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How to set my homepage (when i clicked the logo) to custom page like this http://skywarriorthemes.com/oblivion/ , not a blogpage

how to set footer like your site

Use the widgets

How to set my homepage (when i clicked the logo) to custom page like this http://skywarriorthemes.com/oblivion/ , not a blogpage

Can you give me a little detail instructions

thank you, it work

You should have a instructions file where everything is in there ;)

Hi, I would like to leave the login pup up like this theme: http://demo.ghostpool.com/.

It´s easy to reset new password in the same windows, on yout theme it is redirected to the wp-admin page.

Hi, I would like to leave the login pop up like this theme: http://demo.ghostpool.com/?theme=plexus

It´s easy to reset new password in the same window, on your theme it is redirected to the wp-admin page.

That would be custom work really. Wordpress handle the password reset query so it wont be very easy

HI, honestly I just don’t like Layerslider because it is not user friendly.

I have Revolution Slider and I’d like it to be in its own container like LayerSlider. Isn’t the container #homeslider.container ?

I want to know how to put the RevSlider in that container.

Basically you have to look for “layerslider” in functions.php. It targets the [layerslider] tag in the body of the post. Idk how RS works but if you also add a code then just change it in functions.php

Can you show me how to build this page with pagebuilder (which block do you use), tks http://skywarriorthemes.com/oblivion/

You should have an instructions file and a xml with your download. Please check those, everything is explained in there :)

tks, i did it

great theme


How I can configure lastet news to make it look like the example on the homepage?

I use Recent Post widget but i cant customize it

Right now I only see a list without pictures.


You have to use the page builder, not the widgets :)

Thank you very much!

in http://skywarriorthemes.com/oblivion/portfolio/

in the latest project porfolio, how can i customize to 3 images per row, i think 4 images is better but it not suit for my website

You will have to do it from the css file. Why 4 dont suit your site?

can you tell me which .css file,i think 3 is better for a products review website


I recently bought this theme and i’m really not conforming. The code is dirty and has a lot of errors.

I bought it thinking it was going to save time but I was wrong, I take a lot of work to fix all faults and make the code is scalable.

I want a refund, how can i get this?

Sorry to hear that! If you are having problem with the template you can always make a post in the support forum so we can help you further. Otherwise you may want to send a email to envato, but I dont think they do refunds.

How do i get the slider to work? :)

Yes, and yes :) i don’t know what i have done wrong. Here is a link for the website: www.falconax.com

please make a post in the support forum so we can help you further:


Okay, i will do that :)


I have to use to format my posts properly because for some reason, leaving a gap (like I do normally in WP) doesn’t seem to work and breaks the format - http://agentsofleague.com/news/learn-to-see-your-own-mistakes/

^ I used there, and even then it doesn’t format very nicely on my posts?


I’m considering to buy these menu plugin but I’m not sure they will work with your theme or not.

Ubermenu: http://codecanyon.net/item/ubermenu-wordpress-mega-menu-plugin/154703

Mega Menu: http://codecanyon.net/item/mega-main-menu-wordpress-menu-plugin/6135125

Hey, not sure sorry, all the plugins should work with the theme

I think you should not support to people who do not have “PURCHASED” tag. Because your theme is being shared on the Internet. Just google it and you’ll know

Yeah we dont answer questions related to the theme structure :)

Love your theme in everything except the paucity of fonts. Please add more google fonts in the next update or Adobe Edge web fonts?

We are going to implement all the 600+ google fonts with the next update :)

Awesome! Feel free to check tickets in the support forums. I have 3 opened tickets and still waiting for a response.

Yeah sorry for that. We just hired a new guy for support and last week we were alone so it was a bit slow

Hey man this theme looks really awesome. I saw deeper in the comments that you were working on an HTML version of the same. Any chance you guys have finished it yet? I’d love to get my hands on that!

We just hired another developer that should help us with the update so maybe later this month.

Thanks that would be awesome. In the meantime, it looks like I’ll be learning how to use wordpress. This design is too good to pass up.

To be honest wordpress is way quicker to work with than hardcoding ;)

I have been having major issues with this theme. When I look at my site through customize it looks the way I want it to, but when I actually publish the site the template I made doesn’t work at all. Why does this keep happening?

Well not so sure without checking the theme. Please make a post in our support forum so we can help you further:




Very nice job ! This template is beautiful ! Waiting for the html version ;)

Hey I just bought your awesome Theme :].

I feel like a bit of an idiot atm tho :P. I can’t seem to make it look like a blog with the bar on the left and the slider at the top. Can you help me?

Hey sorry for the late reply. Have you checked the page builder? there should be a block that you can use to showcase the posts :). You have to add the slider in the page and select homepage layout

Thank you for your reply, don’t worry aboot the delay. It wasn’t that bad :]

Oke, i’ve been looking at those blocks. But I cannot find anything that will make my site look like the bogroll site on the demo. I’m still a beginner so some things are just unclear to me. I like the look of the insttuctions that came with it. But i did expect it to tell me how to look like any of the 3 demo versions. I kinda got that impression when I looked at the demo and the description that was with it. I’m a bit of a noob I guess. But if this pack came with a dropdown menu with presets to the 3 main demo’s this thing whould be even more amazing. Then a nub like me can just spend time filling in the content instead of trying get it to look right. I though it whould be more simple. I’m not really bitching, we’ll work it out in the end i’m sure of that. But something like presets whould save time for a lot of users who seems to struggle with the same issues, as i’ve read here an on your support forums.

If you can tell me the name of that Block and a short explenation on how to use it i’d be happy as larry.

Thanks for your time in advance :]

The theme itself is great but the support team is NOT useful and friendly. They take much time to reply tickets and the answers are mostly not helpful. I can see they are not trying their best to help.

This theme still has some major bugs and I don’t know they are going to fix them or not.

Rating system is impossible to hide in posts. If you leave the fields blank then you would have white space in your posts.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/O89Xon5.jpg

This theme also conflicts with the best wordpress comment plugin, DISQUS. It shows a bunch of code above Portfolio home page. I reported this bug and still didn’t get a reply.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/V0F8pss.jpg

Since this theme is supposed to use for gaming sites, not for personal or portfolio sites. I don’t understand why they don’t add comment section for portfolio posts. When I asked for help, they couldn’t solve it.

I’m gonna give 3/5 stars for this theme. I’ll give 5/5 when the support is improved.

Hey Rayle,

sorry for the late reply. We have been having some difficulties with support since we got some new guys in. We have to train them so support slowed down a bit. Have your issue being replied? if not please post the link and ill do it personally.

Thanks and sorry again.


I just want to know how to add comment to portfolio posts. I tried to add these lines into tmp-left-sidebar.php but didn’t work.

          <?php comments_template('/short-comments-blog.php'); ?> <?php } ?>

Another issue is my regular blog post has white space at the top right corner if I don’t add any ranking info. How to fix it? http://hearthstone.vn/eget-ultrice-mauris-rhoncus-non/