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Love the slider and overall great template, clean and eazy on the eye.

Thanks for the nice comment ;)

Whoa this is hot. Flat out. :)

Thanks a bunch, PurtyPixels ;)

Very professional, nice colors and very clean, good luck with sales!

Thanks. Glad you like it :)

Great theme,congrats ;)

Very very very nice work!

Thanks a lot!

nice theme as always..

Thank you, mabuc! :)

Hi, cmsmasters! Is admin panel translated also in language versions?

No, only front-end is translated.
But in case of need you can translate the admin yourself, as there’s a file with dummy of the dashboard translation.

Loving this theme. Should the live demo work on a mobile phone? Only I have had a look on my iPhone and it doesn’t look the same as your screenshot. Have I done something wrong?

You can’t see the mobile version because the demo is shown in iframe. Try to use this url –

Just had a look, thanks for the link.

Hello CMS Masters,

Great theme. I have started working on a site. Everything looks wonderful on all devices, but is there a way to insert the images so that they scale according to the screen size? For example, if I embed a video using your code, it will scale to the size of the screen. But if I put in an image, it stays that same size even on a mobile device. Any way to do that with images? That would be extremely helpful.

Thanks, Erik

You need to add class fullwidth to your image.

Thank you!

From your instruction documentation the file below does not exist, has it been relocated?

For correct functionality, please, make sure the following folders have the “777” access settings:


Sorry, it’s a little bug in documentation. Folder bgs was removed from theme Oakland.

Trying to use the shortcode button in a widget… there something I can do to get that to work?

Dear landarts. All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket .

Please create a support request there, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

I am trying to add shortcode to the CMCMC -Custom Text with Icon widget, I have been able to add shortcode to the standard text widget. I looked in the functions.php file line # 289 has the add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’); there somewhere else that it might need to be added to get it to work in the Custom Text with Icon widget?

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product! All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket .

Please create a support request there, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

Excuse my ignorance, but I’m wondering if this template will be updateable using the wordpress app available for iPhone or iPad. I need a blog-like website that could be updated on-the-fly and the app mentioned earlier will make my job a hell of a lot easier!

Hi, thanks for your interest.
Unfortunately we haven’t understood what you’re referring to. You mean updating theme to the newest version, right? It would be great if you could describe it in more details. What app you’re about to use?

What is that admin theme you are using? Is there somewhere I can pick that up?

It’s the cmsmasters admin panel. No other styles were used.

The theme was tested on the WP 3 .4 (beta).

1. What happened to the default page/post options (below the editor box)? 2. Because of question 1, I can’t disable comments on a specific page.


Have you purchased the theme?
If so all support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket .

Please create a support request there, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

Pre-sale Enquiry

Hi, I really love your theme and I’m very interested in purchasing it. However, I’d like to know if:

1. there is a readily available widget for newsletter subscription on the main landing page 2. can it be synced with Aweber of Mailchimp? 3. if a video can be featured on main landing page [either on slider, somewhere prominent in the body or along the side panel].

Would really appreciate if you could reply soon! :) Thanks!

Thanks for your interest.
1. We have only RSS widget.
2. We haven’t made any tests and can’t either confirm nor deny, that our theme would work properly with Aweber of Mailchimp.
3. You may add video to the slider (see 2nd and 3d slides on our demo), embed to the project or just paste to the content.


Great theme mate, beautiful and easy to use. Thanks!

I couldn’t find info on how to use lightbox on a particular image, as well as on a whole gallery. I would like all pictures to open using lightbox, how do I go about it?

Thanks in advance.

Please, enter “prettyphoto” and a title to the image Advanced Settings as shown on the screenshot.

For further assistance, please, submit a personal support ticket here, as providing coding help via comments is beyond our support policy.

Thanks for the help with lightbox.

I sent a ticket a few minutes ago, the Home slider stopped working on my install.

Also, the error that I mentioned on my ticket (below the footer on main page) was caused by incompatibility with the wp-topbar plugin, just so you know the theme isn’t currently working with it.

I registered at the support forum, if you need to approve or change permissions: rodgomes

Thank you.

Just an updated, I tried disabling and re-enabling the Display Slider option at the Home (page). It did the trick, for some reason the slider came back to life.

Now the only issue left is the incompatibility with wp-topbar plugin.

Thanks and sorry for all the replies, but I think it could help others as well. ;)


Hi, I really love this theme too! You guys do amazing work.

My question is about your iphone/ipad Video capability for the slider. I noticed that the drop-down on my iphone and ipad doesn’t work well with the vimeo / youtube videos. Try it out and you will see what I mean. I even tried the url you gave to the above user:

Is there a way to fix this? Or am I missing something?

Hm… Could you, please, make a video screencast for us?

Here’s a photo of what happens. The dropdown for the video doesn’t come all the way down on my iPhone, iPad. The video works if you can click the little link, but it ’s very difficult to click.

this is a great theme. awesome job mate!

Thanks. Glad you like it ;)

This is a beautiful theme. I have a question before buying it regarding unlimited sidebars.

Does this allow me to create a sidebar that I can then assign to a page from the individual page options/editor? Or does it require creating a sidebar for every page if I want to have more than one sidebar?

To help explain, one theme I have used with unlimited sidebars allowed me to create a sidebar in the theme’s admin panel. Then on each page, I am able to add any one of the sidebars I have created, just like assigning a category or featured media. Then on the widgets admin page, I can assign widgets to the various sidebars created, but one sidebar can be assigned to a range of pages.

Another theme I have used required me to create a sidebar for every single site page from the theme admin and when creating it then assign it to that individual page. This requires, if I want more than one sidebar in the site, to then create one for EVERY SINGLE page. Then my widgets admin page has too many sidebars/widget areas to be easily manageable.

I hope your theme offers the former and not the latter.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

You’re in luck! :) Sidebars in all our themes work as you describe in the first case.