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The Header Animation won’t work in the latest FF and Chrome. Can you give us an Update on the .js files? Would be greatly appreciated :-)

or can any other purchaser help?


—Corrected the mistake – had put overriding classes into the main section..

Nice functional theme, very interested. I just have some questions.

1. Can you use images for the sections background? 2. Can you use paralax on the other sections of the demo? 3. Do you have any fix planed for IE8? I tested the demo on IE8 and all the styling crashed. 4. Have you tested in all mobile devices? Ipad, Iphone, Android, Windows Phone?

Thanks in advance.

1. Yes you can use whatever image you please. 2. Yes you can you just need to apply class ”.bg-paralax-fx” on the corresponding section and add the background image. 3. No. The theme does not support IE8. 4. Yes the theme was tested on all the aforementioned devices.

Thanks a lot for the responses. Last question, can you change the ll the fonts in the template? Is it somewhat dificul or just css adjustments?

Nothing serious with the fonts. You just add the css with the font face to the head or you include it inside the CSS. After apply new font-family to all the elements that you have in mind. Hope this would help !

Nice theme, but def not responsive.

explain yourself good sir!

Great theme, Just having a problem with the website logo. I want to add a rollover logo. It’s just text but when you roll over the color changes.

Can you help me with the code and where to put it exactly?

you need to add a :hover rule for the logo in the CSS code. It should be like a.logo:hover { color: #yourcolor; } ... should work!

Hi – On IE 11 when I hover over the images in the portfolio page it just swings around to reveal the back to front and doesn’t show the text/links. This is happening on your live demo page. Can you advise a fix for this?

Thanks mate – really appreciate it. Are you able to let me know what you changed to fix it so I can incorporate into my forked site?

I implemented some IE10-11 specific hacks into CSS. These guys had problems with rendering backface-visibility property, so I found the workaround. It starts on the line 1460 of style.css file. Cheers!

Thanks – appreciate that

I like this template very much and am considering buying (price is not an issue for me), however:

I checked your html demo with W3C Markup Validation and W3C CSS Validation as follows:

W3C Markup Validation: 3 errors, 1 warning

W3C CSS Validation: 11 errors, 527 warnings

You can run these yourself using the following links:



Can you help to understand what needs to be done so that this template validates for HTML5 and CSS3?


Thanks I will. I’m Web Standards hardcore evangelist, so I can not agree with your “follow the rules is lame” attitude ;)) Cheers!

Hi loomybear,

I think it’s a misunderstanding or a translation issue. No offence was intended.

What I meant is that innovation sometimes occurs because people look beyond the rules.

I also meant that because I am a beginner and don’t know the rules, I often make mistakes and I learn from them. [I used to work for a global Japanese automaker: they considered mistakes to be their assets, which they studied thoroughly without judgement.]

I am curious now about the W3 standards (which are recommendations, as you say), so thanks for the introduction. I’ve visited their website and can see it’s a lot to learn!

No offense taken! Yeah you should totally dive into W3C. It’s where you should start to learn how to build a better Web. Good luck with your study! If you have any question please do not hesitate to write me an email. Cheers!

Hello . The form does not send the field name. You can correct ? also how can I add a field phone?

Webdigest.it is the site. you also need the files?

I just check how form is being sent. Page sends the form correctly with no problems. You just need to include $_POST[“contact-name”] in your PHP sendmail handler where you want the sender’s name to appear.

Can you send me the file compiled in the right way? I havent’ experience with php code.Tank you!

The image of the guy in the tie… where did you get that from? I want to use him, but on a different background. I’m happy to buy the image… but I can’t find it on any stock photo site.

My client is calling him “Mr. Handsome.”

I would put like to your comment but there’s only “mark as inapropriate” flag. Also, your client sounds like a reasonable person.

Hello! Is it possible to have more than one map on a page? When I try, only the first map appears, but with the second map’s coordinates.

Hi. No not at the moment. I need to implement this feature. Thanks for the input. I’ll try to do it with the next big update. Cheers!

Again, thank you for your speedy reply. Much appreciated. :)

Hello again! Regarding the blog… 1. I would like to have just excerpts appear on the main page, not the full article. Currently, I’m getting the full article, with an automatic ‘read further’ link. I have entered excerpt text, but that didn’t work. 2. I would like for the category I’m using for the ‘portfolio’ (which I call ‘Gallery’) to NOT appear on the blog page. Can I exclude this category from ‘Recent Posts’ as well as ‘categories’, and the blog pages?


1. In order to cut your content to excerpt you need to put <!-more-> tag into the body of the post right where you need it to end when it is in the post list.

2. You need to go to Appearance/NRG Options/ then choose Portfolio tab and specify your “Gallery” category as a Portfolio category. This will exclude the specified category from blog post list and style all the post inside the category accordingly.

Hope this would help, Alex

Thank you – #1 worked perfectly. I’m still having trouble with the second, however. My main page, the ‘portfolio’ page, is called ‘Gallery’. I have a main category for this page, called ‘gallery’. I also have a sub-category for gallery called ‘our family’. I plan to have further sub-categories for the gallery so that the filtering makes sense and is more interesting than having one option. I have tagged the images currently on the site as both gallery and our family, and I have tried choosing both of those categories as tests under NRG Options. Both times I tried, the images showed up on the news (blog) main page.

I’m happy to create a login for you if you’d like to see the back end.


Please send me email to support@1giantleap.ru

Hello – Did you ever hear back from Apple as to why the portfolio image flipping doesn’t work in Safari? It’s still not working, unfortunately.

Yes I did fix that. Maybe you’re just having the old version of the template. Try download the latest one. Regards.

Good Morning.

I just noticed that the font on my site when viewed in Chrome is almost illegible. It looks fine when viewed in IE. I haven’t made any changes to anything in ages.

Can you take a look and provide some guidance. www.idproductions.com



It looks fine on my side. Please define “almost illegible”.

For NGR, what’s the difference between “Landing Page” and the “HTML” version? They cost different.

Landing Page includes only one template page. HTML includes 10 different template pages and some additional mark up elements as accordions, buttons and things like this. I hope this would help.

Could you please add a 404 page to the theme?

– it is almost always needed but is not present in the current package. Would appreciate it a lot! Great theme by the way;) Thanks!

Thanks for the input. I’ll try to add this page to the package as soon as I can

Awesome, looking forward to it! ;) One more thing that came along: instead of the FAQ in the footer (which is mostly static content), a twitter feed would come very handy.

Hey LoomyBear. Great Template thanks. I notice the form sends fine but only the message field. The name and the email fields dont send. Any advice and keep in mind I am a rookie. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Send me email with a link to your page to support@1giantleap.ru, so I can check what is wrong there. Cheers!

Hi LoomyBear,

I am having trouble getting the form to work. Here I have uploaded the provided files: http://ryanjancula.com/html/

All of the files have correct permissions, but it is still not sending. Let me know what you think, and thanks!

Hi! Sorry, but I’m currently swamped with other work at the moment. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Regards!

Are there additional icons like those found in the Features section? Can you tell me what icon set these are from? thanks!

Unfortunately I don’t remember where I got it from … more probably probably I did them myself. But it’s a common icon styling you can find a lot of similar iconsets for example on iconfinder.com or similar websites.

Hi LoomyBear,

That is one nice template :)

I have a problem though…whilst in desktop PCs and Macs all appears good, in my phone, at the testimonials the first appear good but the other two appear superimposed on the first text so cannot be really read, it looks like gibberish. Can you tell me how to solve that?. Thanks!

Hi, can you please send me the URL of your page to support@1giantleap.ru, so I can check it on my side and try to help you with your problem. Thanks!

Thank you! I have just sent you the link

Pre-sales question

I wonder if the theme is compatible with WPML or other plugin for languages.

Hi! No I didn’t work on support for such plugins.

Hey LoomyBear. I wrote you a lot of time does not receive a appropriate Solution. I had notice the form sends fine but only the message field. The name and the email fields dont appear in the message that I get in the box. Can you help me. Thanks!