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Amazing. I really like it. Good luck with sales

Thx bro ;))

There are a bug in the menu when i scrolling down…

Hey thanks for the video file! Awesome! Actually this line above the menu item is an indicator of the current (chosen) menu item. It’s not a bug it’s supposed to be like this. Maybe not the best solution but … what you gonna do )) Thanks again for the awesome feedback!!

hey man, sorry for the bad feedback! i think that was a bug…

Really god work!

there’s no such thing as bad feedback! I really appreciate your input. Cheers!

Loving the super shibe description! :D

Doge very rulz! Much luv!

Very nice, glws ;)

thx bro! ;)

Nice theme! Where can I buy the stock images? Are they included? PSD also included?


I bought the guy on the cover on the Photodune. You can find anything you want there! and photos are extremly cheap if you compare with other stock websites. You should give it a try!

Awesome! :) Beautiful design and very fluid!

GLWS! ;)


Thanks bro!

dude i cannot get this to upload for the life of me. keeps coming back saying there is no css file. any help?

Don’t try to install it on WP it’s not a WP theme it’s a HTML template

Getting this every time I try and upload theme:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Yo! This is just a HTML template it’s not installable to anything actually. From what I hear you are trying to install it on WordPress and what you’ve bought is simple HTML.

If you are looking for a WP theme, I think you should contact TF support and ask for a refund. Because this is not a WP theme.

Is it a bootscrap ?

No, this template does not use Bootstrap framework.

Great template, the problem is i didnt checked the browser compatability before purchasing. How can i make this from IE 8 compatible? Thanks.

Hi. The problem is I don’t even have an environment to test the markup on IE8. So that’s why I didn’t include it as supported browser.

Try including http://modernizr.com/ to the head and check if it will do the job. Also you might wanna write a separate CSS especially for IE8 because it does not support gradients and other really cool stuff, like animations.

The other solution maybe you should hire someone to gracefully degrade the markup down to IE8. It should not take much work hours since the structure is pretty much stable under IE8 all you need to tune is CSS and some JS to describe IE8 specific interaction.

Hope this would help!

i used modernizr,js and it worked like magic, thanks!

I should have thought about including it in the package. Thanks for the input! ;)

Great design! just asking if can i replace my personal jpg logo with the logo text on the template? Thanks.

Hey! I’ve updated the package to v.1.01 with this functionality. So you can use images of your choice for a logo.

Thanks for the input good sir. I really appreciate this!

Hi I can I convert your template to wordpress But without framework

If you want to convert wordpress Contact me

Hi! I will definitely look into that as soon as I’ll got free from current tasks. Thanks for the proposal!

What a brilliant theme :) Great looking, easy to edit, just how it should be.

Great work.

Cheers! ))

hi, love the theme. how do you replace the logo image. I have tried adding the class as the commented text suggests. Can you tell me the code to use. thanks


1. Make sure that you’ve downloaded the latest verision 2. Add class “img” to the logo … I suppose you did this 3. Go to style.css and CTRL+F this -> Put the link to your logo below 4. Put he URL of your logo “background: url(’../images/yourlogo.png’)”

In case the problem still exists after performing these steps, contact me directly and I’ll try to assist you with this.

I love the theme but on making the site live I have realised that the background images for the ‘testimonials’ and ‘subscribe’ sections don’t work in Safari or IE.

Please can you let me know how this can be fixed asap.

Thank you

Hi Tom! I saw your email and answered you already. Please keep me informed on the status of your issues.

Hey mate!

Great work, really appreciated.

To be perfect, on a next upgrade I think you could just add a new design feature: Pricing Plan

Cheers [ ]

Hi! I plan to include all the additional stuff to a full-weight HTML template. It’s almost finished actually. Thanks for the input though!



like the question of thomb1800 the ‘testimonials’ and ‘subscribe’ sections don’t work in Safari or IE.

Please can you let me know how this can be fixed.

gr. Rob

Thank you

Hi! Which versions of Safari and IE are not supported? Can you please clarify? Anyway the versions of IE below 10 are not supported by this theme. It’s in the description. I advise you to use modernizr.js library in order to solve this problem, try it and tell me how it went.


Hello, how I can use an email subscribtion form?

You should compose a PHP file that will process your subscription database. I didn’t do it because it’s quite custom code and has to be maintained on template user’s side.


Hi there

Great theme with super clean code and no code bloating so it’s super quick. Looks great on mobile too. Quick question – does the contact us form you have designed up work?



Yo! Thanks for good works. Yes contact form works you just need to input your contact email into sendmail.php file that comes along with the package. The whole process is described in the documentation.