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We like this template very much and a client has asked us to buy it as they do not want WordPress so we have some questions before we purchase this HTML version:
  1. The template shows Widgets and Shortcodes, but so far as I can tell these are WordPress terminology and functions not pure HTML. So how does Shortcodes and widgets get translated by the browser to render correctly?
  2. Can we add and edit the pages at will or are we resticted on what goes where? For example for the homepage, we need 8 boxes in 2 rows rather than 1 row of 4. Can we just repeat the code as many time as we want to create our own grid system or are we restricted like the good old WordPress?! Just to clarify we want to use these boxes to promote packages and other facilities such as Weddings, Easter Offer, Early Booking offer, Packages, etc. So each column will be linked to a specific page (or post if it has to be) with a click through to individual source page. We need minimum of 6 and ideally 8.
  3. Can we add other sections to the page? For example can we add a text box between the Slider and Rows of 4 “Services” section?
  4. We have our own hotel booking system that can be deployed on websites in form of Widgets, iFrame or pure HTML codes. So can we remove your booking tools and replace them with ours?
  5. On the Hotel page you have a column on the left. This appears to be from your Widgets selection. Can we discriminate between pages so each page shows the same widget but different content? To clarify, we would use this for Special Offers and events, so we want to promote different offers or events depending on the page the visitor is looking at.
  6. Finally, have you now got a “Price Table” for this theme? It is incredible how many hotel themes do not have this when Price Tables are fundamental in any hospitality website. If not, it means we have to create cells and tables which are very time consuming in Responsive websites. So please say yes!
I appreciate your help and support on this. You can check our profile and you can see we do not waste people’s time, so if the template does what our customers need, we will buy it.



Thank you for your interest in our template!

1) for HTML templates these widgets and shortcodes are basically code blocks which you can copy and recreate wherever and however you like.

2)Yes you can freely add and edit the pages also you can use different column widths etc. depending upon the need

3) Yes you can easily add a text block :)

4) Yes you can do that as well.

5) Yes you can do that.

6) I apologize however a pricing table is not included in the template package however creating one using the template’s predefined styles should be easy. Also since this tempalte is built on bootstrap, Bootstrap’s default table styles are still there.

All of the above mentioned steps require basic to intermediate skill level in HTML/CSS.



We purchased and installed this theme. All is great except one issues. We have a problem which we have reported to your support line but have not had any reply.

Images on the homepage of the site are distorted when using iPad2 or iPad3 with Safari browser. Do you have a solution for this?


are you kidding? Ocean View – Info & Getting Started.pdf – that means one side with no kind of help … ?


Thank you for your purchase!

contact us on our support email at support[at] if you need any help.


Hi, amazing theme! I want buy something like that but :

1) Does the calendar support only day booking without night? For example, morning “check in” and afternoon “check out” of a same day

2) Does it support partial date booking? For example, 8am “check in” and 1pm “check out” of a same day for a first client + 2pm “check in” and 7pm “check out” of a same day for a second client

Because I’m looking for a theme suitable for rental photo studio activity : can I order a customized of your theme with these functionality?


since it is an HTML template these features can be added easily when you code the backend for the same.

We do not provide customizations at this point, however do email us at with the details and we will let you know.

Thanks and cheers!

Hi ! congrats for this one. My question is. I am trying to get rid of one of the booking elements “room type” I just want the other 4 to remain there… but when I do it, when I delete the code or “comment it”.... the fields “Adults” and “Kids” disappear as titles… they display the number Zero…

Please how do I keep those names and get rid of the “room type” element ? thanks in advance,

Oh I found it ! it was just a matter of deleting/commenting the code to get rid of ANDDD… then reload the page in a DIFFERENT/NEW tab… that’s it. Thanks !

Hi there….I’m just looking for a template related to hotel services, and this apparently looks great and has everything we need…. so….but for us it’s really important to change the language, how could I do this? .. or is there any way to have this improvement? I hope your prompt response


This is a HTML template, not a WordPress theme, so changing language will be your task while updating and populating the content of the template. For example, making your About Us page in any language you choose will be possible by simply typing the content in your language of choice. Same goes for all instances of the template, like menu items, footer items and so on.

Hope this help!

question: where do I change the date format in the date picker ? I just want to send data as mm/dd/yyyy in numbers, no words, thanks in advance…

hi i just wanna buy this but i want the full screen version same as this page is it available?

Hello ezzay! What do you mean full version, is it avalable? That demo page is a Homepage template and it is available once you purchase. Let me know if you have more questions?

Best regards!

only one wide page is there. it is page. other pages are boxed.?


You can use that page as a template and copy the content in it’s content area which will give a full-width page effect, make sure the container classes are same.

All full-width pages are not included in the download package, however, you can use that page as a template to create other pages as mentioned above.

Thank you for your interest!



There is a small bug(?) in your template.

If you go to your demo and click in check-in, then the calendar pops-up. Close it by clicking outside of it, or clear or select a date. Then minimize the browser and maximize it again, or open a new tab and return to the demo tab, or toggle show / hide the desktop. Once you return to your demo, the calendar pops-up.

Checked in two different PCs, Win7, Chrome & Firefox.

Do you have an idea how to fix it?

Thank you