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Very nice theme. Good luck :)

Selamat yahh!

Terima Kasih, mbak/mas vicky… ;)

Great work maskeenan! I really, really like it. Good luck :)

Thank you very much, joomfx.
good luck for you too ;)

Thank you very much my friend

Thanks, my friend

Great theme my friend!!!!!! Awesome, wish you many sales!!!! ;)

Thanks, mate…!!!
Good luck too with your sales ;)

Really nice – maybe WP version of it one day?

Hello Charlie, I think I will extend this template into WP as well, but I couldn’t make sure when it will be ready.


Hello charlie,

Nyirok in WP version has been ready now, you could please see it here


cool template, good luck for Sales ;)

Thank you very much, good luck to with your sales.

Hey friend,

great job :)

Thanks, mate…. ;)

This theme will work on the joomla 3.1 (new version)?

Hello yes, this templates is working for both version, 3.1 and also 2.5.x but this package doesn’t come with the quickstart for joomla 3.1, only come with quickstart of joomla 2.5. 3.1 quicksrtart will be processed soon.

Regards, Keenan

Great Job.

Please see your mail.


hello, my friend,

I have replied your pm, please check it, hehehe


Just wondering if the Joomla 3.1 quickstart package is ready yet? That’s the only thing holding me back from purchasing this…

Cheers, Chris


I was wondering if this purchase came with just the static html/css/js files? I would like to use this template with another CMS platform.

Dear Maskeenan ,

I bought your wonderful template ,

but I’m trying to convert the pink (default) color to green?!

is there any instruction ?!

I used the magic theme tool , but it’s change just the text color and hyper-link !

Thank you.

Hello kamokazi,

thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates and if you have any question about this templates, I’m so pleased if you could post your question on my forum but surely you need to PM me here to activate your id

regards, Keenan

thank u sir , but there is another problem at GK modules(news+image show) with Joomla 3 ,, its shown a programming error “fatal error” , I found the solution that the (an old version) u r used its conflict with joomla 3 , so u have to update the GK module . I thought I can update it using joomla administration , but no response !! so could u please provide to us the new version of GK.

thank u


Thank you for purchasing Nyirok.

Please go to folder less > theme, create new folder name it green, copy variables.less file from blue folder, and paste it to green folder, you only need to change @baseColor: #4a8de2; to your green color.

Then go to your administrator page > template manager > nyirok – default (and also the others nyirok) > Theme > change it to green, save it and compile less to css


Is the Joomla 3.1 quickstart package ready yet? Will purchase as soon as it is!

Thanks, Liam

Hello Liam,

Thanks for asking this question, unfortunately, this templates has not been included the quickstart of joomla 3.0 yet, hopefully soon. surely I’ll let you know.



Great template. I have two questions for website :

1. I cannot get the left sidebar position to appear – what is the problem ?

2. How do I remove some of the space in the header above the logo ?



Can you please reply to my questions. Thanks

How do I increase the width of the logo. I have edited /template.css and changed

.logo-image a { background-image: url(”../images/logo.png”); background-repeat: no-repeat; width: 501px; height: 45px;

but the original width still appears


i forgot something ? i try in local and distant but same issues ...


How can i use the icon’s inside my Main Menu buttons?


Hello Roy,

Thank you very much for your post. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any purchase badge on your post above? are you sure, you’ve purchased this joomla templates? or you purchase a wordpress version?


Hi Keenan,

It’s bought on another account, thats why there isn’t a purchase badge above.



is your documentation up-to-date?

Regarding “Images Show GK4”, you wrote:

Module Position : slider Module Style : gk_partyfreak

I can’t find any position called “slider” in your template (is it a custom position?), also, i can’t find the module style: “gk_partyfreak”.

The module is coming up with 14 styles, but none of them is called “partyfreak”.

Joomla 3.1

Thanks for any hints,



Hello Michael,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. OUh so you’re using this template under joomla 3.1.x ? yea, on joomla 3.5 image gk4 has no partyfreak style, so you could please use another style option, like on the quickstart I use gk_shop_and_buy style.

If you have another question, please PM me here