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Does this theme support woocommerce?

The Photoswipe gallery still does not function properly when rotating the screen from portrait to landscape. Will this be fixed anytime in the near future?

Would it be complicated to add a sidebar for desktop and tablets?

The demo looks fantastic except for the gallery swipe issue upon orientation change of the device while the photo swipe is open, same as mentioned by user drossa. Please let me know when this is fixed and I will purchase.

I checked the demo and have a big problem with the theme. (Design and other things is fantastic!) If i add “web-app” to my iPhone no have back button.. Big trouble in gallery. I clicked a image and i can’t do nothing because no have back button. Would be great a swipe gesture detection which help in this problem.

hi, - can i use revolution slider with that ? - is it possible lock top navigation to be always on screen? - can call another site through iframe? thx

Hi there, Before I purchased this I was under the impression the user badge in the sidebar represented whoever was logged in but it turns out its a contact button.. is it possible to integrate this feature? Thanks a lot, Adam


Great theme; How can I add a third level for the sliding menu?

Please let me know if i can do it.



some Problem with this plugin. The mobile view is not working on my landing page. Only for my blog posts?

The installation of the plugin is not really user friendly. But i think the Support is dead if i read the last comments?

Saw it too late, damn.

I just bought this and it refuses to integrate with my desktop WP Theme. Can I get a refund?


Stacker not work (with Wordpress 3.6) when i try to install it. I have this message :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF in /home/xboxplor/www/wp-content/themes/Stacker/shortcodes.php on line 1

see for yourself : http://nintenboy.com



I am interested in this mobile theme. Does it support custom post type.

When the mobile menu is open and you try scrolling through it, instead of scrolling the menu, it scrolls the page content on the right instead. Can you help me fix this? I have seen this in the iPhone 4 & 6 as well as the iPad.

I just redownloaded this and tried to install it (on more than one website) and it doesn’t work at all. Please see https://www.evernote.com/shard/s209/sh/559cbd56-70bf-4069-a2e0-a7aef82b4816/39071c391de6a8c66da39ee815f999f6/res/39f70a34-5d3a-4abb-859f-bc56acfa0c08/skitch.png?resizeSmall&width=832. This is how it looks when activated too. Totally broken. ??