animation speed: 'fast', autoArrows: true, disableHI: true, dropShadows: false });

PHP Version doesn’t load config file paths correctly, whats wrong with it?

Well you might have php short_open_tag disabled on your server, you must do this to enable it:

Create a file ”.htaccess” in the root dir where you have all .php files and put “php_value short_open_tag 1” inside it (without the quotes).

That should enable it. Another issue could be that you did not edit the paths in config.php so be sure to edit the paths correctly. Follow the notes inside there.

How do i change the cufon font?

Hello, changing the font is easy: Pick you font files go to and fill up the form with what you need from your font then generate the js file.

Be sure to name you font-family name an easy to remember name eg “Museo”, “Myriad” or whatever the font is called.

Then you need to load the js file created in the section of the theme where museo is loaded, remove museo and plug in your file name. After that you need to modify _include/js/custom.js in “Cufon Replacements” section rename all font-family: ‘Museo’ to font-family: ‘FontName’ where font name is the font-family name you gave your js.

Roundabout and menu dissapearing out of the blue ?

Issue is with the new jquery 1.6 update on the online loaded version of the theme. An update was done to the theme but if you dont want to apply that here is the manual fix:

So in the <head> area, instead of:

<!-- Load Jquery from Google --> <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <!-- End Load -->

change to

<!-- Load Jquery Locally--> <script src="_include/js/jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <!-- End Load --> and copy the jquery.js from the updated pack, or this one here into the _include/js dir. of your site.

That should solve it.

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