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Hello, Im very interested in buying your template, but it seems like the hosted demo version isn´t proper working on IE 9 .0.8. Do you have any solutionconcerning that problem?

Great theme by the way!

Thank you!

Thanks for being interested in Oakland theme.

Can you, please, make a screenshot? It works fine on our end. See here:

Hello, I purchased your template and I find it really great ! But I have one tiny problem : when someone comments on a page or an article, the date that is written is badly translated in French (my whole site is in French). As you can see in this screenshot : It should be written “Il y a 21 heures” while the template writes “21 heures il y a”.

I spent some hours looking for how to change it, but I can’t find it. Do you have any idea on how to change it ?

Thank you

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product! All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket.

Please create a support request there, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

Great theme! But is there a way to implement a file upload element in a contact form?

Thank you!

I’m afraid no.

But you can use Text widget to add button in the sidebar with your form (need to use HTML editor in any Page or Post, add button and then copy this code to the Text Widget) or add it in the content area of your contact form page.

Hello! admin panel does not work. Tested in all browsers. This is a serious problem, because I can not customize the look.

I wanted to work fully with your examples, replace images, colors. But to my deepest regret nothing works. I am willing to give access to you to try.



Please, try to disable your plugins.

Also you may read the following thread at the support forum:

no help 4 me?

To get our assistance, please, submit a personal support ticket here and provide your wp-admin and FTP data.

The theme is widget-formatting text? It widget image?

There is visual option for the slide?

Any user can work with the theme?

I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to understand what you mean. But I’ll try to answer about what I think you might ask.

1. This theme has Text with Icon widget, and all icons are included.

2. There’s a Slider Manager feature to configure your slides.

3. Generally yes, you don’t have to be a big geek to work with this WP theme.

Hy, Seams shortcodes does’nt work with contact form 7 plugin. Thanks to you

Please, update your theme to the latest version.

Slider stopped functioning all of a sudden.

After some digging around the error seems to occur at TimThumb:

A TimThumb error has occured

The following error(s) occured: Could not find the internal image you specified.

Query String : src=undefined&w=100&h=50&zc=1 TimThumb version : 2.8.10

Well the odd thing is that it was working, then stopped.

The server is Linux with PHP 5 .2.

It just seems as if the src parameter isn’t making it to the script for some reason.. Leading me to believe this is a JS issue and not an issue with TimThumb.

Ok, we need to study your issue deeply.

Please, submit a personal support ticket here and provide there your wp-admin and FTP credentials.


Can I work on localhost and then transfer it to a hosting?

Sure, but we kindly recommend you to elaborate your site online.

Right. But I already have an HTML website with the domain that will use the wordpress. I’ll replace it with Oakland.

Ah, ok. Please, be careful and feel free to contact us in case of need.

Hi there, please could you point me in the direction of where I can download form data from? I may just be looking in the wrong place but can’t find an option to export the data anywhere!

I’m using your built-in form generators.


There’s a detailed documentation in the theme archive. You can easily elaborate your site after studying our “How to”. It’s the index.html file in the \DOCS\ folder. Open it with your browser.

The information you need is in Contact Page Set up chapter.

Thanks for the reply, I can’t see in that documentation, or in the video where you can DOWNLOAD the form data though. I understand that it can be emailed to you each time somebody fills out a form but are these stored on a database somewhere that I can easily download in one hit?



Oh, Dan, there’s no way to download contact form data. All contact form messages come to your e-mail and their copies won’t be left at the server (except of the case when you’ve special server settings – but we don’t have info on how to regulate this).

Quick presale question.

I’ve noticed in your demo that you are using Vimeo for video. Off the top of your head, any reason why I couldn’t use Viddler in your themes slider and portfolio?


Unfortunately it’s impossible.

Thanks for the response. We like your theme and before we give up I was thinking…..

Would a possible workaround be to link the videos as jquery video pop up from pics? I would need the option to change the paths of where the images are linked.

Sure, you can use the shortcode Lightbox with Video. The code you’ll get after purchasing. Your video will be opened in an lightbox when someone will click on a link “Watch video”.

Nice theme. What are the optimum dimensions for images for the slider?

Hi, Steve, thanks for purchasing Oakland.

Dimensions are 1222×500.

Had to change the style.css file to make the slider text’s background (the white transparent stuff) to a 1×2.png file with transparency.

IE8 doesn’t like rgba backgrounds.

Hi, is it possible to have a screenshot of the admin panel: Colors and fonts styling options. Thanks

Hi, thanks for being interested in this theme!

Here are main Color settings.
And here – font colors.

Hi. When I upload images to the slider they appear all blury. I’m using the correct dimensions of 1222×500. Any ideas?

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!
Most likely you should add images with this option enabled.

If this is not a solution, you can submit a personal support ticket and provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials.

Hi there,

I’ve purchased your oakland theme – love it as does my client – problem is its excrutiatingly slow to edit backstage – saving and adding new posts / really sluggish. Have tries several other themes on same WP install all much faster – no problem so difiinitely theme related. Have also tried registering on your forum but it wont accept my purchase code. Help!

Dear Paul, thank you for using our theme.

You may submit a personal support ticket and provide there desired username, e-mail and password so we could add you manually.

Most likely you entered wrong Item Purchase code. You can find it in this file at “Downolads” tab on your Envato account – see the screenshot:
It should have all hyphens.

As for slow theme running – sometimes server firewalls slow down our theme as we have few external links in the admin area. You may contact your hosting provider to figure this out.

Oakland functionality is pretty wide, so it surely takes some time to load, but shouldn’t take too long of course.

I hope this helps.

Hi there. Thank you for reply. I contacted and had my server people take a good look at everything before i contacted you. That was my first port of call. Nothing at all to do with firewalls and external links. I’ve also installed 1.3 version on another WP install on another server. Same sluggish response time whenever trying to edit / add pages & posts / save work etc. So issues definitely theme related, lag time unacceptable. Client must add lots of data going forwards – poor client!

Please could you take a look at this. Client keen to publish / choose different theme which is a shame as we really like Oakland. Have submitted support ticket but no response as yet. Please take a look.

You should know that our support team works Monday to Friday.
Sorry for possible inconvenience.

Hi there. Thats fine. Looking forward to solving this issue next week. Thank you for the update :)

In the Chrome browser is OK

But, in Mozilla and IE the site is huge. Any tips?

Hm… Are you sure all of your browsers have 100% scale settings at the moment?

Anyway I need to see your web site. Please, submit a personal support ticket here, don’t forget to provide your wp-admin and FTP data.

Thanks. :)

Thank you for your help with this issue. Excellent workaround solution provided by CMS Masters. :)

You’re welcome, Paul.

If some other questions will occur, don’t hesitate to contact us again ;)