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Hello, i need help.

I wrote Email to loomycre8s@gmail.com , please check it out :)


I just purchased this theme and uploaded it to my wp admin panel dashboard.

It would not upload.

Here is the error message:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-6533817-nrg-responsive-landing-page.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I then redownloaded the theme, and tried again. Same error message.

What is the answer to upload and activate this theme?

Hi! This is an HTML template not a Wordpress theme. You’ll never install it on WP. Try to ask TF for a refund.

I have added outside link to nav using…
  • Google
  • It throws the menu scroll off… I’ve played with using “id” with name on all internal links to see if I could lose the automatic scroll… could not figure it out. Is there an easy way to do this or am I missing something?

    oops again

  • <z class=”external” href=”http://www.google.com”>Google
  • (replaced “a” with “z” so it would not look like link

    Hi! Applying class=”external” have to do the trick. Can you send me the link to your page to loomycre8s@gmail.com. So I can check what went wrong and try to assist you. Thanks!

    Not online… here is file… (attached zip to email)

    1. subscribe does not work. could fix?

    2. in the contact form. the email client does not appear. is showing the email from my server. would like the email client appears?

    image host



    1. Subscribe form is not suppose to work. I did not include this feature due to the fact that there’re tons of different subscription services and there’s no universal solution for everyone. So I left it for developers to carry out by themselves.

    2. Perhaps you’re doing it wrong. Please check the instruction provided with the package.


    Hi Alex,

    is it possible to add a call to action (an opt-in form) on the left of the guy and move the text a bit higher to fit the call to action?

    I know the opt-in form is there scrolling at the bottom but I’d rather use it next to the guy…then I wonder if it’s easy to cut the parts that I don’t need to use….pretty much everything else under the first screen.


    What you described is very broad. Anyway the only way to find out is to implement your solution on the page. The template itself is pretty flexible and should allow this.


    Hi Alex, thanks for your reply….another couple of questions. From your previous replies to other people I got that it’s not yet a WP compatible, right? And what about Mailchimp? Can be linked to it? I need to implement the opt-in form with an automatic reply. Thank you

    Hi! You have to implement Mailchimp by yourself. It’s not MC compatible. As far as I know the whole process is super straight forward and shouldn’t cause you any problems whatsoever. Cheers!

    I’m having a problem with the subscription form. It’s not getting any e-mails, the url just has a /? after it.

    My site is http://www.loniashoes.com, if you could please check it out.

    Hi you need to write your own php file to process subscription. The package does not contain this file because many developers use subscription APIs such as mailchimp and similar. It’s impossible to develop universal solution for everyone so I left it for developers to manage. Cheers!

    There is a bug in the template that is difficult to find, but very annoying when you know it exists in the page.

    The bug happens when you minimize the page so the responsive menu appears (the one in the right that you click to see the menu). Then you click the menu (http://i.imgur.com/nhjaA15.jpg), and without closing it, maximize the window again (so there is no responsive menu) and the page shows a space like this on the right, with the scroll disabled (can’t scroll with the mouse too): http://i.imgur.com/EsWkCwT.jpg

    I think is nothing to do with css but with javascript. Can you solve it?

    Thanks, fantastic theme by the way ;)

    Hi! I’ll look into it asap and update the package! Thank you very much for the input. I really appreciate that!

    Please I need HELP! I wrote to loomycre8s@gmail.com

    Hi! I purchased this theme, but the image behind that guy on the first page didn´t came. What can I do?

    Hi! Looks like this theme isn’t working correctly.

    I wrote you an e-mail to loomycre8s@gmail.com , please reply when possible. Thanks in advance.



    Sent a couple emails but haven’t got a reply back. I’ve got a question regarding the image scaling on mobile for the cover section.

    The image stays out to the right instead of collapsing like the text does to fit the screen. Is there a way to add a secondary background image specifically for mobile? Or make the image scale like the text does to fit the mobile screen?

    The same issue exists in the subscribe section. The image doesn’t scale on mobile so it remains large.



    I can’t see any emails from you. Maybe it got spammed or smth. Try to resend it to support@1giantleap.ru

    Anyway it was my design approach not to scale background images and leave them be as they are. Of course you can do scaling if you want. You might want to make corresponding changes to the style.css file.

    I hope this would help!

    Hi there!! First of all, congratulations for the template, it is exactly what I am looking for, I am close to buying it, but there is one thing that concerns me. Scroll is not working so well on my mobile, it seems like it is not going smoothly when I use my finger to scroll down the page. I wanted to ask “is it only me?” Maybe is something happening on my mobile only, but it worries me that it would happen to the target user.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

    If you use a stock Android browser (not Chrome) than this behavior might be normal due to retarded rendering engine the old browser uses. There’s no fix for that unfortunately.

    Wow, didn’t know that, I was really lost on this. It happens to me with some templates, and others do work. Really appreciate the quick support!!

    cheers! let me know if you need anything else

    Can I put my Companies Copyright and Rights Once after buying the template. Please let me know this soon. I want to buy the template.

    Sure! You can put any copyrights you want. Cheers!