Discussion on Nuevo - A timeline for Ghost

Discussion on Nuevo - A timeline for Ghost

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Hello! I liked your template and I want to use it as an HTML site. Is that possible or it just works with Ghost? Can I use it as a web template?

Hi, no sorry, it is compatible only for Ghost.

Too bad for me (( Thanks for your quick reply ))

Hi, I bought this template a couple of days ago, and trying to remove all previous comments. Can you let me know how to do it ? Thank you

Hi! of course!

Comments are powered by Disqus, so you must follow “Changing Disqus ID” section inside the documentation, here: http://prntscr.com/phlgg6

After that, just paste your Disqus ID into nuevo/post.hbs http://prntscr.com/phlhdr

Hope this may help you!

Hello ım need langue change ? where ?

Checking Nuevo, there are a few strings that need translation

Pagination: you can edit that on nuevo/partials/navigation.hbs http://prntscr.com/lgbuxz and also on post.hbs http://prntscr.com/lgbvz4

Maybe i will add a lang file later.


Hello thank you Very good ghost platform im need added projets 360 degree panorama photo

sample: https://revolution.themepunch.com/360-degree-real-estate-virtual-tour/ 3

sample: https://photo-sphere-viewer.js.org/

how do i add ?​

this feature is available ?

Thank you

Hi! that will need customization.

You need to hire a develper to add that.


Is there a way to reverse the order to be ascending order (first shown before last)

Hi!, it’s not possible by the moment, i tested the new function #get https://themes.ghost.org/docs/get#section-limitations and there is a limitation with the pagination.

For example, myblog.com/page/2 will not work.

Hope this may help you!

Can be used like a regular site or is justa a template for Ghost?

Hi!, just for Ghost.

Try to install but following message appear:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Can somebody help? I uploaded the folder ghost-nuevo.zip.

Thank you

Hi!, this is a Ghost template, is not for Wordpress.


Is the theme html files? Can it be edited with Dreamweaver?

Hi!, the theme is coded for Ghost plattform, so it uses .hbs files.

It is more alike PHP (has some logic functions). If you have solid code knowledge, you can generate a html file with Dreamweaver.

Hope this may help you!

Wonderful theme for your blog,

Add support to share VK.COM


Thank you!

What do you mean to add support to share vk.com?

How can I go about centering an image on a static page?

thank you

Hi! you can do it with a little html + css code:

eg: <div style="text-align: center;">[yourimage]</div>

This theme is very nice. I am experiencing the following problems.

.1. Adding a video iframe at the top of a post does not make it appear as the thumbnail. I am not sure what else to try as the documentation only shows how to have a image as thumbnail.

2. When an image for a thumbnail is not set, the timeline circle on the left and date circle on the right are cut-off.

Thank you

Hi! thanks for buying our template:

1.- We are going to push a new update today adding video compatibility, so if the thumbnail is empty you can set a iframe (video or audio).

2.- Im not experiencing the same problem, can you send us a screenshot to admin@estudiopatagon.com or your website url, so if we can check that problem we will apply a fix today.

Thank you!

Thank you! the problem in 2 only happens if you do not have thumbnail images

Hi there! I really like this theme, but I do have a question: Will you be adding, or is it possible to add, a ‘catagories’ or ‘tag cloud’ option to the menu? It would be super helpful when searching for certain posts. Thanks SO much and keep up the great work!!

Until then, Abel

Is this theme available on another platform besides this one such as Wordpress? I am interested int the Nuevo template.

Hi! thank you for your interest, we are selling the wp version in another marketplace, but there is the demo if you want to check: http://estudiopatagon.com/themes/wordpress/nuevo-timeline/

Best Regards!

First of all, thank you for a beautifully designed ghost theme and easy to read code. I’m a sysadmin and a programmer, but could not design a decent looking website if my life depended on it. I bought this in February for a personal blog and have been getting compliments on how nice it looks.

I have one comment and one question.

1. By default your code assumes that the content is served via HTTP, and if ghost is installed on HTTPS, there are some minor changes that need to be made to prevent mixed content warnings in the browser. It was easy to change once I knew what was being loaded over HTTP, but some of your users may need a little more help.

2. Using the fancybox feature, I can not figure out how to load thumbnails, and have full resolution photos loaded only when looking at the actual photos. This seems to be a feature in fancybox, but I’m not sure how to implement/use it with ghost. Your online demo (http://ghost-nuevo.referenteweb.com/gallery/) seems to load full resolution pictures as well, so I’m not sure if this is a limitation of ghost, but it would be nice to be able to find a workaround or have this added as a feature and documented.

Thank you. :)

Hi Gribok!, thanks for purchase one of our templates and rating us.

About your questions:

1.- Yes you are right, there is some limitations when you are running any ghost blog on HTTPS protocol, so you need to edit the config server file (nodejs) and add some lines of codes.

2.- There are a lots of limitations on the Ghost plattform, so we can’t add thumbnails to create a gallery, in this case, we always use full size images to create a custom gallery. Check out our documentation section: “Create a gallery” and you will see how to add a new one.

Hope this may help you!

If you have any question don’t hesitate on contact us, thank you!

Note: major features and functionalities are inside assets/js/global.js.

i would love to purchase this theme. However, it has not been updated in 5 months.

Hi Edward!, thanks for your interest!

We are going to update all our ghost templates to Ghost 0.5 (multiuser support), so stay tunned if you want to buy Nuevo.

Best Regards!

Is there a way you could make the navigation links have dropdowns on mouse over? Much like how the Parade theme does it?

We are planning to update the template this week.

Some design improvements, menu, codes, etc.

Thanks for your interest! Best Regards!

Awesome! Will definitely be purchasing. Would there also be a way to include social media links (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc) from Font Awesome to the top of the page, under the blog description?

We will consider this, maybe not under the blog description, but in another way that doesn’t affect the design.

I love this theme! I was wondering about two things:

1. Is there a way for people to subscribe to our posts? Similar to the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. If not, is that something that you guys might add?

2. I am curious how you made your gallery with minimized photos that can be enlarged by clicking them. Is there a specific code I can use while editing the static ghost page?


Hi! thanks for purchase a our template!

1.- Ghost plattform has already a RSS for this purpose, so your visitors can use a RSS reader to to check out your articles, example:

The online demo has this url: http://ghost-nuevo.referenteweb.com/rss/ on the footer an any visitor can save this into a rss reader.

2.- Yes you can!, just check out the documentation and you will see how to add your own gallery (this can be done with a little coding knowledge).

Best Regards!

Hello! I adore these Ghost theme and am considering switching over to it. I’m new to coding, can you tell me if the About, Contact, etc. pages are already set up in the theme and ready to be populated with info? Thanks, in advance!


These pages are static, so you must create and then populate them on the ghost admin.

The only thing you maybe you want to change, is the main menu (home, gallery, about, contact). But if you want all these pages you don’t need to edit so much.

Best Regards!

With custom development, will I be able to have 2 categories and each category has its own timeline? Thanks.

Hi!, Ghost doesn’t support categories to filter post. So you need a lot of custom codes on the home page to do these changes.

Maybe with a tabs jquery plugin you can filter by tags, but needs a lot of work.


Thanks for the quick response!

No problem!

Good theme!

One question: how do you embed a video and use the first image of the video as the thumbnail.

my question is how to use the first frame of the video for featured image or even play the video itself directly from the thumbnail

Do you mean like the demo page: http://ghost-nuevo.referenteweb.com/ with the vimeo video?

If is that your question, just put your iframe code before any content, like this: http://ghost-nuevo.referenteweb.com/a-post-with-everything-in-it-2/

exactly! that is easy :) thanks

First off love the theme and I’ve not really got any experience with code but I’ve managed to follow the documentation.

Question 1: Is it easy to change the font and what code changes do I need to make? Just because the fancy hand-drawn one can be a little difficult to read IMHO.

Question 2: I’ve used the [main-image] alt tag for the first image but it’s not appearing on the home page, any ideas?

Question 3: In the near future (I don’t know if Ghost allows this) but will you include search functionality?


Full Example:

<section class="post-excerpt"> <p>{{excerpt}}…</p> <div class="clear20" /> <a href="{{url}}" class="readmore">Read more</a> <div class="clear10" /> </section>

Awesome! Managed to sort that out. The only thing I can’t work out is to add padding between where the text ends and where the read more button begins, as at the moment it’s incredibly close (http://jazbp.co.uk/).

If you could provide the full example of what I’d need to do to fix this that would be great!

Cheers (again),


Hi!, this is the full example:

<section class="post-excerpt"> <p>{{excerpt}}…</p> <div class="clear20"></div> <a href="{{url}}" class="readmore">Read more</a> <div class="clear10"></div> </section>
The div class=”clear20” will add padding between the excerpt and the read more button.

Hope this may help you!


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