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Hey Skywarrior,

Awesome Theme, i have just ONE little question

Yould you please when you nexttime patch it Social icons like Steam or ESL or so ? its a Gaming theme :P

The problem is that these icons are not supported in fontawesome so until they add it we can do much, we could use custom ones i guess. Good point,we will look into it :)

Ye i srly love the theme and build a pagen then i was like “Wich clan / gaming relaitet page need frikn G+ Where is STEAM” XD cause the i wanted to stylish link Steam Grp in the footer bar social area and in the “Team Member” social areas :P (sry about my eng^^)

Hi Skywarrior, As my friend BoerelZz allready asked, we would like to purchase your awesome theme, but we have our own cms, so we would like to obtain just the html template. You said it would be possible sometime next month (meaning February). Now since February is coming to an end, do you have any clue when this would be possible? tnx

We are finishing GA as we speak, so Oblivion should come this week or next one at most :)


I’m thinking of buying your theme. The question is do you have the front end registration for users, like on your FundingPress site? When I try to register on demo I get blank screen, so I’m asking this. And if you do have front end user registration, will the same registration allow users to post on BBpress? And 2nd question, do we have an option to add additional social icon (vk.com) And a 3rd question, is this theme now FULLY translatable with PoEdit? In one of the comments I’ve read that it wasn’t the case.

Thank you

The registration goes to the default wordpress one. If you remove the frame you will see it: http://skywarriorthemes.com/oblivion/wp-login.php?registration=disabled.

Once you register for the site you will be able to access bbpress and post without the need of re-registering.

You can change the social icon manually in the files if you want, there is no option in the backend.

I’m not sure about PoEdit, first time i hear of it so i guess no :)



When I change a small portion of any part of a file, it returns a blank page, even if I change the HTML. I must Reupload the theme to get everything in order. How can i do?

thank you


I dont know what you are changing but obviously we are not responsible for what you break code wise :P. To return the theme to the original state you need to delete and reupload the whole theme again, or just replace the files you changed


I was wondering if this version is compatiable with IPB Community Suite? If not, will there be a IPB version soon? Thank You!

No. I dont think that you will find themes compatibles with standalone programs in themeforest. If you need a forum use bbPress, its fully compatible :)

Hey is there anyway I could get some specific advice on how to add the buttons used in the demo?

For the sliders that is

you have to add the class button-medium or button-small to the paragraph you want to amke a button


Is the demo content included?

Are the forums built in? If not, when I will add bb Press will it automatically set the theme, and is it possible to embed it into a page like in the demo?

Many thanks.

You have to install bbpress which will be automatically styled. bbPress has its own pages, you cannot embed it (as far as I know). The demo are standalone bbPress pages

Awesome. Does the theme and style also work with BuddyPress?

And will the login button on the top right function with bbPress and BuddyPress?

Yes it should work fine with buddypress. Yes, the login button is global, “one login to rule them all” :D

Hi Skywarrior.

I am so excited with your oblivion theme. But I have one little question: Is there any way to modify the rating pluging. I need a system of points (0-10) and i can’t find a plugin that do this.

Thank you.

hey sorry for the late reply. Well the plugin currently shows stars only, not sure about points, there should be rating plugins around though

hello, very good job ^^ Can you make a version html5 css3 for framework ?

yes, we are just finishing it, next week :)

Excellent theme, getting good use out of it. However there is one draw back to it for me that I would like assistance with making a good theme great!

I wish to remove the featured image from appearing inside a post. I still want it to appear in the blog view where the posts are listed however. Can you provide assistance with this? As to what code I need to remove and in what file etc…


Well that would fall into the customize category which we dont do for free, but I’m sure that the support guys can help you out!



I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I am trying to figure out why the page build tenmplates wont show up for me.

Hey. Please make a post in the support forum if you are having problems:


and check the instructions ;)

Hey when I try to move the layerslider I cant figure out how to its covering our latest news

Hey. Please make a post in the support forum if you are having problems:


Hi Skywarrior, Before purchasing, I like to find out more 1. may i know which layerslider premium are you using in this oblivion theme? 2. Is there Parallax sliding page effect in the oblivion that u already got on the hikari theme? thanks in advance

Layerslider. Not yet, we will update Hikari next weeks


since I think about to buy your theme I would like to test it before. Not just looking at it like in the live preview. I want to see what I’m able to do with it. It’s actually not that important because I want to buy it anyway and the support can help me with problems, but I would feel safer then. So if you could manage to create a little test site I would be thankful for that.



Well, anyway I bought the theme. Gonna set it up soon.

mmm idk if we will. The new version has a completely different code system so im not sure we will. It doesnt matter though, its just how the code is represented HTML wise.

If everything works well and you guys keep updating from time to time it’s fine. My domains are ready within the next 24h so I can’t test the theme right know. ;)

its really nice thanks

Hi Skywarrior, Does the theme resize or change for screen/Mobile support?

Yes. The theme is fully responsive, if you remove the frame you will be able to see it :)

hey i want to suggest bbpress sidebar widget compatibility also, if possible bbpress forum layout options.

Yes good point, we will be starting to update themes from next week after we release our new theme, definitely something to include

Im having a really hard time figuring out how to replicate the same setup for the homepage in your demo.. Is there any kind of help you can point to me to?

Ok great. This helped some, but now I have issues trying to replicate the slider you have in the demo. I dont get why it is so difficult haha

again, upload the slider. You have a file with the code, have you checked the files and instructions? lol

You mean there is a file somewhere where I can upload the exact clider you have in the demo? I uploaded their 6 demo sliders but I cannot find yours in any of the files.

Hey Skywarrior, Your theme convinced me to transition my site out of my old theme and right into this one. I do have one slight question though. Is there a way to change font sizes? The default hopepage font size feels WAY too big (especially for the “News Blocks”).



emmm at the moment you will need to do it from the css files, however we will release an update in the next week or so which will include Google fonts, so you may want to wait for that. Otherwise go to main.css and change the font size manually

Hey Skywarrior, that’s a super great theme! Can you tell me how to show the sidebar on alle pages of the menu?


You need to add it in the page builder ;). Add 2 columns, left side add the blocks you want, right side, add widgets block and thats it

Thanks for the quick reply. At the right side i add the widget block. But what do i add at the left side? I want the content from each site to be shown on the left side. But when i insert the template ID in a single site the site specific content is either shown before or after the template ID form page builder.