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Hello, I have heard that there is a problem with localhost how it is solved? i use mamp.

We have no information about compatibility with mamp and kindly advice to elaborate your site online.

Logo is not responsive in ipad when I view it how can I fix this? my logo and menu overlapped

Actually logo should not be responsive. But maybe there’s something we can do. Please, submit a personal support ticket here and we’ll get back to you asap.

Note: our support team works on weekday.

Hi, i’ve purchased ure theme and i’v got a problem to active it, in “appearance”>”theme”. It generate some error type :

Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/users/user10770/sites/ is not within the allowed path(s): (/users/user10770) in /users/user10770/sites/ on line 386

How can resume it???

Please help me

best regard. greg

Dear Greg. Do you mean how to update?

There is a README instruction in the theme archive. Or you can get our assistance via personal support ticket.

Please, note: we provide help to our customers exclusively.

In the theme options – social icon manager where you input the link to the social page is it possible to use the prettyphoto iframe code to have that social site come up as a iframe? Or does it have to come up in a new window because of the way it is coded in the functions?

Normally you can add this code to make your inline page come up with normal prettyphoto code:" rel=”prettyPhoto[iframes]”

Hi. Unfortunately it’s impossible. It should redirect to your social page when someone clicks on the icon.

Hello, when I load images into a project file I cant correctly display the thumbnails of the images in the project page, but when you click on them fully loaded and the gallery works fine, I have also problems with the highlighted image and then rises in the Lastest Project Widget, sometimes not the image comes up and working strange, any ideas? thanks

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!

All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket.

Please, submit a ticket, you can use screenshots. We’ll get back to you asap :)

Can someone give me some directions on how to create an image gallery? Pretty simple I’m sure, but I could use any help I can get.


Dear asperop, thank you for purchasing Oakland!

There’s a detailed documentation in the theme archive. You can easily elaborate your site after studying our “How to”. It’s the index.html file in the \DOCS\ folder.
Open it with your browser. You’ll find there information on how to set up portfolio page and gallery projet, how set a gallery post format, etc.

Hello, I purchased this template recently and i´m having problems with it. First of all, i can´t personalize it well (the “personalize” tab doesn´t change the theme) Widgets are bloqued and i can´t move them to the sidebars….. Can you help me please? I tried to re-install it but doesn´t work

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!
I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean by “personalize” tab. Anyway, it would be nice to see your web site and have access to its admin area.
Please, note: All support is given through our Support Forums or you can submit a personal support ticket.

Please, submit a ticket and try to describe your issue in more details, you can use screenshots. Provide there wp-admin FTP credentials.

There’s also a detailed documentation in the theme archive. You can easily elaborate your site after studying our “How to”. It’s the index.html file in the \DOCS\ folder.
Open it with your browser.

Thank you.

Does the form builder have a date selector?

Hi, dehayst.

No, it has no date selector.
But you can use radiobuttons, checkboxes and dropdowns, drag the form fields to change their order, set text/e-mail validation, etc.

There doesn’t seem to be a font preview. Any plans on implementing this? Where can we go to preview the fonts if not?....

nm, I can go here:

Thank you for using our theme, dehayst.

Oh, we weren’t going to make the font preview – all Google fonts are shown on the page specified above.


Great theme! Just one small problem that I had. Social icons in footer didn’t update with new links. They was reverting to default links (facebook, twitter, linkedin) I edited database table and solved this. Just to let you know for future customers.


thanks for the answer. no, i didn’t check the arrows I just assumed that pressing “Save changes” changes will be saved. I did register on your forum to send support request but still waiting for email with confirmation link ;-)

What is your username? I’ll confirm you manually right now :)

its fine. everything works, theme is great, no need, thanks. cheers

A responsive theme should be able to sit in correctly inside a Facebook fanpage.

The above link works correctly in Chrome, Firefox but not IE9 . I guess Oakland has compatibility issues with IE9 .

Hello. Thank you for using our theme.

Oakland or any other responsive theme is not supposed to be integrated FB frame. We don’t guarantee it would work fine in any browser via FB frame.

You should know also, that it’s beyond our support policy to provide help for the customers who modified our WP theme code or is trying to make some deep customization. We aware our customers, that all responsibility for such modification lies on them.

Hi – I’m having troubles that my featured images dont load on my portfolio page either on the portfolio page or the project page itself.

Can you tell me where im going wrong?




Thanks for getting back to me so quick – check the link in the main nav? not sure what you mean but have added a support ticket, awaiting a solution!

Thanks again,


Yes, the main nav links :)

Have checked them (the pages show, just not the images) and tried the permalinks but no joy – guess ill wait on the dev team. other than this, great theme, very easy to use

Hello, my client wants this theme to all be in Baskerville font. Can you send me an editted CSS to match that, so that all the fonts will be in Baskerville? Thanks!

I’m sorry, but it’s impossible. You may follow our HOW TO instructions and add this font yourself – activate it for the content, headings, buttons and so on, or hire a specialist if you’d like to edit theme code.


I’ve purchased this theme and it works great. I just have one problem that I can’t seem to fix:

How can I change the “Find us elsewhere” text in the footer? Can’t seem to find a way to edit it, only turn it off.

You should edit .po and .mo files to change this phrase, the details you’ll find in the documentation (DOCS folder in your archive).

im having trouble making my image appear on the slider, i have already created a list in slider manager. can you please help me.


Dear John.

We are sorry, but we can’t provide you support without purchasing confirmation – we offer support for our customers only, they have a grey stripe in the top right corner of their comments. Please, submit a personal support ticket here and specify your Item Purchase Code there.

Thanks for understanding.

For the contact forms, how come it says “” in the from field whenever I receive emails from users of my website? I am using the form builder for Oakland.

The place where you can edit your e-mail depends on where this form is situated. For example, if your form is on the page you can paste e-mail here if the form is ready: Or here if you’d like to have a new one:

If your form is in the widget:

If you were talking about e-mail in the social block – it’s here:

Hello i purchased the theme, but cannot get to work the contact form. I cannot select the input items with the mouse! Please give me some help, thank you!

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!

All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket.

It’s hard to say what happened. Please create a support request there (a personal ticket is the most convenient option in this case, as we need your wp-admin and FTP credentials), and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

This is the temp location of this theme. It’s a great theme and VERY easy to work with. Will rate highly. However, I am having a problem getting rid of the “leave a reply” area. How can I get that off the home page? Thanks (put http in front)

Hi. Thank you for using our theme. Have you read our online documentation? The answer is given at the home page here: – see the FAQ .

Thank you and I appreciate your responsiveness! That worked. So glad to have that link you posted. I read the documentation that came with the theme but must have missed that link. It will answer a lot of questions.

You’re welcome :)