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Hey Skywarrior,

I have a purchase question. The built-in plugins do you get them with the purchase or do you have to install them separately ?

You get them with the purchase, everything is included. These additional plugins are also 1 click away, you dont need to upload them and all that, just click install :)

Thank you very much !

Hey Skywarrior,

I have a question about the blog posts. Is it possible to remove the “Read More” Button and just display the entire post completely? How can I do this?


emm.. sorry what? it doesnt makes much sense, you dont want a summary but the whole post? surely the page would be too long right? Please make a post in the support forums, but this would fall into customization and we cant help you with that.

I think I leave a second comment to say thanks for the new update. It fixed some little annoying bugs for me.

Btw if you could say me where do I find the translation files to translate stuff like the login window in German I would leave you a 5 stars rating since I’m happy with the theme. ;)

langs folder ;)

Well, what else facepalm. Thanks. ^^

Hello! I have a question… the update, is it “urgent”? I have a modified theme and i dont want to lose it…

mm not urgent but there are some fixes, scroll down in the page and you will see the changes :)

Hy skywarrior.

Is there a way to increase the templates in page builder?

Thanks, Chris

oh, of course, just click on the + sign, it will create a new one :)

i now! i created about 20 more templates. if i scroll now to the right end to get to the + sign it isn’t showing anymore, it stops 1 or 2 templates before, so i don’t get to the +. i can’t also edit the templates at the right end, because the last right templates are not shown. Is the number of the templates limited?

Oh wow haha we actually never reached the max, we need to test that out! Sorry we will come back to you. Actually, if you could make a post in the support forums it would be better:


Hey Skywarrior,

I have a quick question with the “turn map button off” option. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not but when I turn off the map, it also removes the contact form. I see the contact form in the page builder but only when I hide the google map is when it also hides the contact form. Any tips?

Also, love the theme. It’s awesome.


ummm damn that shouldnt happen. Hey, please make a post in our support forum:


If its a bug, we will fix it for the next patch :)

Thank you for the diligent response. I made a discussion thread on the support forum called Turn Map Off // Potential Bug. Again, I am to believe that is also not suppose to happen with the theme. I’m totally patient; our website is a ways from launch anyway. Thank you!

Hi man.

At first, I would like to say that I love your template.

But I have a problem:

Is there any way to create a blog page with the “news block: tabbed” build categories but with this aspect: http://skywarriorthemes.com/oblivion/home/

Thank you.

mmm not without custom design. You can obviously drag the tabbed blog full page but it wont look like that

Hello Skywarrior

I have a little problem. Whnever i go to Customize Theme, this page get auto refresh and i cant to anything there. any solutions ?

OK i fix this but i have problem with thumbnails on home page (news block). I have something like that – http://prntscr.com/36aux3 how to fix this ?

support.skywarriothemes.com. Please head there, we cant deal with support here. Thanks :)

Hmm i have a one little question. It’s good or bad to use as home page static blank page , only with id from page builder. This not affect SEO ?

I dont think… you really understand how that works lol Its not a blank page with the id from page builder, the id from page builder just tells the server which structure to show. If you go to the page and right click -> view source, you will see that all the html its there ;)

Hi again Skywarrior.

I think I have found a bug. I’m trying to translate your theme with POedit to Spanish language and there are some items that can’t be translated.

For example: I have translated “No comments” item to Spanish “sin comentarios”. But in the frontend we can still see “No comments”.

Can you tell me how I can fix it?

Thank you so much.

Hey. Perdona x il error, porfavor crea un post en el foro:


Asi lo podremos anadir a la lista. (crealo en ingles :D)

Ok. You got it. Thanks

Hello Skywarrior, Great product. I have a question about the Layerslider. I appoligize in advance if my question is dumb :)

I don’t see how to actually get layerslider other than buying it from the link you provided. I thought it came with your product. I noticed the layerslider code text file with a long string in it, do I use this somehow?

Please advise.

Once you install the theme it will pop-up a notice on the top of the page (in the admin panel) suggesting you to install it ;)

Thanks, I noticed it came up once I installed the plugins. I didn’t see it specifically listed under the plugin install list, but its there now. Thank you for a great site and being very responsive to all your customers!

Hi Skywarrior, Like your theme and have a prepurchase question. Is it possible to add videos instead of images to portfolio? In this case view image would be watch trailer and more info would give you access to watch the video. Also, is it possible to put the portfolio categories in the navigation menu? Thanks!

Check if we replied to the email, I think we sorted it out :)

we never got a response. Anw, let’s try again….we have sent you a new email today to info! :-)

ok it was somebody else, anyway, replied ;D

Hey I was wondering to get updates do I just download latest version and reinstall?

Yes, just downloaded the latest version and override the theme :)

there is something wrong with the file we get the error “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{’ in /home2/lexxo/public_html/wp-content/themes/oblivion/themeOptions/functions.php on line 1”

Hey. That happens when you upload the theme via ftp using ASCII settings instead of binary. Please check the instructions ;)

Hello Skywarrior. I wanted to provide some feedback. After looking at your video on page builder on your youtube channel. I found I had a better idea on how to use the page builder. One thing I wish you would include is either a video, or with your instructions, an example of what each block looks like with the page builder.

As I look at the different block options, they aren’t always immediately clear what they do or look like once on a page. Thanks for your great theme, keep up the great work!

There is a field in the post where you can add a link to the video and it will appear

Hmm, doesn’t seem to be compatible when trying to use it with pagebuilder. I’m basically trying to reproduce what you’ve done here on your example: http://puu.sh/87Wfb.jpg

I can’t find any pagebuilder element that lets me put it next to the news block like that.

thats not a post with video, but a text block with embed code from vimeo and some text underneath :)

I can’t seem to be able to change the logo to be left aligned. I’ve gone in them options->general->upload logo. After uploading my logo pic (PNG), I’ve selected left in the alignment radio buttons, but even so it always gets set in the center. Is there a step I am missing?


The alignment is for the background or Woocommerce pages, not the logo. To align the logo left you need to do it with code im afraid

Enjoyed your theme, I am interested in buying it, but would like to know something before. Is it possible to fix the menu bar at the top as you scroll the page down?

Will you be adding the clan match ranking system at one stage?

Hey there! I was wondering if this would be compatible with e107_2.0_full_alpha – please say yes :)

what the hell is e107_2.0_full_alpha? lol

Purchased the theme and cannot use it every time when i click activate comes: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{’ in /users/free2playreport/www/wordpress/wp-content/themes/oblivion/themeOptions/functions.php on line 1

I think there is something wrong in the code but what i must do? Can you send me a working functions.php file?Help anyone?

that happens when u upload the theme by ftp without binary. Please read the instructions and if you are still having problems make a post in the support forum:


Done it but now i became this: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘face’ in /users/free2playreport/www/wordpress/wp-content/themes/oblivion/functions.php on line 830

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘face’ in /users/free2playreport/www/wordpress/wp-content/themes/oblivion/functions.php on line 832

Whats wrong with the theme?

Hi , a friend got this template and i want to buy it too , but in his website he doesn’t have the Style Switcher , is the style switcher included in the theme or we have to purshace it ?

hey. Its technically not included, but we can provide it for you. Please make a post in the support forums: support.skywarriorthemes.com