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I have an issue with the Contact form, reading the other users comments I noticed my hosting is not allowing sending emails with wp_mail, so I managed to use the Plug WP-Mail-SMTP and thus I solved the issue with RSVP but the Contact form is still not working (I don’t receive any error or message, just “success”) is there something I could change to let it work like the RSVP ?



The function file is alethemes/etc/contact.php Have a good day

Thanks, i finally managed to ask to my hosting to enable the wp_mail function.

Well, Have a good day


I really like the website for PC environment, however for Ipad or Iphones it is impossible to see the pictures in the home page and contact format (the picture appears when you put the mouse on it).

1. Would it be possible to have the same effect with the pictures for ipad and iphone environments?

2. Additiionally, the responsive mode for the iphone it is not so clear and I would like to disable the responsiveness, would it be possible?

Thank you. Jose Luis

Hi, i don’t understand what exactly you mean. Show me please some screenshots on your issues.

The theme doesn’t have the option to close the responsive mode, we can only fix styles bugs for the ipad, but we need some screenshots of your issues.

Have a good day

Hi, please feel free to check it >>

I don’t know how to include screenshots in the comment, but regarding the point 1 I have 2 main issues:

1. In ipads and iphones: I can’t see the pictures in this page ( )

2. In iphone: The menu in home page is a dropdown and I would like to see all the options.

Thank you for your help, have a good day too!

José Luis


this is the small devices version. The ipad doesn’t have the option hover, that’s why the photos will never work on ipad.

And the menu is working perfect. This kind of menu is using for mobile devices. A select drop down. It works fine. What problems do you have with it?

Mobile devices have limits, because it’s mobile, not a PC and that’s why some section on the theme are hidden or are dissabled or looks different. This is normal.

Have a good day


I love the theme, but am having a few issues with it. I hope you can help. 1) I want to change the main header font. I see where to do that at Theme -> Theme Options -> Typography. I would like to use the Google font Playfair Display Bold 700 Italic ( ). How do I specify that in the Font Attribute in Theme Options?

2) Also related to main heading font—is there any way to make it not use all caps?

Thank you! Ben


1. You just need to select the font from the select option as main header font. That’s all

2. by editing the CSS file or to use the Custom CSS field in Theme options panel.

Have a goody day


Only the font name is in the drop down ” Playfair Display”. I specifically want the Bold 700 Italic version. How do I specify Bold Italic?

Thank you, Ben

Hi, if you want to change the “font-style” you should do some CSS customizations. Use the Custom CSS field in Theme options field to add your custom code. Have a good day


Great theme!

I am looking to make a few custumizations to the them to make it more culturally relavent to my wedding. How can I change one of the images (the car) to something of my choosing?

Also, I have added my own icon but it does not spin when I hover over it. How can enable this?

Many thanks, Kishan

Awesome, it worked. Thanks

I think I have got the desktop site just as I want it now :). As for the mobile site, I wanted to change a few things. 1. The navigations bars. Instead of having two … One above and one below the logo how can I cange it so that there is one navigation bar below the logo. 2. I wanted to have the same graphics (cartoon couple) on the nobile site. Is this possible.

I am happy to tweak some code if that is the only way to do some of the above.

Thanks Crikova, Have a good day.

I think I should have used the word menus bars instead of navigation. Sorry for the confusion, if any.

Hi, this kind of issues needs some customizations. You need a developer to make it possible. Have a good day


is there any way to sat countdown timer to 15:30. I can only set it to full hour like 15. When i set 15:30 it says NaN on main page

Hi, you should add the numbers as is described in field description. Have a good day

Hi. I’m customizing the Theme for my wedding website and I have a page that is protected by password (using the default Wordpress “protected on visibility”). This page is a template type RSVP. I want to protect it by a password that after entered will show up a text that I wrote and the following RSVP form. The problem is that on the protected screen to enter the password, it’s displaying the form (not the text). Where should I touch to avoid the protected page that asks for the password to show the RSVP form and only show it after the correct password has entered? Thanks.

Hi, can you show me a live link example?

Nevermind. I decided to use a plugin to use Jotcom forms instead of the default contact form of RSVP page, so I removed the form form the template RSVP php page. Thanks anyway!

Have a good day

Hi. Is there any way to insert the same slider we have on page template event using shortcode, in another page template, for example “full width”?

Hi, thsi is not possible. The events is using a custom slider, and not the defautl sldier shortcode. You need a developer to make it possible.

Hi, Awesome theme! Can I get the version shown in your youtube video – please. Thanks.

Hi, that version is not available more.

Hi, does this come with the French translation? Thanks!

Hi, you can translate it manualy with poEdit.

Hi. I’m finishing up my wedding website and I got two issues:

1. After uploading some pictures to Gallery, I realized that the slider buttons (previous/next) doesn’t work only on Chrome (v 37.0.2062.124). I tested your own demo website and it does not work either. On Firefox and Safari, it works. Check yourself:

2. How can I change the slider timer?


1 Hi, it’s working perfect in my browser. The same version. Dissable all browser addons, widgets, plugins. smth s caused this on your part. 2. You are not able to do it. If you have skills in javascript the file you need is js/scripts.js. But in case you have skills.

Thank you. You are right, my browser seems to be the problem. I tested on Chrome from my work desktop and it works. About the slider: I changed slideshow_interval from 3000 to 1600 but the slideshow is still showing each image for about 7secs. I’m looking for 4secs per photo. Should I change any other file? Thanks!

Make sure you changed the right class slider. Only one js file you need to change.. But make sure the necessary slider.

Hi there. I am trying to change fonts to the cyrillic font Marck Script

It only changes text with latin letters. Russian text remains always Arial font.

Thank you

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

Hello, I updated the template and I realized that now you can no longer see the comments and comment pages. I had many comments on the pages and I would not lose them. How can I fix this? Thank you.

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

Hiya, Is there a way to change the colours of the home page hearts/couple pngs from pink to a user specified colour? Is it simply a matter of editing the pngs in the source .zip file and uploading the new .zip to wordpress?


I have posted this in the forum – please answer there. Cheers.

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

How to make the timer work ? and check your email, I have written 2 mail already.

Hi, you should add your date in the metaboxes fields for the home page template. like on this screenshot –