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sorry but this is a gaming template, how will my users will be able to contact me? now it only shows a map. how can i change that?

you have a contact form block in the page builder ;)

also with the new update i cannot preview my post or when i click on read more a blank page shows up.

Hey please read the instruction file. If you are still getting errors please make a post in the support forum:



Hello im doing something wrong with creating the forums not sure what please can you assist me also, is there a way to make the forums have topics on for some members etc?

my site is 50/fiftyclans.com

Hey. Please read the instruction file. If you are still unsure, please make a post in our support forum:



hey how do you update the theme ? also the mobile version forum of the site doesnt make out most the words what they say

Just download and overwrite the theme.

I bought this because you no longer update Orizon or Hikari themes, I got the 3 of them

Is it possible to force desktop mode\view (none responsive design) for mobile devices?


You have to rename/delete the bootstrap-responsive.css file.

This is ridiculous. Activate theme, Internal error. Theme options, , Internal error. Import xml, Internal error. Download plugins, Internal error everything breaks…

Read the instructions word for word and so far all I have is a broken theme

Dont worry, make a post in our support forum:


Something must be happening because I never heard that problem before.

Before I buy this theme since I could’t register on forum. Is there a equivalent code used in your love demo which could switch background and theme colors? thanks!

Sorry I dont really understand your question. You want the demo xml?

Sorry about that. On your demo site you have Style Switcher thing, is there a equivalent code which I could use for that?

I have found the the Ultimate Facebook plugin from WPMU DEV does not work in the modal login from on this theme. I would like to use Ultimate Facebook https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/ultimate-facebook/

Is it possible to disable the model login? The Ultimate Facebook plugin works fine on the standard login forms.

This issue is resolved. Ultimate Facebook plugin now works in modal login.

Hello there is a guide to install correctly the WebM Video file and the MP4 file in the home page. I know were to put them on the admin panel! but when i upload them the video just dosent show up i tried several times and dosent work for me :( thank you very much!

You got replied in the support forum correct? :)

The support didnt help me fix,this problem i uploaded the file normally… And it Works,only in Chrome… The some problem happens also with Your webm file from Your template! Do you understand what im writing??

Hey Skywarrior :)

Is it possible to add the login pop up box to another button? I feel that the icon is a bit too small for visitors to notice and I want to make a big button for logging in.

I tried to give the button a URL of : http://mywebsiteaddress/#MyModalL but it did not work :)

Hey please make support forum with that question as I dont deal with backend. I would have actually done the same as you haha

Hello Skywarrior i buyed this theme on my other account.To all people saying this theme sucks it works perfectly.I made a giant clan website with this. U can even create ur own plugins on this.Ok so to all people saying this theme sucks and is not customize able.Go to openclan.org

its my gaming clan website i made it i have 0 expierence with websites and code lol. go to the starcraft section to see how nice this page is openclan.org/starcraft So SKYWARRIOR i hope people can see how nice ur theme is 1 HAPPY customer u earned i will be watching ur future works:) cya!

Thanks man I’m happy you love it. That dude saying it sucks it’s just an unhappy kid that is complaining couse we didn’t give him moderator role in our support forum. Thanks again and keep rocking ;)

Yes if u want u can put openclan.org/starcraft in extra section to preview customer website with this theme:)

I run http://gtacontentcreators.com on it, works perfectly but you have to read instruction … Only BB press user page like started topic by show up blank … BBsupport forum says it jave something to do with the theme ….

ex: http://gtacontentcreators.com/forums/users/achilles_slice/replies/

I edited the theme files a lot so a ChangeLog of with files that has been edited when you publish a new theme updates would really help out.

Yes we discussed about it already, we will be implementing this with the futures updates. We would like to create a html log file for it :)

Does this have a child and parent theme?

Only 1 theme for now, we will be implementing child/parent theme in the future

Hey i need both help and advice, i got the forums up but i need help with getting a good register plugin so clan members can sign up and post on forums on the theme it has a small person picture but that goes to Wordpress, confused what to do as i used a maven membership plugin and still doesn’t do much as i need to give some members different ranks.

You need to register to wordpress if you want to post in the BBpress forums. There may be front end register plugins but im unaware of them, either way the login needs to be wordpress

U can edit the login button urself, like i did in mine openclan.org/starcraft

Hey Skywarrior,

Where would I find the login/user popup template to add a login via facebook button template tag?

Thank you for an awesome theme! Keep up the great work.

Its in header.php. Ask the support forums better if you cant find it, but its in header file :D

Hi! Congrats for this amazing theme! I have a problem here, when i press install this theme i got this error. How i can solve that?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{’ in /home/purenews/public_html/design2/wordpress/wp-content/themes/oblivion/themeOptions/functions.php on line 1

mmm it shouldnt give you that error :D. Please make a post in the support forum:


I might be doing something wrong, but when I use the home news layout (the one built via page builder with the slider and all) and a post has an embedded YouTube video, it doesn’t show up on the home page; but it shows up if I use the default WP homepage =/

How can I fix this?

did you assign the homepage page properly in wp settings?

As far as I know, yes. Static page with shortcodes that display slider and the News block – blog style + widgets. I embedded a YouTube video in the custom field in a post but it does not show up like in the demo where the thumbnail is supposed to be at.

Then please make a post in the support forum if you haven’t already:


hi Skywarrior,

Awesome theme, just have a concern here:

can i modify the “blog-info” tag? for example i wish only to show the Tags and Author and not the Comments.

As well when i click on the Author name on the blog-info it only refresh the page and shows a extra /# is this a bug?

Please help, Thanks

As well

Hey there,

Yes, you can disable comments in the default wordpress settings. Did you add a url in your author profile?

Hi Sky,

1) i am trying to change the tag line to a different language.

2) How can i add a URL to the authors?

As well…

3) i am trying to change the position of the “About the Author” to show at the top of the top before the blog content.

Many thanks,

1) Try using WPML or just go into the files and change it manually (hard code it)

2) In the admin profile under User -> Profie.

3) You will need to go into the files and cut paste the code manually. I think the file is index.php. Either way the best way is to ask the support forums.