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yes wordpress???

Very nice design, but I am 100% sure that Gotham and Proxima Nova are not free fonts…

Coool Template! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thank’sAirTheme !

awesome work! ;)

Thank’s Louiejie

very nice work, I have a site lined up for this already

Hi noosalife . Thank’s a lot !

Wow! Nice work! :)

It it possible for me to buy it using regular license, and sell html/wordpress version of it?

most fonts are not free, even if written in description :(

So sorry Jimmyjam . I acknowledge and fix information. thank you so much

Yeah, too bad. It’s a great design by the way.

HTML of N-Travel Available here. and soon we are releasing WordPress version ..



can we use this with http://www.phptravels.com script ?

yes , of course

If I purchased the regular license, can I release it as an HTML template?

yes man . please send your ID skype for me. we can to talk over skype :)

What happen about html version, how I can purchase html template?

please send mail for me if you want it

Hi there,

What happened to the html version? Would be interested

Please send your mail for me

Are there support mobile, responsive, online booking ?

Sorry , this is photoshop version and it’s can’t support mobile, responsive or online booking .

Regeard !