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Hi, just bought the theme (I love it) and I’ve been tinkering with it all day.

Please be patient with me – I am really stumbling through code. I’ve figured out a lot, but I still need help on a few mods:

how do I use a background image for the main section (on the right)?

any way to use thumbnails of photos for the blocks instead of details of the full-sized image?

ditto with video – I’d like to show the thumbnail/screenshot of clips instead of the standard icon.

for a little reference – lacylacy.tumblr.com.

Thanks so much for your help, sorry if this is super remedial!


First, for background image, it seems you find the solution. Remove the line width: 955px; in .container-right section.

Then, for thumbnails, you can edit the section for photo post but it will require some more customizations.

Finally, for video, this is the default behaviour, it should work with vimeo and youtube but apparently, it doesn’t work anymore with vimeo, may be their api have changed. This is done in “nuance.js”. I’ll see if I can do something on it.

hey! thanks for your response. I did figure out the background image for the front page, but I can’t get the alignment correct for the rest of the pages. (Click through to any of the posts, especially the photo ones, to see what I’m talking about.)

Ok, I figured what’s wrong with this, sorry for inconvenience. I’m going to upload the update.

Add :
- width: 60%; in .container-right section
- width: 655px or whatever you want :) in #content

Hey Julien, Thanks for the advice for the background. Looks fantastic now. I’m getting lots of great feedback on the entire theme.

Will the update reflect changes for the video blocks, photo blocks, or both?

Finally…. um, how do I actually get the update?

I will fix the vimeo problem but for photo posts, I don’t think I can do it right now, tumblr can’t handle this function.

Just download the theme again, here on themeforest, maybe next week.

Excellent, thanks. Will I need to copy and paste the html again? Any way you could tell me what section to replace so I don’t lose the changes I’ve already made?

À votre bon cœur !

The Nuance theme is an elegant starting point for making your own portfolio. The code is well organized and contains a lot of hints that help you find your way through the html text in order to customize its appearance.

In general, a little html knowledge is always needed to tweak any tumblr theme, but Yuukan has provided quick after sales support, explaining which code line does what to the page.

Definitely worth the 20$!

Thanks for your comment ;)


i wanted to place an image on the left side bar bottom corner, how do i go about doing so?

love the theme :)

how do I increase the amount of posts from only 15 to more

It’s in tumblr customize panel. In the “Advanced” tab, you will find “Post count”.

Yuukan, the question is how and where in the code would I change the post count from its current maximum of 15 posts. In your theme, the post count stops at 15.

No post count are set in my theme, I think 15 is the maximum posts per page in tumblr.

I might e-mail you directly as well, but I have a few coding questions.

FIRST , I need to know how to lower the “About Me” section because it’s overlapping the title.

SECOND , I don’t like the alignment of the text in the “About Me” section. I’d like it to be justified. How do I do that?

Thank you!

Hi there,

I just downloaded your theme and am having trouble installing it.

I’m sorry I feel really dumb because I have done this plenty of times, but when I copy the index.html from the deploy folder it – first of all resembles part of a web page not the code and also does not work when pasted in the custom html field – I get only a few sentences on the screen and no formatting.

Could you possibly send me another copy of the index file?

Thanks for your help!


You must open the index.html with a text editor. This way, you can view the entire html code and then copy/paste to the custom HTML section on tumblr.

Thanks that worked great :)

I am finding that there is a slight overlap of the padding or something of the profile box over the bottom part of the blog name . . .

How can I correct this? Is there a place in the code I could past a fix?



This is a feature, if you want to hide it, find this code and delete it:

.sidebar .hide-bottom-title { /* Remove this if you don’t want the bottom of title to be hidden */ background: #fff; clear: both; display: block; height: 10px; position: relative; top: -27px; width: 100%; }


I’m wondering if this theme supports Tumblr’s photoset feature?

Not yet, may be in future update.

Amazing support and super quick response!! Great theme with a lot of possibilities to customize even further. Highly recommended.


Thank You for a very beautiful theme! The problem I face, if I upload a group of pictures to my blog, the theme is showing it as “video”, it just takes the last video preview I uploaded and puts it in the front. I hope you can help me…

And… The theme does not support page links… When I want to add a page… Can you help with this issue too?

Thank you!

I already explained why I could not support this feature but instead, provide a guide to add a link in the documentation.

Hi! Thank you for your answers.

But you did not answered my question about the Video preview box on the front page, when I put several pictures instead of one picture. (If you put one picture, then on the frontpage you van see preview of it). But it does not work for multiple pictures… I wonder why does it not taking the first picture and showing it as preview?

Thank you!

So, can this theme pull thumbnails from YouTube videos? I would like to create a site where people submit youTube videos, but I want them to all have thumbnails pull right from the video.

Looks like youtube changed their api again, I’ll try to fix this asap.

Hi Yuukan.

I love the Nuance theme and purchased it recently.

Did you get my email? I’m having difficulting uploading the Nuance theme to my tumblr.

Would really appreciate your help.

Thank you.

To elaborate on the previous comment, I’m having difficulty uploading custom pages. I’d like to add an ‘Ask Me Anything’ page, a tag cloud page, and other text-based pages… but I’m having difficulty getting to grips with the code. How can I add these custom pages?

(My tumblog is brilliance-or-madness[dot]tumblr[dot]com.)

Please advise in clear detail.

Thank you and kind regards.

Is it possible to change the background?