Ocolus - Creative & Modern Multi-Purpose eCommerce PSD Template

Ocolus - Creative & Modern Multi-Purpose eCommerce PSD Template

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Ocolus - Creative & Modern Multi-Purpose eCommerce PSD Template - Shopping Retail

195+ professional PSD files included – The design is very creative and unique, and also very easy to customize and use.

Really wonderful if you rate it 5 stars, it brings motivated for me to create quality items for next time.

What is Ocolus PSD Template?

Ocolus – Creative & Modern Multi-Purpose eCommerce PSD Template v.1 is designed for the eCommerce store. Minimal style helps you focus on online products. This design is suitable for small and big projects. It has 20+ homepage layouts Options! It was built for your furniture store, Glasses store, clothing store, digital store, watch store, men store, women store, accessories store, cosmetics shop, Shoe store, hi-tech store etc. Designed on a grid system, easy to customize your own website by drag and drop each section from all PSD files. It includes high-quality PSD files are well organized and named accordingly so it’s very easy to change any and all of the design. It’s all that you looking for your store.

Oculus is tons of e-commerce designs included, absolutely can help you to grow your business, to increase the speed in making up ideas and to deal with sophisticated clients.

If you are looking for A Stunning Design to blow up the whole world, Oculus is an excellent choice that you need to be done.

If you are looking for A Flexible PSD Template responsive to most of your design projects, Oculus is the product you need to buy. It is designed for designers. That why we call it the “Multi-Purposes.”

If you want to speed up your design process and impressive the performances to the customers, Oculus is A Perfect PSD to build your dream websites.

Are you ready to explore Oculus Design?

Template Features

  • Unlimited Creative Concept.
    A ton of creative ideas included in Oculus PSD Template to make sure you complete the project without having to take the effort to think. It is very creative and flexible, easy to customize. Let Oculus help you in design and make your clients happy.
  • Unique, Modern Style, Super Clean, and Clear layouts.
    With 20 homepages, 170+ Stunning Perfect Pixel / Detail Layered PSD Files is included in Oculus
  • Based on 1170px Grid System – Well Grid & Guide.
    Guide Layout will help you easy to Drag and Drop the elements and speed up your design process. Let‘s make the pixels perfect.
  • Well Organized Layers & Group.
    All layers and group are named, arranged in a scientific way and carefully to ensure that all users understand and easy to use.
  • Fully Customizable, easy to Customize Photoshop Files.
    Super easy to modify all Oculus’s design element with only a few clicks. No need to have so many design skills. Oculus is for everyone.
  • Shape Vector.
    All design elements were made by Shape Layers to make sure you can resize any object for Retina resolution.
  • Google Fonts.
    Most of the main fonts are using Google Fonts. It is totally free and easy to install with a few clicks. Let’s make the life easier.
  • Drag & Drop.
    Just open Oculus PSD and find the elements you want to speed up your design process. Just drag & drop and well done!
  • Regular Update.
    What you are checking is just a beginning. I am still working on the new updates to make sure you own a perfect design package. I have a lot of things I would like to make your happy with Oculus Designs in the future. Don’t forget to follow me on the social network to make sure you get the updating to notify.
  • Mega design Package.
    Hundreds of high-quality PSD Files included in the final purchase file to make sure you have enough stuff to work on any web design project. Imagine you have an emergency project, you just pick up few styles from Oculus to do an excellent presentation to show off to your customers.
  • Save your money.
    Imagine you have to buy a lot of PSD Templates to pick up the ideas for each design project. Now you only need Oculus PSD Template, hundreds of amazing designs are waiting for you.
  • 20 Stunning Different Modern Homepage Designs (20 PSD): Fashion Store, Selling Apparel, Furniture Store, Decor Store, Market Store, Plant Store
  • Shop Style (29 PSD): Carousel, 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns, Fullwidth Sidebar etc
  • Products Style (23 PSD): Classic layout, Fullscreen, Carousel, Bundle Product, Accordion, Gallery Grid, Sticky Info
  • Modern Blog Styles (15 PSD): 1 Column, Fullscreen, Carousel, Grid, List, Split Screen, ZigZag, Metro, Masonry
  • Amazing Portfolio Styles (32 PSD): Carousel, Grid, Creative Columns, Metro, Masonry
  • Lookbook (02 PSD)
  • About Us (01 PSD)
  • Careers Demo (02 PSD)
  • Stores (06 PSD): Stores with Text, Stores with Map, Stores with Tab
  • Contact page (07 PSD)
  • FAQ (03 PSD)
  • 404 (04 PSD)
  • Coming Soon (05 PSD)
  • Mega Menu (06 PSD): Standard Menu, Collapse Menu, Slide Menu (03 options), Full-Screen Menu
  • E-commerce Element (32 PSD): Account page, Cart, Wishlist, Compare, Quick View, Search, Newsletter, Vendor page

PSD Files Included


  • 01_01_Ocolus_Home_Fashion_01.psd
  • 01_02_Ocolus_Home_Fashion_02.psd
  • 01_03_Ocolus_Home_Fashion_03.psd
  • 01_03_01_Ocolus_Home_Fashion_03_Effect.psd
  • 01_04_Ocolus_Home_Fashion_04.psd
  • 01_05_Ocolus_Home_Fashion_05.psd
  • 01_06_Ocolus_Home_Fashion_06.psd
  • 01_07_Ocolus_Home_Fashion_07.psd
  • 01_08_Ocolus_Home_Fashion_08.psd
  • 01_09_Ocolus_Home_Furniture_09.psd
  • 01_10_Ocolus_Home_Furniture_10.psd
  • 01_10_01_Ocolus_Home_Furniture_10_Effect.psd
  • 01_11_Ocolus_Home_Furniture_11.psd
  • 01_12_Ocolus_Home_Furniture_12.psd
  • 01_13_Ocolus_Home_Decor_13.psd
  • 01_14_Ocolus_Home_Decor_14.psd
  • 01_15_Ocolus_Home_Decor_15.psd
  • 01_16_Ocolus_Home_Decor_16.psd
  • 01_17_Ocolus_Home_Market_17.psd
  • 01_18_Ocolus_Home_Market_18.psd
  • 01_19_Ocolus_Home_Market_19.psd
  • 01_20_Ocolus_Home_Plant_20.psd


  • 02_01_Ocolus_Widthout_Sidebar_2_Column.psd
  • 02_02_Ocolus_Widthout_Sidebar_3_Column.psd
  • 02_03_Ocolus_Widthout_Sidebar_4_Column.psd
  • 02_04_Ocolus_Fullwidth_Sidebar_2_Column.psd
  • 02_05_Ocolus_Fullwidth_Sidebar_3_Column.psd
  • 02_06_Ocolus_Fullwidth_Sidebar_4_Column.psd
  • 02_07_Ocolus_Fullwidth_4_Column.psd
  • 02_08_Ocolus_Fullwidth_5_Column.psd
  • 02_09_Ocolus_Fullwidth_6_Column.psd
  • 02_10_Ocolus_Left_Sidebar_2_Column.psd
  • 02_11_Ocolus_Left_Sidebar_3_Column.psd
  • 02_12_Ocolus_Right_Sidebar_3_Column.psd
  • 02_13_Ocolus_Shop_Listing_v1.psd
  • 02_14_Ocolus_Shop_Listing_v2.psd
  • 02_15_Ocolus_Shop_Listing_v3.psd
  • 02_16_Ocolus_Shop_Carousel_v1.psd
  • 02_17_Ocolus_Shop_Carousel_v2.psd
  • 02_18_Ocolus_Feature_Product.psd
  • 02_19_Ocolus_Listing_Collection.psd
  • 02_20_Ocolus_RTL_Shop_Page.psd
  • 02_21_Ocolus_Shop_Banner_With_HTML.psd
  • 02_22_Ocolus_Shop_Banner_With_Slider.psd
  • 02_23_Ocolus_Shop_by_Brand.psd
  • 02_24_Ocolus_Shop_Instagram.psd
  • 02_25_Ocolus_Shop_Mansory.psd
  • 02_26_Ocolus_Shop_Metro.psd
  • 02_27_Ocolus_Filter_Sidebar.psd
  • 02_28_Ocolus_Expand_Filter.psd
  • 02_29_Ocolus_Popup_Filter.psd


  • 03_01_Ocolus_Bundle_Product.psd
  • 03_02_Ocolus_Coupon.psd
  • 03_03_Ocolus_Extended_Affilate.psd
  • 03_04_Ocolus_Fullscreen_Product_v1.psd
  • 03_05_Ocolus_Fullscreen_Product_v2.psd
  • 03_06_Ocolus_Group_Product.psd
  • 03_07_Ocolus_Out_Of_Stock.psd
  • 03_08_Ocolus_Product_Horizontal_Bottom.psd
  • 03_09_Ocolus_Product_On_Sale.psd
  • 03_10_Ocolus_Product_Right_Sidebar.psd
  • 03_11_Ocolus_Product_Vertical_Left_v1.psd
  • 03_12_Ocolus_Product_Vertical_Left_v2.psd
  • 03_13_Ocolus_Product_Vertical_Right.psd
  • 03_14_Ocolus_Product_Video.psd
  • 03_15_Ocolus_Product_With_Accordion_v1.psd
  • 03_16_Ocolus_Product_With_Accordion_v2.psd
  • 03_17_Ocolus_Product_With_Carousel.psd
  • 03_18_Ocolus_Product_With_Gallery_Grid_v1.psd
  • 03_19_Ocolus_Product_With_Gallery_Grid_v2.psd
  • 03_20_Ocolus_Product_With_Sticky_Info.psd
  • 03_21_Ocolus_Trust_Sale_Product.psd
  • 03_22_Ocolus_Variable_Product.psd
  • 03_23_Ocolus_When_Scroll_Website.psd


  • 04_01_Ocolus_Blog_1_Column.psd
  • 04_02_Ocolus_Blog_Carousel.psd
  • 04_03_Ocolus_Blog_Fullscreen.psd
  • 04_04_Ocolus_Blog_Grid_Full_Width.psd
  • 04_05_Ocolus_Blog_Grid_Sidebar.psd
  • 04_06_Ocolus_Blog_Grid_with_Text.psd
  • 04_07_Ocolus_Blog_Grid.psd
  • 04_08_Ocolus_Blog_List_Sidebar_v1.psd
  • 04_09_Ocolus_Blog_List_Sidebar_v2.psd
  • 04_10_Ocolus_Blog_List_with_Text.psd
  • 04_11_Ocolus_Blog_Masonry.psd
  • 04_12_Ocolus_Blog_With_Left_Image.psd
  • 04_13_Ocolus_Metro_Blog.psd
  • 04_14_Ocolus_Split_Screen.psd
  • 04_15_Ocolus_ZigZag_Style.psd
  • 04_16_Ocolus_Cover_Fullwidth_v1.psd
  • 04_17_Ocolus_Cover_Fullwidth_v2.psd
  • 04_18_Ocolus_Fullscreen.psd
  • 04_19_Ocolus_Sidebar_Left.psd
  • 04_20_Ocolus_Sidebar_Right.psd
  • 04_21_Ocolus_Standard_1_Column_Small.psd
  • 04_22_Ocolus_Standard_1_Column.psd
  • 04_23_Ocolus_When_Scroll_Page.psd


  • 05_01_Ocolus_Carousel_Full_Width.psd
  • 05_02_Ocolus_Carousel_Grid_With_Title.psd
  • 05_03_Ocolus_Carousel_Grid.psd
  • 05_04_Ocolus_Creative_Columns.psd
  • 05_05_Ocolus_FullWidth_Grid_2_Columns.psd
  • 05_06_Ocolus_FullWidth_Grid_3_Columns.psd
  • 05_07_Ocolus_FullWidth_Grid_4_Columns.psd
  • 05_08_Ocolus_Grid_3_Columns_With_Title.psd
  • 05_09_Ocolus_Grid_Gutter_2_Columns.psd
  • 05_10_Ocolus_Grid_Gutter_3_Columns.psd
  • 05_11_Ocolus_Grid_Gutter_4_Columns.psd
  • 05_12_Ocolus_Grid_No_Gutter_2_Columns.psd
  • 05_13_Ocolus_Grid_No_Gutter_3_Columns.psd
  • 05_14_Ocolus_Grid_No_Gutter_4_Columns.psd
  • 05_15_Ocolus_Mansory_3_Columns_With_Title.psd
  • 05_16_Ocolus_Mansory_FullWidth_2_Columns.psd
  • 05_17_Ocolus_Mansory_FullWidth_3_Columns.psd
  • 05_18_Ocolus_Mansory_FullWidth_4_Columns.psd
  • 05_19_Ocolus_Mansory_Gutter_2_Columns.psd
  • 05_20_Ocolus_Mansory_Gutter_3_Columns.psd
  • 05_21_Ocolus_Mansory_Gutter_4_Columns.psd
  • 05_22_Ocolus_Mansory_No_Gutter_2_Columns.psd
  • 05_23_Ocolus_Mansory_No_Gutter_3_Columns.psd
  • 05_24_Ocolus_Mansory_No_Gutter_4_Columns.psd
  • 05_25_Ocolus_Metro_Grid_Full_Width.psd
  • 05_26_Ocolus_Metro_Grid_No_Gutter.psd
  • 05_27_Ocolus_Metro_Grid.psd
  • 05_28_Ocolus_Single_Pages_Carousel.psd
  • 05_29_Ocolus_Single_Pages_Full_Width_v1.psd
  • 05_30_Ocolus_Single_Pages_Full_Width_v2.psd
  • 05_31_Ocolus_Single_Pages_Left_Detail.psd
  • 05_32_Ocolus_Single_Pages_Right_Detail.psd


  • 06_01_Ocolus_Account_v1_Create_An_Account.psd
  • 06_02_Ocolus_Account_v1_Signin.psd
  • 06_03_Ocolus_Account_v2_Create_An_Account.psd
  • 06_04_Ocolus_Account_v2_Signin.psd
  • 06_05_Ocolus_Account_v3_Create_An_Account.psd
  • 06_06_Ocolus_Account_v3_Signin.psd
  • 06_07_Ocolus_Cart_Bottom_Bar.psd
  • 06_08_Ocolus_Cart_Top_Bar.psd
  • 06_09_Ocolus_Cart_Popup_v1.psd
  • 06_10_Ocolus_Cart_Popup_v2.psd
  • 06_11_Ocolus_Cart_Right_Sidebar.psd
  • 06_12_Ocolus_No_Products_In_The_Cart.psd
  • 06_13_Ocolus_Compare_Bottom_Bar.psd
  • 06_14_Ocolus_Compare_Page.psd
  • 06_15_Ocolus_Compare_Popup.psd
  • 06_16_Ocolus_Wishlist_Page.psd
  • 06_17_Ocolus_Wishlist_Popup.psd
  • 06_18_Ocolus_Wishlist_Sidebar.psd
  • 06_19_Ocolus_Cart.psd
  • 06_20_Ocolus_Checkout.psd
  • 06_21_Ocolus_Track_Order.psd
  • 06_22_Ocolus_Vendor_List.psd
  • 06_23_Ocolus_Vendor_Store_v1.psd
  • 06_24_Ocolus_Vendor_Store_v2.psd
  • 06_25_Ocolus_Quick_View.psd
  • 06_26_Ocolus_Search_Instant_Grid_Results.psd
  • 06_27_Ocolus_Search_Instant_List_Results.psd
  • 06_28_Ocolus_Search_Results.psd
  • 06_29_Ocolus_Newsletter_v1.psd
  • 06_30_Ocolus_Newsletter_v2.psd
  • 06_31_Ocolus_Newsletter_v3.psd
  • 06_32_Ocolus_Newsletter_v4.psd


  • 07_01_Ocolus_About_Us_v1.psd
  • 07_02_Ocolus_Careers.psd
  • 07_03_Ocolus_Careers_Detail.psd
  • 07_04_Ocolus_Lookbook_v1.psd
  • 07_05_Ocolus_Lookbook_v2.psd
  • 07_06_Ocolus_List_Brand_v1.psd
  • 07_07_Ocolus_Pricing_Table.psd
  • 07_08_Ocolus_Stores_With_Text.psd
  • 07_09_Ocolus_Stores_With_Map.psd
  • 07_10_Ocolus_Stores_With_Slider.psd
  • 07_11_Ocolus_Stores_With_Tab.psd
  • 07_12_Ocolus_Stores_Detail.psd
  • 07_13_Ocolus_Contact_v1.psd
  • 07_14_Ocolus_Contact_v2.psd
  • 07_15_Ocolus_Contact_v3.psd
  • 07_16_Ocolus_Contact_v4.psd
  • 07_17_Ocolus_Contact_v5.psd
  • 07_18_Ocolus_Contact_v6.psd
  • 07_19_Ocolus_Contact_v7.psd
  • 07_20_Ocolus_FAQ_v1.psd
  • 07_21_Ocolus_FAQ_v2.psd
  • 07_22_Ocolus_FAQ_v3.psd
  • 07_23_Ocolus_404_Basic_v1.psd
  • 07_24_Ocolus_404_Basic_v2.psd
  • 07_25_Ocolus_404_Full_Screen_v1.psd
  • 07_26_Ocolus_404_Full_Screen_v2.psd
  • 07_27_Ocolus_Coming_Soon_Full_Screen.psd
  • 07_28_Ocolus_Coming_Soon_Slider.psd
  • 07_29_Ocolus_Coming_Soon_Split_Screen_v1.psd
  • 07_30_Ocolus_Coming_Soon_Split_Screen_v2.psd
  • 07_31_Ocolus_Coming_Soon_Video.psd


  • 08_01_Ocolus_Standard_Menu.psd
  • 08_02_Ocolus_Collapse_Menu.psd
  • 08_03_Ocolus_Slide_Menu_v1.psd
  • 08_04_Ocolus_Slide_Menu_v2.psd
  • 08_05_Ocolus_Slide_Menu_v3.psd
  • 08_06_01_Ocolus_Full_Screen.psd

Fonts Used

You need to install these fonts before using Ocolus PSD Template:

Sources and Credits

Icons Used

Free Font Based Icons by Font-Awesome and Flaticon.

Images / Mockup / Vector Used

Unsplash and istockphoto.

Please Note: All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of the theme and NOT included in the final purchase files.


If you need any help using the file or need special customizing please feel free to contact me via my Themeforest profile. If you have a moment, please rate this item, I’ll appreciate it very much!….Thank you.


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