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Per-purchase question. It is likely we would want to do a lot of code customisation. Do you provide the files for the editor to run it locally?


@ubermarketing I am also trying to change the background image but without success. I did via code by adding the new image to my server and added the link where the code for the wave image is locate. But did not worked. :( If you find out let me know.

And to help the supposed “support” it’s useless as it takes ages to get a reply from them….

This theme doesn’t working with Mailbox. The background doesn’t show up.

After didn’t get any reply from your email support, I decide to use your ticket service that you said you were implement it’s been 16 days since I post here and also sent a ticket for your support. No replies at all, there’s a lot things that don’t work or we can make it work even by going to the code like the problem to change the background image. Turn out since I bought we haven’t been able to use the template yet. The theme is nice but the support is a joke! No happy with the service and with theme since we can custom to our brand.

Funny that before people buy the theme the replies were fast.

Your template is not compatible with Campaign Monitor. To many errors when trying to import it.

Nevermind, it works somewhat when you export it from the builder.

It’s the main file that you unzip which says, “Campaign_Monitor” This one doesn’t work.

Was looking forward purchasing this template but comments suggesting there is no support and even buyers cant login to themebuilder. Can author deny such claims or the project is dead atm?

Hi, Emailmad is pretty much active and we respond to all our queries. We have earned a lot from buyer feedbacks and constantly try to improvise our work.


Hi EmailMad

is there a way of making the main background appear in Outlook 2003, 2007 & 2010? When sending the email out to our recipients none of them can view the main image background at the top of the email? Do you have a fix for this. P.S. I don’t use themebuilder and code directly for the template.

Hi, unfortunately outlook was built for stoneage and does not support this feature. The only possible option is that you have a fallback bgcolor to that table.

RocketWay got it working in their new release recently so their is a way?

There must be a way to get it working with outlook. I’ve just spent 10 hours designing a beautiful email with images to find that it doesn’t display the background images in outlook, a real disaster for my client.

I came across a method called “bulletproof” using VML and CSS. http://backgrounds.cm/

I have yet to try and fix it, but if someone else manages please let me know how.

I have been having issues with your template rendering in Yahoo! Mail. Everything seems to be pushed to the left margin. I’ve noticed this in both the template I built, as well as your original template out of the box.

Did you have a fix for this problem?

I sent you an email regarding your query. Regards, Jay

Have NOT been able to use the template since its NOT editable in MC and the promised online editor (http://app.emailmad.com) is down…. ?