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This would be a big deal breaker for me if I cannot remove the rating system from the post.

Can the author confirm this can be modified without going into the code?

Yes, if you dont add anything it wont appear

Hey I would love to buy http://skywarriorthemes.com/oblivion/

though the comments behave very buggy when you’re using a 4 by 3 monitor. The pictures next to the comments end up being way too close and even end up on top of the username.

Any chance you can fix the comments?

Other then that great template.

Oh yeah you are right. Good spot! It will be fixed by next update

Thanks a lot! If I buy the theme will I also get all future updates?

Yes of course :)

hey i have the theme but cannot remove the default oblivion logo on the top of the site with my own site logo how to do it please help my site is http://www.netalien.biz I am new with php

Hey. You should have a instructions file with the themes. Since I dont see your purchase tag we cant help but customers. Please make a post in our support forum so we can help you further.


A quick question about this theme, are you able to assign a background per page or set of pages. for example if this was used as a game clan hub page or multiple games that a gaming clan would play if they select a select page for info on a specific game can the background be diffrent to the main website?

Damn good question. In our newest theme you can set up pages background manually for each page but at this version of Oblivion you can only do it globaly. However, fear not, we are going to release an update with Woocommmerce shop included, so we will also include that :)

Hello i but it very nice i made, openclan.org with Srr to bother this to u lol. but could u made a print screen from ur page builder where u made the oblivion preview, i cant get it as nice as u lol <3

Did you import the xml? With that it should come out like that :)

Hi there mate, do you plan on releasing a HTML version of this theme?

Yes in January :)

Excellent theme! Very customizable. I do look forward for an update for separate backgrounds for a page. Any word when your next theme might see the light of day?

Next update and theme will be in the early of January ;)

Will keep my eyes open then!

Can you please respond to me on your support forum, having this as an issue.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{’ in /home/hostingb/public_html/lonewolves/wp/wp-content/themes/oblivion/oblivion/themeOptions/functions.php on line 1


Again I have asked for a response on your forum, I have been and no one replies to me on your support forum

Oh sorry I read it wrong. Yeah its xmas and new year so please bear with us :)

how to change style?

Looking forward to the update, will buy when I can insert video instead/in addition to slider :)

You can add a video embed in the slider :)

There is a bug, If you were to scroll to the very bottom of the page the bottom right “to the top” scroller button becomes hidden behind the template. Image shows the bug. http://i.imgur.com/NwMGnat.png?1


Oh yeah its a z-index problem, we will fix it for the next update. Thanks for the heads up

cool theme, i need this, but i don’t have money :depressed:

SOLVED And good work!

I can’t get the parallax block to go across the page like you do in the demo.

Hey there. You need to set up the parallax slider fullwidth :)

Hey man, great work on that theme, working pretty darn good so far, but can I get a fixed width for the theme via CSS command?

You could expand or decrease the width but it’s not a small hack couse it will affect all the theme layout

Hi dear Skywarrior. I really like oblivion theme and I am consider to buy one but before I will do this I need to ask some questions:

1. Is it possible to change content area colour from white to dark one? 2. The blog thumbnails in the demo are rectangular and I would prefer to use as a square. Is it possible?

Another thing but for Orizon theme with is awesome as well as oblivion. Can I change the coulour of the font from red/blue to yellow for example and change the all images such as: right_h_bg.png and so one in the photoshop?



Hi Kris,

1. Yes you can change any colours you want. 2. Mmm it will auto fit the block so you dont have to worry about that.

You can change it in orizon,but id suggest to get oblivion since its much more updated backend wise


When comes the update with WooCommerce support? :(

Today we just sent the update. If approved… tomorrow :D

Please update the change log for 3.0

January 13th, 2014

- WooCommerce Ready - BuddyPress Ready - CSS Fixes - Backend Fixes - Updated Theme options - Updated instruction file

Wondering did you guys fix review rating box?

hey sorry for the late reply. Yes that should be fixed

I Updated to version 3.0 and it says it’s Buddypress ready, but after installing the plugin, It’s obvious it is not.

On Buddypress profiles, the fields are in an alternating color scheme of white & grey, the white color means it is impossible to read the text. Is there anyway to change this?

the new way posts (news) get shown is not so good…I choosed “right sidebar” and my sidebar is not visible. I don’t like this change (can I get the old back?!)

btw. I got this error: “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …\themes\oblivion\tmp-right-sidebar.php on line 54”