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Awesome theme :) glws

Great looking theme :>

Very nice theme. Good luck dude!

Another nice gaming theme :)

Awesome work!

Awesome work! Good luck :)

Looks interesting, on the lookout for this. 1. Is there an option to turn off the scrolling effect? 2. Or an easy way play videos instead of the image scroller? I’ve got a couple more questions, but that’ll do for now! Thanks!

I see you can turn the slider off. Video?

1. Yes 2. Yes :)

Its just a switch in the admin panel

Pretty slick!!

Sick, I love gaming themes! =)

Any chance we will see a HTML version?

Yes, we are working on it, should be out this week

looking forward to it

Hello skywarrior! i’m new to this so i’d like to know if you can fully customise that theme through html5? or wordpress?

hi there. You can fully customize it through the admin panel. Some of the stuff that you can change is the color, width, backgrounds, fonts, logo and much more :)

You can obviusly also customize the CSS if you know how :)

alright! thank you for your support!

Hi, we purchased this theme the other using another account. Today we tried to install the theme and received an error in wordpress saying “Are you sure you want to do this” We have tried many times using different computers and browsers with the same result. Do you know what the problem could be?


mm not sure. Best bet is to make a post in our support forum so we can help you out further


I can’t get the slider to work. If i add the slider as a widget works fine. But it doesn’t appear on the homepage. Should i enable something or what ? Can you guide me through ?

Thank you in advance.

Hey there. You need to select home as the page template on the right side :)

Well, it doesn’t work :( I don’t have any Layer Style page options when i am creating one. I select Homepage but nothing happens.

Any ideas ?

Thank you in advance.

Found it! :) working perfectly! cheers!

Hi skywarrior! Great looking theme! :)

Any way to make the search box in the header search the forum instead of the rest of the site?

hey there. Not without hardcoding it. You can add a search widget for the forum though

Hi skywarrior! Great theme but I had a small question. If you don’t want to use the Google map on the contact page anyway to turn that off? Thanks

Yes thats a good point, we will update it this week with that option. Thanks :)


Hi, i really like the theme but i have a few questions before i will buy it.

1) Is it possible to minimize the Space on top? I want the content to stark right on top.

2) YouTube Videos on the blog dont have the correct height. is it possible to to increase the height to a 16:9 format?

hey there,

1) You need to do it manually, but its a good point, we will look into it this week

2) Depending the height that you set up in the embed code it should show up

I just installed the theme in my new Wordpress installing and having a tough time figuring out how to add the slider below the nav bar on the home page, as you have it. Looks like I have to add some code to the template? Can you point me in the right direction?

I was able to do that, but I need the slider to display in between the nav element and the main section, exactly like you have it in the demo. When I create a page in Page Builder, am am only able to put the slider on the top of the main content area.

OK, I got it!!! I missed your last comment when you specified adding the shortcode in the page. I was adding it through the template id. Pretty simple.

Yeah pretty simple right? ^^ If you are enjoying the theme please dont forget to rate us 5 *. Thanks :D

Hi, congratulations for the theme. I wanted to ask if is possible put the full text of the last article on the home page (Home Review on Page Build)?


Hey sorry for the late reply. What do you mean exactly? lol It doesnt make much sense.

Hi, I solved, I’ve created a new block in page builder that shows all the content of the last article.

ok sweet. Please dont forget to rate us 5* if you are liking the theme. It help us a lot. Its in your download section :)