Discussion on WordPress Hotel Booking Theme - Oceanica

Discussion on WordPress Hotel Booking Theme - Oceanica

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Can i see back end demo to know about all features available?

Hi, we are terribly sorry for a delay. You may find this this on our live demo for the Hotel Booking plugin at https://hbdemo.getmotopress.com

For hotel booking, Can I Add extra services for customers like, Lunch, Dinner, Tea etc which will be managed separately from kitchen but I just need to add respective charges into customer invoice as per his order for any of these service. Finally at the time of checkout, all of these charges will be available in bill.

We have 3 Halls for parties booking. Can I add them into Accommodation Type?

I am unable to see Reports in system. Please guide.

In demo, unable to add Customer so that I may check entire system up to Checkout

Hello there, yes, the services are available to be added along with property booking and they will be displayed in the price breakdown and total booking price. You may add party halls as a separate accommodation type as well. As for reports, they are also available in the backend – you may export them in CSV too. The Customer is not required to proceed with the checkout, would you like to test out something specific?

how can i use multiple domain

You need to purchase theme for each separate website according to the license terms of the ThemeForest marketplace.

Does this theme support elementor?

The sample data of the theme was added using default WordPress Editor. Though you may install Elementor and re-build some pages using Elementor.

Hi there, i have prepurchase question. Tell me please, when synchronizing the calendar on the my site with the Airbnb and Booking.com system (via iCalendar file format) , are there certain annual subscription costs or not ? if there is, can I get a link, get acquainted with the tariffs?

Thanks !

Hi, synchronization with Airbnb and Booking.com via ical format is absolutely free.

Hi there,

Your theme looks really nice.

Pre-sales question. I have three suites of two types(three of one type “red” and three of type “green”). I want to show-case these 2 types in airbnb and bookingcom.

When someone book one suite of type “red” in airbnb I want the bookings to be updated in airbnb, bookingcom and the website to 2 remaining of type “red” and 3 remaining to type “green”. When all 3 suites of type “red” got booked from airbnb or bookingcom i want to have the list as non uvailable in airbnb, bookingcom and website automatically.

Or I have to update the listings manually in these platforms? Like, when a room is booked from website or bookingcom, then i would have to update the status in airbnb listings. And when a room is booked through website or airbnb, i would have to update bookingcom listings.

Is this something feasible?

thank you!

Hello. I have a question before I buy this theme. I’m going to create one website for two small hotels. Can I create two different independent search forms (one for each hotel) so that search results won’t intersect?

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately there is no possibility to add different search forms for each hotel if there are listed various room types under each hotel. You may add room types from both hotels as Accommodation types. Then add Hotels as custom Attribute to let the guest filter the search results by certain Hotel. You may watch this video to learn how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1vKA5gqhAQ

Thanks a lot!


Pre-sale questions please:

1- Can I change the buttons color to another color using its hex code?

2- Can I use deposits as percentage instead of full payement especially for paypal?

3- Is it possible to disable WPML so I can use Gtranslate for automatic translation to numerous languages of my choice?

Thank you!

Thanks for your questions.

1. It is possible to change Link Color and Button Hover Color via Theme Customizer. You may use proper hex code there.
2. You may switch the charge type from full amount to deposit. It will be applied to all the active payment gateways.
3. The Hotel Booking plugin has been tested with the WPML plugin only. WPML is not included in the theme and should be purchased separately. We can not guarantee proper functionality with Gtranslate.

Hi, I will like to know 1)is the motoPress Premuim version coming together with theme 2) can I create a user with less permission then the admin, example a user that can access the dashboard see all the bookings but can not edit the rooms pricing

Hi, Yes, there is used Hotel Booking Premium in Oceanica theme. The updates of the Hotel Booking plugin depends on the update of the theme.
You may use third-party plugins like User Role Editor and Adminimize to clone the Administrator user role and restrict access to certain sections of the dashboard.

do you have any option in single hotel alone style to show howmany number of rooms left, or for example if we have 4 number of rooms 2rooms booked for a specific date and we want to show only 2rooms available on that specific date

Yes, the Room Types can be added as Accommodation Types and then you may generate proper number of rooms (Accommodations) that will form the availability of the room types.

Tell me how to update the website theme and plugin ? https://lasvillas.ru/budget-villas-rent-spain/

You need to download the latest version of theme from your account and upload it over the existing theme. After the theme is updated you need to navigate to Appearance > Install Plugins and update Hotel Booking.
You may also try using Envato plugin to get automatic updates https://envato.com/market-plugin/
We recommend you to backup the files and database of the site before updating theme and plugin.

How do I change the header images in the main menu ang other pages?

By default there is no option to add slider to the header in this theme though it might be possible by overriding the file of theme via the child theme

Hi, how do I change the format of my pages like in the oceanica lite theme. For example when I click the “rooms” or “services”, the lists are arranged per column with the “read more” button. https://themes.getmotopress.com/oceanica-lite/?refmp#_ga=2.265712655.1072605014.1614863463-978167035.1614863463

Hi, In order to arrange such layout you should select Grid page template for your parent page. Then you need to add child pages under this parent page and add read More tag to define the length of the description and add read more button.
There is not used Hotel Booking plugin in Oceanica lite theme so the Rooms page simply shows the child pages in a grid view.
As another solution you may add Custom Post Type block (by Getwid so make sure this plugin is installed) to any page and list down the accommodation types in a grid view.

I would like to know if there is a way of posting up the price per night but only have them pay for a percentage in the checkout to reserve the reservation. For example, they see that the price is $40 per night but they only pay 10% of it on the website.

If you mean deposit so this can be enabled via Accommodation > Settings > Payment Gateways. You may also try to set up variable pricing per number of guest to set custom price for each capacity variation.

Hi, Is it possible to make the reservation requesting the credit card number, but without being charged? It would be charged upon arrival of the guest at the accommodation, or if the cancellation of the reservation is less than 72 hours before they arrive. Thanks :)

Hi, By default, there is no such a payment gateway. You may look for such solution for WooCommerce and integrate it to Hotel Booking plugin by means of this addon https://codecanyon.net/item/hotel-booking-woocommerce-payments/21308688

Hello, I sent you 4 days ago a tickets because of problems with your hotel booking plugin. With error: “An error has occurred. Please try again later.” at booking page. And nobody replied during those 4 days.

Can somebody please attend our problem? We purchased your product, but its looks like nobody pay attention to your clients.


Thank you.

Hi, thanks for reaching us out and fr a delay. caused by you new comments that refreshed position of the request in a queue. Our gents sent a reply please check it and reply back providing the requested information.

tell me whether it will be possible to see the booking price on the object’s card ? and let’s say the customer decided to change the date of arrival or increase the booking period, and the price changed. Now you need to check availability, then confirm the reservation, go to the reservation page, and only there is the price, and then if the customer remembers that he wants +2 days, he needs to go back and do it all over again. Not particularly convenient.. Do you think something in this direction ? I have seen on other sites this feature is available, ..

Could you please clarify more detailed what you mean by “see the booking price on the object’s card”?
With the 3.8.0 Hotel Booking version, it is possible to edit bookings (change dates, for example) from the back-end. Here is a more detailed post https://motopress.com/blog/modify-original-hotel-bookings/
Otherwise (if your version of Hotel Booking is less than 3.8.0), we’d recommend deleting bookings with wrong data and adding new ones with correct details.
If you have Hotel Booking inbuilt into a rental theme (Oceanica), please, have a look at this article to find out more about updates of the included booking plugin.

на странице обьекта, было бы хорошо чтобы клиент мог изменить даты и увидеть пересчитанную цену, Я думаю что для бронирования это очень важный момент..


Версия 3.7.6

Thank you for your feedback

Tell me how to update the booking plugin, I just bought it never updated, ..now I try and write the Update failed: the update Archive is not available. Version 3.5.1

1 update failed. Show more details

Hotel reservation: the update Archive is not available.

What should I do ?

In order to update Hotel Booking that is included in the Oceanica theme package, you would need first to update the Oceanica theme version with the provided above plugin.
Please, update theme to its latest 2.0.1 version and then update inbuilt Hotel Booking to the latest available version (for Oceanica, it is 3.7.6).
In case you still have issues with the update, please, submit a ticket here https://motopress.com/support/ and describe all the steps you’ve already done, to have a closer look at the issue and provide you with assistance personally.

how do i start the theme as it looks in the demo and then remove what i dont need?

when installing and activating the theme, please, install and activate the Recommended plugins. After this, navigate to Appearance > Import Demo Data on your WordPress dashboard and import sample data.

Hi! I need this same functionality, but for a car rental website like adding /modify/ removing cars, add their photos features, real-time availability search by calendar and confirming the reservation with online payment (credit cards). Can the fields of the template be modified to adapt it to my site ??? Lastly, I would need to know if it is possible to obtain different statistics such as day / week or month rentals, pending reservations, rental cars, etc.

Hello, the inbuilt Hotel Booking plugin is rather flexible and allows to rent various properties. However, note that a property can be rented only overnight.
You can add cars as accommodation types and rent them. Also, any system text can be changed with the Loco Translate plugin. That is, you can rename fields as you need.
For now, there is no “statistics” functionality. Nevertheless,you may export bookings reports in CSV format by various booking parameters.
You can test the full functionality of the booking system by registering a personal back-end demo here https://hbdemo.getmotopress.com/

User can add their property in website to sale ? this option is have in back-end? I couldn’t find any login or register ?

Question Agent registration is there? to sell (Rental) their property in website.

Hello, the plugin can be used to rent out properties of different owners and you can give them the access to the admin dashboard, but note that the inbuilt Hotel Booking plugin does not have accounts for different owners for their separate properties. The back-end dashboard will be shared among all owners if you want to give them back-end access. That is, a property booking will be shown to all the owners.

Why is Jetpack required? Is it possible to use the Theme and the Booking Plugin without Jetpack?

Hello, the Jetpack plugin is required to improve WordPress options, optimize your images and serve them from Jetpack own powerful global network, speed up your mobile site. If needed, you can use the Theme and the Hotel Booking plugin without Jetpack.


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