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I want to know how can I change font?


Hello Mustafa,

I thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. To change the font, please follow this steps :
  • Upload your font package(s) to templates/melleh/fonts.
  • Now open file stylesheets.css located in the templates/melleh/fonts folder to define the font(s) you just added
  • Then now please go to templates/melleh/less and open variable.less file to change the font-family
Good luck,


Hello Maskeenan

Thanks for your kind reply. However I have another problem, icons won’t show in my menu, I double check the quick start. Everything looks alike but no icons. How can I show icons?

Thanks Again

Your url please? Or have you checked on templates manager > nyirok – default > Megamenu > Click on one of your menu item > icon, icon field is empty or not?


I really like your template.

I have an issue with theme: I’d like to use orange theme, and I did following steps:
1. Install quick-start -> go to Templates Manager
2. Go to Nyirok – Default -> Theme -> choose “orange” -> Save

However, the front-end is still default color.

What did I do wrong?

Please help.

Thank you.

I fixed it by choosing theme in MainMenu :)

However, there is no icon on menu although I added them in Megamenu.

How can I fix it? Thanks,


thanks for your trust to purchase my templates. To use an icon for your menu item, please go to templates manager > nyirok > mainmenu > select one of your menu > on icon field, please fill it with one of your icon, you could write icon-home if you like to use home icon.

For the other icons, you could use this page to guide you

Good luck,

I works perfectly. Thank you.


I have a small issue with Service Module (custom module). After I change the text, the style is gone. Please check:


Here is my html code:

I tried simple text but the result is the same.

Please help me to check.

Thank you,