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Your live preview has some broken elements in it.

I am currently looking for a new theme for our website that is Buddypress compliant. @trolemon looks to be having some issues, I hope they can be resolved quickly.


I’d like to buy your template, but we have our own cms and like to obtain just the html template.

Is this possible? (the contact page on your website is down btw)



Sorry only WP for now. We would like to release the HTML sometime next month

Thanks! Looking forward to it! :-)


I like your theme, I was wondering if it would work for a small indie game studio, I will have a page with our portfolio.

Thanks in advance,


yes of course. The strong point of this theme is the portfolio :)

A second and last question… how does customization works on your template, do I need to know html5 and css3 to be able to modify basic aspects?

No, at all. You have a instructions file that will help you step by step. Everything is administrate by the theme options or page builder

I just purchased your template. Not sure where the “license” is to enter in order to access your support forums.

Hi there, I could use some help with something if you have a moment. :)

Odd issue under my posts in blog view, it says:

No comments in this post" href="http://www.mmochronicles.com/guild-wars-2-tower-nightmares-oct-29th/#comments" data-toggle="tooltip">No comments

It’s doing this for every single post. I’m using Disqus if that’s the issue. I’d love to know if you would have some issue on how to fix this. Currently I have my site locked down, but if you need access to seeing it, I’ll be happy to unlock it for you.

Unfortunately not. According to Raaaa (not sure if you’re Raaaa in fact) there is apparently a bug with the blog style page and that was supposedly going to be fixed in the last update but when I uploaded the new update, it’s still doing the same thing. It shows only two nav buttons and replicates the first page of blog news.

Any chance this bug will be squashed soon?

Yeah I’m not Raa. I just spoke with him and he said it should be fixed and to PM him in the forums :)

Thanks Skywarrior. I’ll try to re-upload and shoot him a PM if it doesn’t work again. :)


Could you tell me how to update your theme to 3.0 without changing my recent settings and CSS?

well, best thing u can do is copy your css somewhere before replacing the theme and place it back in. But Id wait until tomorrow, we are rolling a new update tonight with a good amount of fixes and some additions

Hello, I just purchase the template, but i notice it got some broken elments in it, can you tell me how to fix it ?


Thank you very much :) !

Sry to bother you again.. I uploaded the template and the “importe-me” file, the home page it looks right but wen i open an article it gives me this error ( http://www.svagogames.it/adventure/curabitur-lorem-mauris-dictum-et-tempus/ ) to every contenent: pricetables,articles,contact ecc.. when the version before it didn’t…

for example in the support forum she is getting my same error msg: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/discussion/911/error-after-updating-please-answer

Thank you in advance!

try installing woocommerce

[FIXED] just need to install woo commerce plugin and activate it

Hi! In support forum I posted a question, but I don’t have an answer. Please, can you say me the changes (code and files) of - News horizontal block bug not going full width - Contact page form now has the text again - Comment form now is ajax driven - Post review empty stars div removed - Single post sidebar option - Fontawesome fix - Other minor CSS Fixes

I have your fantastic theme, but I customized some files, and I can’t update it all because crash.

If you can send me via pm the changes I thanks you a lot :D


Got an answer now? :)


45b Purchased

Ok I’m stumped. How do I get the review ratings to appear on new blog posts?


45b Purchased

No worries, installed latest version (missed it by a day) and it’s working now.


I just tried the latest version of the template on a WordPress 3.8.1 clean installation. If you click on a “READ MORE” button for a blog entry, you get a page with just the menu for the page, no blog info is displayed.

I imported example data for the blog by clicking on the provided “import_me.xml” file. Everything looks fine, but clicking on an existing blog entry displays an empty page with just the menu… If I add a new blog entry and click on that you get the same result…

jur thats not good, never heard of that before, can you please make a post in the support forum if you haven’t already with the link to your site so we can look further, thanks.


After updating to the very last update of the theme everything works ok! Great theme!

ja! sweet!

In your latest update of 1/27, you indicate “Empty p tags appearing in some parts of the theme removed”

Please tell me what file was edited for that specific fix so that I can apply this change to mine. This issue has been driving me nuts and it took me a long time to integrate the update from just a few days ago due to the number of changes I have made.


If you would like to see this empty p, go to the front page of www.cypressinheritance.com. From there, the bottom right element (Comic), is a text box. The first paragraph (Lorna is approached by…) starts with an empty p, creating a margin that drops the first paragraph down.

The only way I have gotten rid of the margin created by the empty p is is using css:

.comic-box p:first-of-type {margin: 0px;}

I can’t figure out what is generating this empty p tag.

Hey htm2112, yeah I know sorry for that, we finally fixed it. Please make a post in the support forum couse I don’t deal with backend. Thanks :)

Is there like a manual that shows what blocks you used for the live model and stuff like that?

You can import the xml file and you have the instruction file that show how everything works :)

Love that parallax effect on the demo homepage .. is that built in to the theme ( which can be accessed via shortcode ) or is it a pert of a plugin ?

part <facepalm>

You mean the sticky background? Thats a on/off feature in the theme options. Or maybe you mean the parallax block? Thats a column that you can assign an image, colour or video as a background and add any block you like :)

I think it will be the parallax block : http://imgur.com/6dn579n , so I am assuming it’s a part of the theme itself. If so do you have any plans for that parallax block to be a plugin, would love to have that on one of my sites :)

Hi, love this! Can the tabs and accordians be used in the woocommerce areas, such as for product descriptions? Thanks!

Yeah, it will appear in the bottom of the page

hello ^^, can you make a HTML version of “Oblivion”? cordialy ;)


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Ciao, ho acquistato il tema, però non riesco a ricreare una galleria immagini con scorrimento automatico, come in questo esempio http://skywarriorthemes.com/oblivion/portfolio/string-string/



d9t Purchased

Ecco i passaggi che ho fatto 1)Apro Mypotfolio e scelgo una pagina. 2)Clicco su AddMedia 3)Clicco su Crea galleria>>>e scelgo tre foto>>>>e salvo Quando vado a vedere la pagina le foto appaiono tutte e tre l’una accanto all’altra, a scacchiera. Help!

mmm fai un post in inglese nei nostro forum cosi ti possiamo aiutare:



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Ok. Ho risolto. Thank you very much.

I’m interested to get this, but I’m a fan of dark templates so can I change the background colors of the main body (and others) to something darker?

Yes you can change almost any colour you see in the site :)

Awesome. One more question: how are updates to the theme handled/implemented to my site?

you will receive an email when there is an available update and you will have to download it and replace the theme

Hey! Amazing theme – I love it!

Just a quick question, Is there a way I can add a white box around my content when using the shortcode box on Page Builder?

I know there is an option for it on the other parts of Page Builder widgets but the content I want to display is Script text which only works using the shortcode box

Many Thanks!

mmm no but good point, we will add it

Excellent thank you :)

How can I make the Portfolio single gallery type page, how do I add that carousel of the game images to the portfolio page please.

hey. Please check the instructions file, everything is in there. Let me know if you have any questions after you check them out :)

How can I make the Portfolio single gallery type page, how do I add that carousel of the game images to the portfolio page please.