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Hi! Great looking landing page!

A couple questions:

- The contact form does not seem to be working. I uploaded php folder with the correct file and just changed the email in the sendmail.php file.

- Is there a way for the menu to automatically close after someone chooses a menu item?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…thank you! =)



1. It works on my side. You might wanna check your server’s settings maybe there’s something prevents sendmail function from being executed. It happens sometimes.

2. I don’t quite get what do you mean by “close the menu”? Can you clarify?

Cheers! Alex

Ok. I’ll check my client’s server. I figured out the close menu. I was meaning when someone on mobile opens the menu and selects an item…the menu was staying open and they’d have to press the “sandwich button” to close it. Thanks!

Good for you! Keep me posted on the results!

Awesome design. I don’t know why so many designs have no call to action forms and space for numbers above the fold… If this allowed me to add a quote/enquiry form near that guy and add a phone number big and bold I would buy 10 of them :)

I will definitely look into embedding this features and update the template! Thanks for the input.

Really looking forward to using this design. I’ve noticed that the logo in the header does not resize properly after scrolling. Found this out with my own logo but was able to reproduce it with the provided logo as well (added “img” to class, and deleted “NRG” text between tags). The positioning also changes. The text was centered mid-bar with the other menu entries, the image is aligned with the top of the page. Would suggest a fix if I knew one but I’m new to HTML5.

sorry, html didn’t make it through the last reply: “

I just deleted all the tag brackets. Hopefully it will work this time h2 class=”logo img” a href=”#” /a /h2

Seems like a valid structure. I’m sorry I need to look at the page to fix this bug. Can you send zip with your customized markup to my email? loomycre8s@gmail.com


Thanks for the template looks really nice. Two quick things: 1. It isn’t displayed correctly on Safari browser (The bottom parts with the background images. 2. On a tablet/smartphone when scrolling down the top nav keep floating but without its background.

Could you please fix those issues?

Thanks for your support. Omri

1. You use OSX or PC Safari? What version? I’m trying to recreate the bug on my side and I can’t do this

2. On which device exactly you test the template? OS? Version?

Thanks for the input!

Great template, seriously. But, there are some issues. Where’s the H1 for the main page title (SEO)? And, we need more button color options. I can put these in myself, but Bootstrap and Foundation support so many more options. For $10, this is a bit minimal when it comes to customization and available options.

Also, the current page indicator doesn’t work when you scroll. If you scroll to another section, the first nav item still has the ”.current” style indicator.


1. Yes you are right about H1. I’m not sure why I put H2 instead )) I’ll fix it with the next update for sure.

2. I understand what are you trying to point on. This should be fixed and it will be.

Thank you for the input!

Unfortunately I can not seem to get the AJAX form submit working on the page. I have changed it to a database entry instead of sendmail to test it, and it doesn’t seem like the functionality is working at all.

Can you send me the link to your website at loomycre8s@gmail.com so I can check this all out?

Email sent.

replied! ;)


Awesome design!

I’m not very strong in design and layout, so maybe ask weird questions))

Please tell me something. Can i change the fonts, background, and add new page? Need Cyrillic and appropriate background.

Hi! Try checking Google Fonts for the font that will suit you best. In order to do that:

1. Go to http://www.google.com/fonts; 2. Choose Script -> Cyrilic; 3. Follow the instructions along with the font.

It’s pretty easy and straight forward.

The package includes PSD files containing notes and instructions on how to create your own background.

Hope this would help! Alex

Hello, has no Pricing Plan?

No … sorry

How do i change the bg images ? I’ve edited them and added new images to the html-images folder but nothings changed on the main index.html . I thought that the index.html code would point to the background images but this doesn’t seem to be the way. Please let me know.Thanks !

Hi! The image of the guy and blue grungy background are specified in style.css files. You should find appropriate style and change the background rule.

For example to change the guy on the cover you should find style for #cover (it’s on line 404 of style.css) and change background: url(”../images/cover_back.jpg”) to url(”../images/your_custom_back.jpg”).

It should work. Otherwise contact me by email I’ll try to assist you with this.

Cheers, Alex

Thanks for the prompt reply . it worked fine . I hope you get many more sales as this is a great template.

Cheers bro!

Hi there, I am one of your customers who purchased this template.

However, I had two issues that arose because it was not stated in your sales thread at all.

1. Doesn’t display properly on Internet Explorer (Fixed, luckily) 2. Does not display properly on mobile Android Internet (‘Our Team’ downwards does not display color)

Can you please suggest some solutions to this?

Okay, just got it fixed. Thank you for the GREAT support, Alex!

By the way, I realized that there is no H1 tag, which I think is very important for SEO. How do I fix this?

Hi! This will be fixed with upcoming update. You’ll receive notification as soon as the update is ready for you to download. Cheers!

Hello, I would like to know how to change (i THINK it’s the toast-message) “Swipe left to open the navigation menu” on the mobile-site?

Hi! I did the toast message only in my demo. It’s not the part of the package. If you want I can supply you with the library which provides this feature. Just send me an email to loomycre8s@gmail.com

Hi, is the newsletter template mailchimp compatible? Thanks!

No it’s not. I thought about planning on implementing it with the later updates though.

Hi! beautiful theme! But I want to ask you. I want to install this theme on wordpress, and when i copied it on hosting wordpress tell me that there were not anought files. what to do? this theme isn`t compleated? it has size 5,14 mb. Thanks!

this is fucking bad((((

Sorry bro! Usually WP theme costs like 20-30$ ... this one is way cheaper. Take this into account next time. PS: Slava Ukraine!

Thank you!) Next time would be more attentive! P.S. Heroyam Slava!

Hi, I can’t get the form to work? Nothing happens when i click submit? Any ideas?

Hi! yes you can do it easily. The package contains a PSD file with all the instructions.

The only PSDs i have are for customising? I have checked the docs but there is no instruction. Can you send the help file by email?

Sorry Adam! I was piling up the comments and replied you terribly wrong thing. The instructions on how to make the form send letters are described in documentation in PHP FILES section. Please let me know if the problem is still valid. Cheers!

Why not change menu when I the page scrolls?

I’ll do it with the upcoming update. Thanks for the input!

Please to see this is template: http://www.ipolecat.com/

Ca you do same for one page?

I don’t actually understand what are you showing? At what am I supposed to look on the page?

The ‘Site’ doesn’t display the Testimonials in Safari correctly, please fix.


Hi! I just checked my Mac OS X Safari and it seems to work. Can you please tell me which version of Safari do you use and on what platform? Thanks

Hi, How can I change the email for the Subscribe option?

Thank you

Hi! It depends on what newsletter subscription service do you use. Try to search for instructions on how to handle subscription form on service provider’s website.


Hi, I just want people to insert their email and when they hit the Submit button this goes to my email. I would like to receive an email with their email addresses.

Well you can built something like that on a base of the sendmail.php file that is included in the package. It does pretty much the same thing you’re describing.

Hi, How to setup One landing page same live demo, when click Navigation menu scollbar move to paragraph menu name. Now install when click menu that go to new page.

I’m sorry I’m really understand what are you trying to achieve … can you please rephrase?

Hi there,

Such a great theme, however I’m wondering if we can implement a gallery?

Hi! No I don’t plan to implement this features on landing page … kinda marketing move )) I hope you’ll understand. Anyway you’re free to buy HTML template and compose a single page website out of it … It has pretty much the same structure blocks as Landing Template.


Ok thats a fair call, I’ll grab the HTML site. Also,what about the flip action on the images, can we stop that?

All this flipping is specified in style.css. You can disable it easily. Apart from that you’ll need to tune up js a little in order to trigger the lightbox on image click. If you’ll have any difficulties with that let me know. I’m sure we’ll manage to carry this all out.


Please can you let me know how I add an item to the menu that links to an external website?

Thank you.

The update is uploaded you can download the latest version now. The feature is included!

thank you very much for your swift response! Which file has been updated?

in your case it’s custom.js … in order to enable links to do their conventional behavior just add class=”external” to the anchor element. In case of any difficulties please let me know!