Discussion on Oblivion - The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Gaming Theme

Discussion on Oblivion - The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Gaming Theme

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this version does not work with 5.9 wordpress. is it going to be updated?

Hi guys,

I need to change the custom slug of /portfolio/.... in someone else, for example /games/... . Can you help me?

Hi, you will need to change that in the code. We offer custom work, so you can send us an email to info@skywarriorthemes.com for a quote.


there is a possibility to add a multilanguage funcionality? Can you raccomend any plugin that works with your theme?

Hi, you can use WPML

do you have elementor version?

no sorry, only vc

So the theme has not been updated in quite some time. What is the compatibility like for wordpress 5.5

Should be working with WP 5.5

Hi, is the version 1.2 of Oblivion theme compatible with wordpress 5.4.1 version?

Hi, yes it is.

Добрый день , скажите эта тема поддерживает (русский язык)? Если да, не могли бы вы проверить все слова переводит правильно? Спасибо.

В вашу тему можно добавлять дополнительные плагины?

Где я могу найти почитать документацию к теме?

Is this theme compatible with the latest version of Wordpress?

Hi, yes it is.

Is there going to be any update to this theme, or is it no longer under development? Specifically needs to be updated due to the Builder system you’ve included is just bad. It needs to be moved to WPBakery or Elementor. Its broken and unusable.


I don’t think it will receive Page builder system, and to be honest I don’t think it will be redesigned.

Hi, I found a bug. If I insert the portfolio block together with the carousel block in the page builder, they conflict. A CSS problem, I suppose. Could you help me? This is the result: https://www.acesgames.it/

the problem occurred due to a conflict with another plug-in. I found a workaround: I deleted this file css /wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/vendor/jquery/smoothness/jquery-ui-1.8.23.custom.css?ver=4.9.0. No consequence. Bye


I’m glad you found the solution. If you find any other bugs in the future, please contact our support in support forums: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Can you add support for or switch over too, WPBakery(Visual composer)? it provides far more support for building a page than your built in page builder allows. it severely limits what is possible.


thank you for your suggestion. I will forward it to developers. I would ask you to send an email at zorz@support.skywarriorthemes.com so you can get a feedback as soon as someone replies.

Themes page builder seems to 500 error in editor now due to new wordpress version

Please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will investigate this: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

HI, when i try to upload its saying. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.


sorry for late reply. Please check if there is another .zip file in that one you tried to upload. You can use support forums for support questions: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Hello, the header seems to display incorrectly on Chrome as you can see here: https://gfycat.com/RectangularWigglyAngelwingmussel

It did work without issues in Edge and Firefox.


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you with this. http://support.skywarriorthemes.com

How do I make pagination so I can see all of the pages with posts?

Don’t tell me to register and post a topic on your forums because that website won’t let me enter my password and every time I try to reset it says “wrong link”.


as I’ve been informed, there is a topic with the very same question in our support forums. You were able to register? If that wasn’t you in the forums, please contact our support at zorz@support.skywarriorthemes.com


How can I add a next and previuos button on the “NEWS BLOCK – blogstyle” in the page builder ? That’s for my HP: http://galnet.fr/ (last post)


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you with that. http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Any plans for an update this year or next year? Thanks


it will be updated this year. Is there anything specific you are interested in?

I need full version LayerSlider. Thanks for responding.

We are not selling LayerSlider. You need to purchase it if you want to keep it updated by yourself. We can provide updates through theme updates only. Please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will find some solution for you. http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Question: want to buy Oblivion for my client. Does it come with or allow for a live chat option the way Arcane does?

Correction: do ANY of the gaming themes from SkyWarriors allow for a live chat widget once they are logged in to the site? If not, is there one that you would recommend that is compatible with your gaming templates?

Thank you.


we don’t have any live chat option in our themes. Also we haven’t tested them so we can’t actually recommend them. I can forward this as suggestion to developers so it might be implemented.

Hi. Its possible dissable comments only in page ?


how do you mean to disable them only in page? Only in specific page or for all pages? You can disable comments for specific page in backend page settings > screen options > discussion > then you can disable comments in lower part of page. Also, you have wp-admin > settings > discussion settings

If you need more info you can start a new topic in our support forums and they will help you with this.

How long does support tickets take? I made one on friday and it’s tuesday now without any response :/

Got a response, waiting on further help :)

Reply sent :)

hi, i have another question. i am in China, my web can not load google fonts, please tell me how to do… help


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you with this. http://support.skywarriorthemes.com

Sorry for late reply.


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