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Great Theme. Rocks! Just got some issues.Like the Piecemaker set not working in Firefox 6?. Also some of the text at the bottom are getting squished together?

Hi santosho!

As it does not work Piecemaker? ?an show a screenshot? I have a theme in FF6 looks like this: http://2s-studio.com/screenshots/ocean_ff6.png

Got it to work. Somehow the Flash doesn’t show up. It’s like its looping the images.. but avoiding the flash..and the mp4.

Hi, santosho! Is some errors in your piecemaker.xml: http://www.kineticsoa.com/wp-content/themes/Ocean/piecemaker.xml

Here’s the site! If you can take a look!


unclosed one of the tags in piecemaker.xml…

Thanks again Zerge.

Didn’t see that. Unfortunately, my piecemaker has broken!

What happened? I have no idea why its not working


Hi, santosho.

Wrong again in piecemaker.xml. Missing quote (see line 15) – http://www.kineticsoa.com/wp-content/themes/Ocean/piecemaker.xml

Hi Zerge, just a question. To insert images in my blog, I have to resize them manually or is there a script inside the theme? Thanks.

Hi Pisco!

For now, manually, this week will release a new version, which will automatically.

Hi, Zerge,

Everything seems great with the site. But I still can’t get the piecemaker to work? I’ve checked the piecemaker.xml and made sure the quotes are there..but it doesn’t work.

It is unclear… You can send a link to the archive folder themes ocean? Or give access to the admin panel? Send only via my profile – http://themeforest.net/user/ZERGE !

I’m a newbie to Wordpress and themes. Zerge helped me get my site up quickly and the site looks great! Can’t recommend him and his theme enough! Thanks zerge :)

Just bought this theme and have some experience with other themes, but I cant seem to activate the home main slider.

Hi flashfacilito!

Appearance -> Ocean Theme -> Sliders tab See docementation page 8

Sorry to bother again. I checked the documentation, and i only see the instruction to activate the slider in the Theme Options. But I cant find the next step. I would imagine I have to pick a specific category for the slider right?

Never mind, solved the issue. I never realized the plugin wasnt installed =)

Hi javfelix!

Piecemaker 2 and Nivo slider already built into the theme.

1. By default – http://2s-studio.com/screenshots/piecemaker_default.jpg Slides (images) are located in /wp-content/themes/ocean/contents Paths to the slides in file /wp-content/themes/ocean/piecemaker.xml (need to change the paths before using the slider)

2. But you can also setup the slider as a plug-in. See screenshot if you want to use another slider (not built-in), – http://2s-studio.com/screenshots/ocean_piecemaker_sshot.png

zerge, i already installed it as a plugin but i dont understand how to use the featured images in the slider. sorry.. im not getting this.

Hey, I’ve been diligently figuring out your theme, however, going through the documentation and everything, and i am still puzzled on how to change the box that comes up with each post… i can’t seem to fill it or find it to delete it. if you have some advice i would be grateful. thank you.

Sarah Leanne.

Hi Sarah!

What do you mean by “box that comes up with each post”. ?an you show a screenshot?

1. You need to activate Custom fields. As of WordPress version 3.1, some screen options (http://codex.wordpress.org/Administration_Panels#Screen_Options) on the Post & Page edit Administration Panels are hidden by default. Custom Fields are hidden by default if they have not been used before.

2. Read documentation page 27. Bear in mind that the path will be relative to folder /wp-content/themes/Ocean Example – http://2s-studio.com/screenshots/ocean_newpost.jpg

Soon a new version. Will be remade in the posts image output (through Featured images).

Hi ZERGE have a quick question. In Firefox 6.0.2 the sorting feature on the Portfolio page crashes Firefox however it works in Google Chrome. Do you know why? I have tried this with the theme on Themeforest and also on the one I uploaded onto my server.

Hi thetechfriend!

Just updated my FF to version 6.02, everything works. Don’t even know what could be the problem…

Try this – http://2s-studio.com/wp/?page_id=503 Same result?

I figured it out – it was one of my addons that was causing it. Is it possible to add you on Skype or something to discuss some other problems I am having?

Also Piecemaker isn’t working on the website. The piecemaker.xml file has links to images on your website so regardless it should still work right?

Yes, it should work well. But it’s better to fix the path to your site.

P.S. If you need more help, please send me a message using the contact form on my user page (http://themeforest.net/user/zerge).

Hey, sorry, i still cannot figure out the post boxes, i don’t know what i’m doing wrong, and my more experienced colleges cannot figure it out either. However, these boxes are not really necessary to the purpose of the site…is there a way i can delete the code that causes the box to keep showing up altogether? I’m a little uncertain of exactly what and how much code to remove… Thanks.

If you want to remove the background of a post picture, open the style.css file and comment out the line

background:url(‘img/bg-three-column.png’) no-repeat;

in class:

.project_img { background:url(‘img/bg-three-column.png’) no-repeat; float:left; height:144px; padding:5px 0 0 5px; width:285px; }

P.S. I understand you correctly?

ok… i’ve tried that, and nothing has changed… I’m still getting the empty boxes as i showed you in this link: http://sarahleanne.com/temp/hello-world/

OH! never mind! a genius classmate of mine resolved the issue. Thanks again for all your assistance.

Wow… you have skills!!!

What would the difficulty or possibility of having someone (you or maybe someone you suggest) code in an area at the top for a 468×80 banner?

Hi logosi,

It certainly can be done. And also it can be done with plugins – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/