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Thinking of buying for a church website. Just curious – your audio player works fine on my smartphone – whereas many others in various themes do not. Great job! – Why is this? Does it not require java script for functioning – which I believe is one reason others don’t work as well. Also, instead of the plain, grey background interchangeable with a picture with some sort of css coding? And are the font type/colors changeable for header text and regular text? Thanks!

hi bcatkins,

Glad you like it. Player is actually using JS with many techniques to make it work on as many devices as possible :)

As for the background, fonts, colors etc – theme integrates WangeP Theme Customiser so you can easily change background, colors etc. Also we have plenty of theme options which can help you out. In addition, theme allows for adding any CSS definitions so you will be able to do anything you want – without even modifying single file.

If you happen to have any problems or questions regarding theme modifications or any technical issues, please do not hesitate to use our support forum:

Sorry for this delay.

Cheers, ThemeWoodmen

Hi! I love your Octavus Wordpress theme, it’s really beautiful and exactly what I’m looking for! However, I have some questions and I was wondering how to go about using it for my current website. My website is and I feature places to go in Bangkok using blog post. However your theme focuses mainly on portfolio, can you advice me how should I go about implementing it. When I apply your theme, my featured images will go haywire right?

Hi wilbursuen,

I like your sit :)

We do focus on portfolio but you can blog just as you use it on your site right now – you do not need to create any portfolio sites at all:) Our blog posts are using featured images too so you should be good to go. Please note that after activating theme you should use plugin so that all thumbs will be rebuild and their sizes will be properly adjusted.

If you have any technical problems, our support team is at your service – just post a new issue here:

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

How can we get the Twitter Module to work? on the theme sample, the twitter system works, yet, when we installed it on our site, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Has it been updated since the twitter change?

Hi TekBull,

There were some modifications but still 100% working Twitter widget will be uploaded on Friday. Theme will notify you automatically when new version will be submitted.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen


Great theme. one question. From where can i change the email from the contact form inbox? Thx


Try something like:
[contact_form mailto="" subject="My Subject" header="SEND US A MESSAGE"] 

The easiest way is to go to contact page, and while in edit mode, click [S] icon – contact – contact form. Fill in form and click “insert”. It will insert a shortcode for you.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to use our support forum

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen


Once I bought the theme (Octavus) can I use any domain y want? ej.

And, How does work the blog part? It is just exactly like the WordPress bolg site? I mean, it does also has this dashboard to manage the blog?


Hi pedrogomez,

Yes, you can use it an any domain. Octavus is a Wordpress Theme so it means that all features that Wordpress Blog/Site can do are also available when our theme is installed and active.

And yes, Wordpess has an admin area where you can add pages, posts (for blog), create menus etc. You can install a fresh copy of Wordpress and check it out how it works – it comes bundled with some default themes which will at least give you a better idea how WP works.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Beautiful site!

I’m thinking about using this for a church website. I’d like to have the “works” page turn into a “sermons” page where each picture would represent a sermon series. Then, when clicked on, it would take you to a page with a larger picture and all sermon audio from the series. Basically, the same as it works now except with a list of sermon audio instead of portfolio description.

Would that possible?


Hi jandersonart,

Glad you like it! Theme has a shortcode to enable audio playback (even on mobile devices) so you can just use it inside portfolio/works description – that’s it:) This way you can add a short description + audios or only audios, it’s up to you.

If you have any technical problems or questions, our support team will be more than happy to help you out at:

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

That’s what i was hoping! Thanks for getting back with me.

Hi Guys,

Any news on the twitter update. I have just done an install and the twitter shortcode isn’t working.

Cheers Shaun

scrap that should have read the support forum…..

Glad you figured it out:) Latest theme update should contains fixed widget.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

do have another though…...

Im not getting any preview text when using [recent_posts] I get the feature image and the heading but no preview text.

What am I missing?

Cheers :confusedsad:


Weird:) Could you please post this issue to support forum so our support team can ask you for wp-admin access? They will investigate the problem and get back to you.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen


Loveley theme! Is it possible to place a header on the sub pages?

Regards Nico

Hi hawe,

Every page is built from shortcodes so there are limits here – any elements you see can be placed anywhere you want.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi there! I live this template.. good job!

I was wondering is there any way to put tab on the corner for language option such as Spanish, Portuguese, French etc.

It is a pre-sale question.

Hi gotosd,

There is a way, but it’s not built-in into theme as a theme option. WPML (very popular plugin for translating WP site into many languages) comes with language switcher. Our theme is compatible with WPML so there shouldn’t be a problem to add it to your theme. All you need to do is contact our support team at and they will guide you step by step how you can do it.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi! Is it possible to have a drop down menu in a separate page like.. Country-City- etc?

Thank you!

Hey, could you please clarify what exactly do you want to achieve? You can create drop down menus with our theme, but it will work the same for every subpage

sorry i was little confusing. I would like to create a separate page where it has the option for drop down menu. for example, when a user looking for a school to attend. he/she can go to the drop down by Country/City/Schools. Once selected it will take them to the corresponding page of that school or internal WP page.

not sure if i was i was able to explain it… but that’s an idea


A few pre purchase questions.

(1)Is there a way to add page numbers to the bottom of the Works page so that too many thumbnails don’t have to load on one page?

(2)Can I have multiple Works pages with different categories. Like have a Works main menu item and then a sub menu from that with Graphic Design and Photography. So when someone clicks on say the Photography they will go to a works page with different categories. Like the Photography page can have categories of portraits, landscape, etc and Graphic Design works page can have categories of logo, branding, etc?

(3)Can I add text on top of the gallery images in the slider on the project pages?


1. Right now we only support isotope effect (this dynamic filtering) and pagination is not supported.

2. You can have multiple different portfolios (it’s a shortcode which allows you to filter items per category, tag etc.). Unfortunately navigation while browsing portfolio items will navigate through every portfolio item, without filtering them per category.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Thanks for the reply. The main question was being able to have multiple different portfolios with different categories so knowing that I can do that is perfect. I will purchase the theme today.

I also saw on your support forum that one person asked how to have the next and previous in a portfolio item stay within that category and they supplied an answer so that is good to know as well. That will be perfect for the portfolio I need.

Hi ThemeWoodmen, I seem to be seeing the theme broken in IE9 (inc. your demo site). Basically the slider on the home page isn’t working, + the logo slider formatting isn’t loading properly, etc. Oddly, it seems to work ok on IE8 though, such is the fun of trying to work with Internet Explorer!! Mike


We will look into this:)

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi ThemeWoodmen – many thanks for the update. Is there a changelog available of which files were updated in the most recent theme update? Many thanks, Mike


Unfortunately we do not have any ‘files changelog’ – usually there are so many small changes that it’s really hard to track it..

If you haven’t edited any theme files, you can upgrade it without any problems.

If you did edit some files, the best option is to create a theme child, copy all of your modified files in there and then make an update.

In case of any problems, please do not hesitate to post a new support question at:

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Ouch… yeah, I checked this in IE 8 first before buying and it looked ok, the full width flex slider was not looking exactly right, some slider images were full width and others were not. But I figured no big deal as it is IE8. But I never looked on IE9. I looked after reading the above comment and the full width flex slider and content flex slider are not working at all. The only slider that works, in my testing on a few computers at different locations, in IE9 is the revolution slider. I loved this theme because of the full width flex slider so I hope this is a quick fix because after I make the site live alot of people will be looking at the site with IE9.

I see that there was a bug issue posted on the troubleshooting board 5 months ago and it was stated to clear the cache. That did not solve my issue on any of the computers I tried it on. I see in that thread several other people posted about it and no resolution or reply.


We purchased your theme and recently did a update. We would like to translate some english text into dutch. We made a po/ mo file, just like you suggested but it doesn’t seem to work.

Can you help us out?

Thank you so much.

Hi dynadata,

Sure, just create a new issue at and our support team will help you out.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hello, I just bought this theme for wordpress, and when I installed it, and an error occurred.

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”



Could you please send me your sites url, login and pass to wp-admin and (if possible) FTP access to I’ll check where the problem is.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

I try to send a couple of times an email to from gmail and Godaddy work space, but seems to delivery failed permanently.


There may be some issues with email server. Could you please try to send a message to

Thanks a lot, ThemeWoodmen

nice theme, how do you disable map auto-scroll?


Parameter you are looking for is scrollwheel=”false”

All params can be viewed here:

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hey guys,

Before I purchase, I want to double check two things:

1. On portfolio page, once I click on a specific project and pull up that page, is it possible to have multiple images or a gallery/slides of multiple images instead of just one image?

2. On the home page with the fullwidth flex slider, can I delete the blue content box and just have one wide image with nothing over it?

Hi, 1. Yes, you can have gallery, single image or video 2. Yes, it’s up to you have those “sections’ are arranged and how many of these are there.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi There, Awesome theme! I had a client purchase your theme and I am editing a few things for them and have run into an issue. I am wanting to change the navigation link colour through the “customize theme” section of the WP back end. I cannot seem to get the navigation menu supplement colour to be purple as I wish. Instead it is staying blue. Can you please advise how to make the blue links purple like on the rest of the site? Here is the link to the site so you can see what I mean:

Thank you kindly.


I’ve already answered your question in last comment.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi There, Awesome theme! I had a client purchase your theme and I am editing a few things for them and have run into an issue. I am wanting to change the navigation link colour through the “customize theme” section of the WP back end. I cannot seem to get the navigation menu supplement colour to be purple as I wish. Instead it is staying blue. Can you please advise how to make the blue links purple like on the rest of the site? Here is the link to the site so you can see what I mean:

Thank you kindly.


Try this CSS:
.navbar a {color: rgb(105, 50, 91)}

Hope it works for you. If you happen to have any problems, please contact our team at

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Thank you for your feedback. Sadly the edit to the css did not work. I’ll go on the forum. thanks!