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You are brilliant! Worked that time. Thank you for not giving up and finally understanding the problems I was having. I willl look at the coding to see what you did… Again thank you!!!! ;-) Hope I can get mine to work now!!!!

Hi, I am complete novice and please have patience with me.

I have the same problem with Piecemaker 2. I have produced my .swf file (Flash 5.5 and AS 3 ), replace it in folder web, and it’s working, but freezes after it’s played and shaw stops. I was trying to fallow your instructions and add missing line

dispatchEvent(new Event(“complete”));

but I simply don’t know where to ad it and how to use it. Will it be possible to simply replace existing file(s) in folder web inside Piecemaker 2 with one with inserted last missing line.

I can manage changes within .xml file. Please help.

Regards, Aleksandar

ASubasic… Modify the sample Zerge uploaded and use it. It worked for me but I still am not sure why or where with coding is AS3 ? Create your own layers copy code to them. If I can’t figure out what it’s doing I may abandon swf and use as slide show. Very disapointed that there wasn’t more in depth instructions on creating and adding flash to Piecemaker….

Thank you for such fast respond,

I have read all that could bi find on Internet including Modularweb FAQ and I understand the problem, but I don’t know how to incorporate that last line of text and where to put it.

I have also tried to abandon flash but when you remove lines connected with .swf, Piecemaker doesn’t work.

As I understand only difference between our materials from folder web (that should be uploaded to Internet) will be .xml file and of course pictures and media files.

I suppose that if I can change all settings and call pictures and media files from .xml file, I only need yours changed file (with missing lines) to get Piecemaker to unfreeze and work. Could you please send me yours complete web folder from Piecemaker 2 (without images and media files) to give it a try. Email: asubasic@gmail.com

Thank you in advance, Aleksandar


can you please send me all files from your Piecemaker (or just adapted ones located in Piecemakers original folder web) posted on http://2s-studio.com/demo/ocean/ – you got show to continue and that is what I am looking for.

Regards, Aleksandar

I have seen that your demo is working. Downloaded your files but since you rename them I don’t know where to put them, what to change, what to rename, what to use…

Can you please explain in detail how to use it.

Regards, Aleksandar

I have tried everything to make this work…but no success. Can you please make my .swf work inside Piecemaker 2.


Regards, Aleksandar

Awesome template! I do have an issue with the piecemaker component ending after several rotations…is this a known issue? The area within piecemaker goes white with an (!) in the middle… suggestions?

Regards, Don

Hi Don!

Send me a message via my profile http://themeforest.net/user/ZERGE 1. Please give me a screenshot. 2. What is your browser? Or is it in any browser?

Folks, Serge is the REAL DEAL when he talks about providing support! Plus this template is just incredible. Had a few issues and Serge has been super prompt in getting back with me and working things out…things that weren’t even with his template but more with Piecemaker (and my errors) Serge gets an A+ from me…Thank you…

Thank you very much for your positive feedback. Always glad to help you :)

I have the very same problem as Aleksandar. I also don’t know where to ad the line of code:

dispatchEvent (new Event(“complete”));

My slide is stuck. Can you please help?



Yes, yes. Of course I read the instructions and tried to make it work, but WHERE or HOW do I put the magic line of code on the last frame of the SWF file? I didn’t code the SWF file. I simply used point and click functions in Flash to create a simple new SWF file. I don’t know how to access the code. Or where do I find the file which is executed when the SWF file is finished? This is all Greek to me. Try to understand, not everyone is a genius like you.

You need put this line of code in you Flash Editor. I’m not an expert in Flash, so I can’t tell you the details.

I had to generate a new Comfortaa_400.font.js because I use norwegian chars.

Now the text is suddenly a lot larger. What scale did you use when generating the js at cufon?


Used default value.

Thanks for extremly fast reply :) Just have to tweak the css to make a match then :) no big deal :)

Hi, thanks for the theme. I’m portuguese and when I insert a character with accent (á é è, etc) it just doesn’t show up in the browser. Tried with every browser in Mac and PC and the result is the same (on server and local).

Just update your file /js/Comfortaa_400.font.js as I said before.

Updated it again and now that title is working. Many thanks, you’re really awesome. In my future purchases from Theme Forest I’ll look at your work first. The decision is made by my clients but I’ll incline towards your works. Thanks again!

And thank you too ;)

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