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Nice work, but bg colours seems to be a little dark for me. Anyway good luck with sales!

Thanks! ;)

Nice work. Good template for me.

Thanks, i’am glad that the likes :)

Hi Zerge,

I like this theme and thinking seriously about purchase, but is it ready for wordpress or is it just html version?

Many thanks for your answer


Hi Daniel, This is a static HTML /CSS template and you can integrate it in any CMS . Wordpress theme will probably be later.

Thanks for your response!

I´ve just need to read couple of tutorials for integration html into cms and then will be ready for purchase! ;-)

Many thanks


I’m sure you get it done, Daniel. Good luck! ;)

Very beautiful template, good luck with sales :-)

Thanks a lot :)

Nice work Zerge. :)

Thanks ;)

Nice template! A few questions for you -

1. Does it have a working contact form?

2. Dropdown menu does not show over the top of the non flash sliders when using IE9 in compatibility mode. Is there a fix for that?

Thanks again for your hard work.

Hi darthvader,

1. In this version contact form only as template and dont have any handler.

2. Fix menu problem:

add class into css/style.css

.fix-fish-menu {position:relative; z-index: 10000;}

Add class into both files: index-nivo-slider.html and index-s3slider.html into this place

<!--- START NAVIGATION --> <div class="grid_11 right indent-top-1 fix-fish-menu" />

Thx you for your comments :)

New Version 1.01 - Fixed a problem with dropdown menu in Internet Explorer in compatibility mode - Added a simple callback function in Contact page

can’t get theme to install. Wordpress says theme is broken, stylesheet is missing. Any workaround to this?

Hi rporven,

It’s not Wordpress theme. It’s HTML /CSS Template.

Wordpress? This is static HTML /CSS Template.

Hi! can this template support Russian? I’d like like to change the entire font into Russian,This can be done?

Hi dimyan!

Yes, you can do this. This font contains Cirylic character set. Only need to get the latest version of this font – http://www.dafont.com/comfortaa.font

If you have any questions, please feel free to email via my user page contact form – http://themeforest.net/user/zerge

Hi, I purchased this template, but don’t see a layered file. The description says, “Layered PNG ”... I assume it’s for Fireworks.. That would be fine, but I need some sort of layered file. Please let me know asap – thanks! Great looking template BTW .

Sorry, but this theme was made without psd template.

OK, bummer. Might want to update your description…

Fixed :)

I am strongly considering purchasing this template, can you use this template in dreamweaver cs5?

Yes of course.

I replaced the “flash.swf” in piecemaker2 with my own flash file and it will not run it? Named it the same, same size? Does not run… Any answers? and why isn’t the Fla included?

you need configure path in piecemaker.xml

Placed it in the same folder as original file… Changed original to different name, named my file the same as the original. I am very familar with flash and paths. Try it, it will not run a different flash file? There has to be some special coding with the sample swf within the piecemaker. I don’t get it. I’ve tried everything? This was one of the mian reason I wanted this…

Hi, BCarlis.


Your SWF file needs to be created with Flash CS4 or above, as the Piecemaker uses the native Flash 3D engine, which is only available in Flash CS4 +. Beside that your Flash file has to be in ActionScript3.

I created a simple movie in Adobe Flash CS5 and everything works. See example here – http://2s-studio.com/demo/ocean/. The third film in the list. Name movie is 2.swf http://2s-studio.com/demo/ocean/piecemaker.xml

Thank you Zerge… the AS3 worked! Now I have one last question on the Piecemaker… When the swf finishes its run, I how do you get the Piecemaker timer to start up running again? Is it something in the properties of my flash I created… at a loss? I didn’t change the xml, my flash runs but PM timer will not start up again? Thanks for your help…

You’re welcome, BCarlis!

At the end of the animation flash movie automatically starts again (see here http://2s-studio.com/demo/ocean/), if you do not have, then most likely publish settings are configured is not true (if I remember correctly, in the Adobe Flash when you publish have select – “loop”).

I have not written code on AS3 in the demo, so most likely I looped it when saving .swf file means Adobe Flash CS5 .

Can you place a download for the sample Fla within the “Piecemaker2” I am running CS5 AS3 the swf runs and I see the anima but Piecemaker will not advance after flash is completed? Changed publish settings every which way but still won’t advance. Only thing I can think of is if you include your samle Fla so I can decifer settings… I don’t want to give up hope on this, please help… Thank You BCarlis

Hi, BCarlis!

The source you can download it here – http://active.tutsplus.com/freebies/exclusive/exclusive-freebie-the-piecemaker-2/ (.fla for rotator included). If you know Flash, it is possible to understand how to do it. Maybe you embed your video into the site without using a rotator. One movie and all, as an option.

I was not talking about the rotator fla, I was asking about the sample swa inside the rotator “The orange swf” I do know flash and when you call out to an swf from within the rotator to play an external swf after it plays the Piecemaker rotator timer does not start running again? I was asking if you have a sample fla of the orange swf inside the rotator so that I can see how the settings are and why when simple swf using CS5 AS3 finishes playing the Piecemaker rotator timer doesn’t start up playing again? All I did was replace the flash.swf with my own and it runs but when it’s done the Piecemaker timer should kick back in and statr running but it hangs? Please include a sample fla for the “orange swa” within the piecemaker. So th I can see why that one runs but mine isn’t?

Ahh, I understood. Today or tomorrow I will make a simple movie, which will be played in piecemaker and give a link for download the source code.

Thank you…. Zerge

Flash movie was created in Adobe Flash CS5 . In this movie was not used ActionScript 3.0, but when a new document i choose General -> Type -> ActionScript 3.0

Sample — http://goo.gl/K03Q2

Live demo – http://2s-studio.com/demo/ocean/ , third slide.

I’m sorry Zerge but the sample hang the piecemaker up as well. Timer does not start running on your piecemaker either when your bouncing ball runs? That’s my problem too, how do you run the bouncing ball and make it stop and make the piecemaker timer run to goto the next item in the rotator? Timer does not start again? even in your sample?

I got to the next slide, but it is unclear how it works. Sometimes before the end of the animation, sometimes at the end. See demo – http://2s-studio.com/demo/ocean/ . I’m not good at Flash. What did I do? Added one line in the final keyframe its animation.

Line: dispatchEvent(new Event(“complete”));