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Wow, nice work! Nice usage of flat design elements.

P.S. Interesting thumbnail. :D


What a very nice template. Nice work. Before buy it, i want to be sure with one think : is it possible to show 4 latest posts in homepage (in 2 lines ?) Thanks for your answer :)

Hi Hiflo, Yes, you can show 4 latest posts in homepage (it’s actually a shortcode where you can limit posts number, sort and filter them as you like).

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi! Congratulations for the theme – looking very good.

I noticed a small bug in the portfolio page (list). The page struggles with scrolling as it returns to the top by itself. Only if i scroll upwards (while being already on top of the page), then i’m able to actually scroll down. At first glance it seems to be a problem with the “return to top”-button at the bottom of the page but i might be wrong on that one.

Also, another question regarding the portfolio: is it possible to have a “masonry” stile Portfolio list and can i have a gallery (a slider) as image in the portfolio item display?

Thank you in advance

Hi morenov,

Glad you like it. We will look into that portfolio bug – thanks for the info!

Regarding your questions:
- is it possible to have a “masonry” stile Portfolio list – currently no, but we are using isotope plugin which is capable of creating this effect. It’s a really good idea and we will implement it in our future updates. I spoke with our support team and they said that they can guide you step by step how to make it happen:)

- portfolio item can be displayed with:
– single featured image
– gallery – all images attached to this portfolio items will be used
– video
– gallery created by Revolution Slider – in this case you can create animations, text layers etc.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

perfect. thank you very much

Great work once again guys! All the best with sales :)

Thanks Codestag!

Great theme – bought it and loving it so far:-)

One question: is it possible to change the background of the testimonial widget? I want to replace it with a photo. What dimensions would the photo need to be if this were possible?

Thank you!


You can change box background by adding custom css (Appearance/ Theme Options / Code / custom styles – custom css), for example :
.specialBg {
  background: transparent url("");
Preffered image width is 960px.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to use our support forum here:

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Looks nice, good luck with sales

Really cool theme. A few questions.

1. Does the theme come with additional background patterns other than those shown in the demo?

2. Is it possible to install custom patterns?

3. Regarding the Blog: Is the theme compatible with third party plugins that enable social sharing and allow for Facebook comments to Blog posts.

4. Is there an option to display a full width Blog and Blog post without the sidebar?


Hi mloughran,


1. No, only these patterns are available 2. Yes, you can either: – use custom CSS (one of theme options) where you can paste any code (our support team can always send you working code for you to pastee) – use Wordpress Theme Customizer – theme works really nicely with it so you can only select any background image and make it repeat itself (like pattern) or static (you will always see 1 image) 3. Yes, although I cannot guarantee that every plugin out there will work. If you happen to find one that will not work, let us know on our support site: and we will help you out.

4. Blog post – yes, you can hide sidebar using Theme Options. As for full width blog – currently no, but good idea. We will add this feature.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Beautiful! Twitter Boostrap. Nice.


1. Does the full width slider have customizable titling like revolution slider, because i’d like to use it without the right side information box.

2. Is there an option in the theme settings to make the header mast menu transparent?

3. Any plans to add Visual Composer into the theme?

4. How does the full width page look with the full width slider? Since the top of the box version goes into the slider.

Thanks much!


Hi andyhoodified,

Glad you like it:)

1. You can see the source of this page by clicking “view source” button. There is a html content inside shortcode gallery and this is what makes content boxes visible. Without any content only navigation arrows will appear.

2. There is no such option but there is a place where you can paste custom CSS. If you have any problems regarding adjusting look and feel of this theme, our support team will be happy to help you at our support forum:

3. Yes, in near future (about 1 month). We are currently working on a new theme with Visual Composer enabled. Once we know it’s stable enough, we will update every theme to support Visual Composer. Theme will automatically detect whether Visual Composer is installed and activated and if so, it will show our shortocodes inside VS.

4. Here you go: :) Hope you like it!

Cheers, ThemeWoodmen

Ah Lovely! Looking forward to it! Thanks for the super fast response.

1. So with the html input, we could put text layover over the slider I’m assuming? nice.

4. I see the footer is full width and top menu is wide. Nice. Sorry, I wasn’t clear! I was actually curious what the middle content would look like if it’s full width. Since the top part goes into slider, I’m guessing it gets pushed down stretches full width without going into the slider?

Sorry for bugging.

Side thought. Love to see your thoughts on adding a mega menu option to your next theme. I’m seeing other themes do it. Amazing useful stuff. I’d probably buy this theme, but if your next release has a mega menu, i’d prolly buy that too. (maybe this one too?)

Cheers! Andy


is it possible to make the Google Map shortcode non zoom in when browsed over? When I’m scrolling down the page, it stops at the map and zooms in


Hi andyhoodified,

Great idea – I’ve just added this option to gmap shortcode and your suggestion is already visible on our demo page:)

We will issue new update next week which will, among others, contain this option.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi! I’ve a question regarding the theme, I’m wondering if it possible to swap the title of every page for a custom (possibly full-width) picture? For example, replacing the “SHORTCODES” title with an image.


Hi frtnc00k13,

It is possible but it would require editing theme templates – there in no such option available right now.

Please post a support question here: so our support team can guide you through this process.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi, I have problems with the front page keeps having the text in “bold”. It works fine on all other pages but what ever I do it keeps being bold on the front page. Can you help? See here:

Hi bjarke,

There is an HTML error in your revolution slider slides:
g og din hund....få en glad og dygtig hund</stong>

As you can see, strong tag is not closed and that’s why everything is bold ;)

Cheers, ThemeWoodmen

Thanks! Saved me hours of work. Minor mistakes – big problems :)

Awesome theme! Was wondering if it’s SEO optimized? Do I have to get a separate SEO plugin for this theme?

Hi sam250240,

Yes, this theme is designed with SEO in mind. You can use any SEO plugin you like for example: “Wordpress SEO by Yoast”

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Looks really nice – I’ll certainly hope to use this on a forthcoming project!

Glad you like it!

Hi ! Is there option to make post fullwitdth ?

Hi bm2,

Yes, in Theme Options you can show and hide sidebar if required.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Thanks, nice theme and a lof of useful options !

Happy to hear that! :)

Beautiful! Does the theme come with a wide format? I don’t really like boxed – but if that’s the only way I just would like the background to be completely white. Let me know when you can. Thanks.

Hi bcatkins,

Glad you like it;) Sliders can be full width or boxed. As for content, to achieve ‘widish’ effect we could try to change background to white, just as you said :) This can be achieved with 1 css line which can be pasted to Theme Options -> Code -> Custom Styles -> Custom CSS:
body {background: #fff;}

That’s it :)

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen


I’m looking at purchasing your theme, although just curious to the premium resources.

Does that come part of the theme or are they additional purchases?

Also any chance you’d be able to add a client only login, to view a certain gallery via a password?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Ricky

Hi Ricky,

Every premium resources is already included in your theme – no additional purchases are required.

As for client area – we will add this to our feature list and if it becomes popular, we will add it. I’m sure you will be able to use any plugin which has this option or you can even create a password protected post with gallery inside (that’s a built-in WP feature).

Sorry for this delay.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hey there,

Great theme!

I uploaded a logo a little bigger than the one you´re using on the demo site, and the menú is not centered with the logo…

How can i center it ?

Thanks !

Hi punk9bigwig,

Glad you like it. You can use Appearance -> Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom Style -> CSS where you can paste any CSS. It will allow you to overwrite every previous stylesheet.

Please feel free to contact our support at: where our support team will be able to prepare a working CSS code just for you:) Please remember to send us your site URL so we can see how it looks like.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi there,

Love your great looking theme :-) Your customer support is awesome!!

Unfortunately I have to keep asking you guys questions … I am a total newbie.

Thanks for everything so far, G

Hey, good to hear that and don’t hesitate to ask! :)

Thanks, themewoodmen


So i’ve purchased your theme. My twitter shortcode on the home page doesn’t work..

Any reason why?

Regards Ricky


Could you please post us URL to your home page? We’ll take a look there and see what’s wrong :)

Thanks! ThemeWoodmen


Thanks for your email. The URL is

Please check the website, after 18:00BST; as we have a scheduled server change.

Cheers. Thank you.

Regards Ricky