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Also, what do I do to add sliding pictures to home 3 page. There’s a weird top line on the page ( but I can’t seem to add any photo in by adding media.

Create a slider. add images in full size.. when you insert the image select the size in modal window


Is there any way to add a countdown timer on the front page of this theme. I would love to have it incorporated.


Thanks for the update, I downloaded and updated the site with the xml file too and I can’t get the timer. I have sent you an new mail with the ftp details for you to have a look…

replied by mail. All is working.

Check if you updated the theme corect, you need to remove the old theme and install the new.

Hi! Just a last question, any idea how to have all the gifts on one page (now we only have 10 per page)?

Where can I adapt this? Thanks!


where EXACTLY should I add it?


ok but this is not specific, on WHICH LINE and HOW should I add this??? everything I try results in an error.


How to i config that each icon on the main page will link to a specific page ? (Like the camera for example)


Hi, in theme options -> Section Home add links to each icon..

Hello! Beautiful theme, I like it very much!

I seem to be stuck though…how can I upload images into a slider? Up to this moment, I have only been able to create a new slider, decide name and all the other options. It’s probably something silly, but I would need help with this, please.

Thank you!

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.

use slider section to create sliders. Watch video tutorial, is showing slider section. It’s very easy..

I’d like to buy your theme, but before I’ve got one question. is it possible to have the home page style, like in the first version of your theme ?

thank you

Hi, in the last version in not available this layout, but if you need, after purchasing i can send you the first version 1.0 by email.

Ok :) I buyt it right now

good, when you will need the old theme, contact me by email.. i will reply with the old archive..

An update is ready.

- Support WordPress 3.6
- Optimized JS Scripts
- Added CountDown Timer on all Home pages
- Added options to show or hide CountDown


I’ve buy this great theme 20 days ago, Must I pay to have the update please ?

thank you

hi, you don’t need to pay for update.. Simply go to download section and download the updated archive.

you purchased the licence, not files.. that’s why you can use all our updates.

Good Luck.

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Sure, thank you !

How can I activate Countdown like on your demo theme ?

Hi, edit the home page and select the home template. After saving will apear a box with options. in this box enable the coundown and add the date.


Bought you theme, great! Is it easy to switch bride and groom from left to right?

Sorry bought your. I hope you get what I mean. Because in the middle we hve a picture of us together. So that’s why I want to switch the circles with bride and groom

Hi, this is not possible. one way is to use other home style.

HI can you explain how to create a single gallery like in your demo theme please.

I follow the documentation but dont find how to do that.

thank you

hi, add a post from gallery post type. this post will be your single gallery

do as your logo rotating?? I read the old post and you had just answer to this question, but I try and to me doesn’t work. I go in my admin panel of the host – than in the wp-content – in themes – nunta – css – images here I try to erase all your logo (ex logo1.png, logo2.png etc) and replace with mine named logo1.png or I try also with only logo.png, but nothing work! Please can you help me! Thanks

Just replace the logo with yours and delete your logo from theme options.

I do, I have formatted my logo with the same dimension of yours, but the logo in the page show as a cube! How I can fix it?

i opened the site and the logo is round,

How I can change the language of the theme?

You can change the lang in WP_config.php in the root Wordpress folder. In google you will found a lot of information.

I read a lot in internet. I have change the wp-config.php and try a lot of time, but the countdown int he home page does’t change and in the gallery the “next image” and “previous image” doesn’t change, I try to read with text edit your it_IT.po file but I can’t find the line o the countdown and other. May you help me?

hi, we are working on a new update and if some words are not included in po file we will check and fix in new update. If you need to change at the moment you need to edit dirrectly in source file.

Hi, thank you it’s a great theme! How I can create a pagination for posts? Thank you

Hi, it should work. but i have tested now on our demo and it’s some problems. we will make a new release and fix this as soon as possible. now you can only edit the general settings to show all posts on first page.

Have a good day.

Hello, is it possible to create more sidebars besides one for left and one for right? I’d like to use more different images on different pages, but now I’m limited to two. Thank you!

hi, this is not possible by default theme settings. You need customization to make it possible.

Have a good day.

Thank you for your answer on the sidebars. Another one, how do I make a child theme for Nunta? When I create a style.css in my child theme map I get the error: Warning: require_once(/home/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ on line 14.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your answer!

hi, the problem is in paths.

edit the function.php in parent theme. replace in the top

if ( get_stylesheet_directory() == get_template_directory() ) { define('ALETHEME_PATH', get_template_directory() . '/aletheme'); define('ALETHEME_URL', get_template_directory_uri() . '/aletheme'); } else { define('ALETHEME_PATH', get_theme_root() . '/nunta/aletheme'); define('ALETHEME_URL', get_theme_root_uri() . '/nunta/aletheme'); }

nunta – is the parent theme folder. if you changed, change in the code too.

Have a good day.

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Hello, gr8 theme, is it possible to use other collors?

Hi, you can use colors from theme options, or edit source file css/general.css

How do I add text the the About page template timeline thing with the pictures like in the example?

Nevermind. Found it.

ok, Have a good day

theme “Nunta” – need to change the link from the “wishes” on the site but can not find the place, for example so this and I would leave it as I do?

Hi, this is not possible. This is a post type name. You can’t change it. One way is to edit it in alethemes/config.php file But you need php skils, in other way you will broke the file.

Have a good day

Hi, very nice theme! Is there a posibility of introducing a general password for visitors??

Hi, you can hide posts andgalleries with passwords. (Password protected post) or use different plugins to make as you need. Have a good day.

Hello CRIKOVA. How do i activate the countdown?


Hi, very simple. Just edit the home page. Select the template for Home. Save. After saing on the same page will appear a box with options. In this box add data for your time. Save one more time. All done.

Have a good day.