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Trouble editing Home page 3. There’s a weird top line on the page. I created a slider but it is placed at the bottom of the page, and the top of the page still shows a blank slider.

And one more thing, i would like to change the language where do i set that? Specific code? I found this online.

add_filter( ‘locale’, ‘change_locale’ ); function change_locale(){ return ‘es_ES’; } load_default_textdomain();

load_textdomain(‘responsive’, get_template_directory().’/lang/’);

I want it set up like this:

Any code I need to delete?

Hi, you just need to edit the wordpres wp-config.php file. Change the WP_LANG. More info you will find in google.

And what’s the problem with the blog? you need an open post page? add the post dirrectly to menu. You don’t need an archive with one close post. Add the post directly in the menu, if you need it to be opened.

Have a good day


I am having troubles with the single page gallery. The upload images/manage gallery function under “Gallery Images” have disappeared. The slider in the single page gallery has nothing to display. That leaves a blank slider.

I hope you can help.

Hi, it seems you create the gallery wrong. You must upload images as attachments to each gallery post. Don’t insert in in the editor, don’t create default gallery.

Just edit the post. Delete all from the editor. Press Add media button, uplaod some photos from your PC. And close the modal window. Save. After your slider will show images properly.

Have a good day.

P.S. On our youtube channel you can watch some video tutorials.. all themes gallerysistems are similar.

Hi, Thanks that helped! Also, How do you check if someone RSVP-ed or left a message in the Contact Us page? I cannot seem to find where the messages have went. Thanks

Hi, these forms uses the admin panel email. the email from general settings.

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Hi, Just purchased this beutifull theme but I am having troubles with Turkish characters :/ i have to use ?çüi?ö etc. pls help

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.

Do you use the default font? or did you change it? Check on google font if the font you use are supported turkish characters. And reply me with the font name.

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Thanks again for your Theme. I just purchased this theme and I’m a novice when it comes to WordPress etc. I was able to download and upload the theme file to my site but it appears that none of the pre-existing menus etc that are shown on the Live demo are present. Is this Theme sold bare bones where I’ll need to create all of these menus separately? I’ve purchased themes in the past but they all have the menus already in place and all I need to change is the content.

My apologies for the elementary questions but your assistance is very much appreciated.

Hi, the default theme is without demo content. You need to manage step by spep with documentation. In the main archive you have the demo data xml file. You can import ths file and demo content will be installed into your site.

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I just downloaded just theme and I am trying to upload the theme to my wordpress. I am following the video and the documentation, but when I go to Admin Panel -> Appearance -> Themes I cannot see any option called Install Themes. Could you please help me with this? Thanks


The Wishes section – is a post type, not a template. You just need to add items in your Wishes section. After go to Menu section, select advanced navigation and inser the wishes archive page into your menu.

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Brilliant, I found it. Thanks very much for your help.

ok, Have a good day.


I hope this message finds you well. I was testing the website but have a small problem with the pages RSVP and Contact us.

When I submit a form with the information, I do not receive an email notifying that somebody has upload this form. Could you let me know, where can I see the information that people upload and also if I can receive email notifications every time somebody submit one of these forms?

Have a good day!

Hi, the form sent the information to email, that is set in General Settings. Check the email from general settings in wordpress Admin Panel. It should work. If the email is good but the form doesn’t work, try to contact hosting support and ask why standatd wordpress mailfunction doesn’t work. may be the hosting have some limits.

Reply us on the result.

Have a good day

Hello, I contacted my hosting support and they said that it is nothing on their end. They told me that if you could provide more details about the settings they could probably look into it. However, they believe that it is something related to you.

I have seen that other people struggle as well setting up the contact and RSVP forms. As I am a beginner, could you please provide step-by-step advice?


Hi. You must make sure that you set up an correct email in Admin Panel -> General settings. This ismail is used form contact forms. Some hostings haven’t option to send emails, that’s why some users have problems.

To your hosting company. The Contact and rvps templates are nunta/template-rvps.php and nunta/template-contact.php. The contact function is placed in nunta/alethemes/etc/contact.php

Give this information to your hosting support to check why thise scripts doesn’t work.

Have a good day

An update is ready!

- Added new section Theme Information in Theme Options Panel
- Updated custom post type icons in admin panel for WordPress 3.8
- WordPress 3.8 Ready
- Fixed the toggle shortcode height issue
- Fixed the logo issue on Admin Panel Login Page
- Fixed caption images issue. Now images with caption are responsive too
- Added an Upload button and short text specification to a Gallery box on Edit Page Section
- Added new fields in theme options Typography section for google fonts Advanced attributes
- Added pagination on the Blog archive page
- Added option to disable or enable custom scroll bar from Theme Options Panel
- Updated nicescroll.js plugin for custom scrollbar
- Updated the style for custom scroll bar
- Added menu third level drop down support
- Changed buttons shortcode styles
- Updated columns shortcode. Now Columns are responsive
- Added new Shortcode - Dividers
- Added new Shortcode - Maps
- Added new Shortcode - Partners
- Added new Shortcode - Services
- Added new Shortcode - Team
- Added new Shortcode - Testimonials
- Included logo.psd file in download archive
- Changed default demo background style
- Updated the color selector box and added new patterns preview
- Removed the old twitter widget
- Updated languages files

is available for download

Hi, I’d like to use an page as an scrap wall / Guestbook,

can you help me?

Hi, the theme haven’t this option be default. You need some customizations.

Have a good day

Hi, Would it be possible to install a forum on your theme??


Hi, you can instal any plugin you want. The theme should support all plugins.

Have a good day

Hi, what do you mean?


I am pulling my hair out. I created some columns on one of my pages using the short code… I have a one_half and a one_third column. Now I want to put information on a whole new line with no column… (I want it to span the whole with) If I do not put any column coding it tries to make a one_fourth column next to the others… and there is no whole colum option… any suggestions?

hi, try to add a separator (divider shortcode) after columns. or try to wrap all content with columns in here content with columns shortcode

Have a good day

How do i update? Will it change my site info that I have set already.

Hi, you just need to remove the old theme and install the new one. All theme options data will be saved, you will lose only custom changes (if you changed source code – you will lose it).

Have a good day

OK… thanks… 2 follow up questions…. is the download link that I see under my account name the link to the new file or do I need to go somewhere else? Also, If I changed the background colors for the theme will that stay the same? I used the theme to do it. (will it erase the theme folder completely and replace it or just the necessary files?)


1. the download link in download section is the last version. 2. don’t worry, all theme options changes will be saved automaticaly. Just remove the old theme folder, and install the new. Have a good day

Hi, I’m facing problems to get the gallery working right, the only way that worked was using images in featured image, and when I finish creating the gallery post with attached images if I try to view the post I got the page 404.

Thanks in advance

Hi, when I add a menu with option advanced navigation, galleries link is linked to gallery-2-columns

I don’t know what happened, the gallery is just working now, with no modifications :(, thanks anyway :D

ok, Have a good day


nice template!!

¿How can i disable responsive mode?

Hi, this is not possible, the theme doesn’t have this function.

Have a good day


Have a good day

Hi Crik0va,

i can’t translate some texts: home countdown, hide story (from blog)...

i tried editing the file es_ES.po but these texts do not appear.


Hi, the countdown plugin can’t be translated. the words are from javascript. you can replace it in the js file. edit the file in the js folder.

Have a good day.

Thank you!

Have a good day

Hi, I’d like to request the div where the pictures are shown in the single gallery to have a dynamic size. I mean, I want to be able to upload pictures in landscape and portrait orientation and, the display off all pictures be centralized and not cropped. Is that possible?

Another thing is, if I add links for just one or two social media, I’d like the icons also be centralized. For instance: I’ve only added FB information. So, my footer displays inly the FB logo but on the left side (as if I’ve added all social links). Is there a way to change it behavior?



Thanks for the quick response. I’ve already solved issue #1 adding a image carrousel. For issue 2, I’ll wait for the next update. Do you already have a release schedule? How do I get notified about the update?


Another thing. Contact form seems to be not working. Do I need to configure any SMTP server?

Thanks in advance.


1. You wil lbe notified by email when new update is ready. The email from your themeforest user. 2. You just need to add an working email into the wordpress general settings -> email field. And make sure that your hosting support standard mail functions.

Have a good day

Hi, I can’t seem to get the Home Style 1? It looks different from the demo…

Ignore the comment. Solved it. Thanks!

ok, Have a good day


I was wondering if we can use the wishes page like a guestbook where our family and friends can leave comments. It seems as if the wishes page right now is information I need to enter in the admin panel.

Just like another users site they have a “wall” that is similar to what I would like.

Also, in the About section where there’s a timeline, how do you add more of the bubbles?

Would you be able to provide assistance? Thanks.


1. this is not possible, wishes page is only informative. (show me a live example, may be i will add smth similar into our theme)

2. The about page support a limited count, only as in admin panel. if you need more, tell me how much and in hte next update we will add more fields.

Have a good day

How can I change one of the default theme colors (from the 10 available options)? I tried to change the colors of “color style #5” (dark green – #218559) to a shade of purple in general.css, but when I apply the theme color in appearance settings the circles are still dark green.

.optionsbox .rightoptionsbut .selectoptions .colorsboxes .color218559 was the one I’m trying to change, but perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place.

Hi, you need to change the color scheme in theme options panel. If you want to change the source code, you must have skills in CSS. If you have skills, that means you know that the files you need are in color folder (prevview), not the main general.css.

Have a good day


I just purchased this theme as its awesome. However i really want the countdown timer that is on the bottom of the live preview. I cant seem to get and downloaded plugins to work.

Also i want guests to be able to upload photos after the wedding. Will this be possible.

Cheers in advance.

also the hanging hearts with images in them, where do i find how to put the links in so they are clickable.

(i have reasonable html and css experience)

Hi, to enable the countcown just select a template for your Home page and save. after add data for the timer.

About links, you will find the fields in Theme options field -> Home tab

Have a good day