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You mentioned in the comments that it’s possible to make the header bar fixed position as well as being able to set the opacity of the header. Would you kindly let us know where we can enable this feature?

Thanks in advance


I like this theme. But can you add shopping cart templates to this theme. Also, is this theme phonegap compatible ?


It appears that the menu is not opening on Google Chrome. The menu button isn’t doing anything.

The latest version of Chrome s 32.0.1700.102m

Ignore that, it appears to be working.

This doesn’t appear to work on Windows Phone 8. The page will not scroll down once its loaded, only before its completely loaded.

Help me!

In the slide-out menu, how can i make the sub-menu open not by just clicking the + sign, but by clicking anywhere on the horizontal menu item?

Hi, is there a way to have a sub menu in the slide-out menu open by default?

No worries, I found it out to just add the size and active class in them sub menu.

Hi, just a pre-order question. Can i use this one like a mobile emulator template? I want something like that to emulate mobile version of website i create. Thank you!


I’m very interested in your product but it is possible that you add a panel for manage ? For example I want to create a website and every day I want to add an information from my iphone for the website it is possible without go in the FTP ? And its for Wordpress or just HTML/CSS/PHP… ?


Looks awesome!;

On the main blog page, I would like the blog posts to only show the title, image and read more – how can I do this? i.e. remove excerpt/content.

Hello and thank you for the great theme ! Unfortunately, I ‘ve got a problem- namely me the splash screen is not angezigt . What can be wrong or what am I doing wrong ?

Sent email to author last week, no word back yet. So, just in case it was lost to the vapor…

Is the contact form on the template functional? If so, could someone point me in the right direction? It’s the only and last thing I need to fix. If i just need a plug-in, any good suggestions?

The template is great but, so far as I can tell, he is no longer supporting it. I’ve tried everything to get an answer to my question and have had no luck. If anyone here can suggest a good option for this contact form, please let me know.

Sidebar has error CSS, scroll is visible. If you resolve this issue, I will buy this template.

Hi there. Has anybody figured out how to have the header stay at the top of the page ?

I managed to get it to stay at the top but it disappears whenever I open the side menu.

hi there. i have an issue with Chrome, the pages are not scrolling, if i use the android browser it function good. how can resolve it? thanks

As the one before already said… in the Chrome browser no scrolling is possible. We will give a bad rating if this error continues for more than one year ??? and even now ?