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I want buy oblivion theme for wordpress, but this website is reliable?


What do you mean by reliable?

None of the pages are working.


demo website? They work for me. Thank you for reporting anyway.

Does this come with the HTML version as well, or would I need to purchase that separately?


HTML is not included, but if you have bought WP version, send an email with purchase code to info@skywarriorthemes.com and we will send you HTML version also.

Awesome, thank you so much!

Does this theme support bbpress and buddypress?


yes it does support both plugins.

Good theme , but i have a lot of bug with plugin. I wait an update. exemple : http://codecanyon.net/item/easy-social-share-buttons-for-wordpress/6394476


thenk you for reporting. Our developers will take a look.

Your latest update breaks your theme again. Under Theme Options / Customize / Top Background. I updated and now the top background stretches across the entire theme as a background, even overlapping the bottom background.


It was working perfectly fine until I updated.


please start a new topic on our support forums: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/ and we will resolve problem.


How can I edit the css files from inside the wordpress interface? Can I add an image in the menubar?


there are some plugins that can help you with css editing in wordpress interface. Yes, you can custom code it.

Well, I can edit most of the files, but the css files I am targeting are in a sub folder and do not appear. They are imported Stylesheet. I can access them directly via ssh or ftp, but not in the WP editor directly. I’ve installed the ‘advanced-code-editor’ plugin. It looks nice, but still cannot see the files in sub folders. Is there another plugin you would recommend?

I have some questions

hi is to remove Love counter?


It is to remove the box About the author?


please use support forums for support questions. This has been answered several times there. http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Howdy. I went in to make a tweak with page builder but I’m getting this error in news widgets.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/theburn6/public_html/wp-content/themes/oblivion/pagebuilder/functions/pb_functions.php on line 91

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


please use support forums for support questions. support.skywarriorthemes.com


is there a possibility to disable the themes SEO completely and use Yoast SEÒ?

thx, regards Chris


sorry for waiting. Yes, it is possible. Just add plugin

I already installed and configured the plugin, but the theme always adds the wordpress website title at the end of all titles. So if i define a title in with the plugin, the page itself has the plugin title and always the wordpress site name at the end.

for example this page: http://www.clashofclans-world.com/zauber-efolge/

The title is: Zauber + Erfolge – Clash of Clans WorldClash of Clans World

But the second Clash of Clans World at the end shouldn’t be there.

How can i fix this?

thx, Chris


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you on this: support.skywarriorthemes.com

Hey. We buy and use theme Oblivion. Now the built-in Oblivion’s theme widgets display error. Notice1: The called constructor method for WP_Widget in GFWidget is deprecated since version 4.3.0 and Notice2:Your theme (Oblivion) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.!. Where can I get an update on Oblivion theme? Or exist another solution?


you can update your theme here on envato. Just download latest version and upload it to your website. If you need more help, use our support forums: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Before I purchase is this theme 4.5.2 compatible?


yes it is compatible with WP 4.5.2

Is this theme compatible with Visual Composer?

Great, there goes $70 to a theme using an outdated custom page template system when I was told it was using Visual Composer.

Is there any chance the theme will be getting regular shortcodes in the near future so it will be more flexible and easier to use for users?

hey, sorry for the trouble, if you can ask for a refund we will gladly do so, we got wrong with our other theme Blackfyre

I’ve requested a refund per your response.

Hello. Can I buy the HTML version of Oblivion?

Hi. is this team compatible with WP 4.5.3?


yes it is. You can update your WP to 4.5.3

About LayerSlider, i installed the plugin for free after i activated the theme and a few hours later a new update was released and i need purchase code to update it and it’s not working with the code of the theme. I need to buy it too to get updates ?


sorry for waiting. No you don’t need to buy it to get updates. You will get the latest LayerSlider version with each theme update.

hello i just buy the themplate but i cant see the Style Switcher option

I have nothing from you. Just upload somewhere or send me again to f4sh10n@mail.com

I sent message to : zorz@support.skywarriorthemes.com u can forward

I’m posting the question again, in case you missed it: About LayerSlider, iI installed the plugin for free after i activated the theme and a few hours later a new update was released and i need the purchase code to update it, but the code from the theme is not working. Do I need to buy it too to get updates? Thanks.


you don’t have to buy it. We include latest version available in every new theme update. So you can wait theme updates and get it for free, or you can buy it if you want and update it on your own. It’s up to you, but if you get it for free in theme I think there is no reason to spend additional money.


What’re the widgets you’re using in the “Are you ready?” part and the “Our sponsors?”. Or how do I make them work? :) => http://i.imgur.com/8OjRZO9.png

Those are not widgets, you can get with demo import. It is a parallax block with text and animated block in it. http://pasteboard.co/1R3vwzCn.png

The images under the “Latest Updates” heading are not pulling in the images alt tag, this is bad for SEO.



thank you for reporting. I’ve forwarded this to developers. They will check/fix that.

Hello, is it possible to activate a page navigation for more blogs? So that I don’t have to restrict to only 5 or 6 posts.


you can go to wp-admin > settings > reading and set maximum number of posts per page. After that number, new page will be created.