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Fantastic layout! :-)

Thank you!

Fantástico theme!!! Very colean My friend!!

WOW what a theme!!!!! any plans on a wp version!!? :)

Thanks! :) Yes, we’re working on WP version in this very moment. Should be arriving within a week or two

Great!!! Waiting a WP version ;-)

stay tuned! :)

Sparkling design !

Good luck with sales man

thanks spantax!

Great template! GLWS ;)

good luck with sales

I am a new member themeforest but i have problem all my designs rejected because quality I do not understand what is quality i want upload my design and Help me my mistakes i am sorry for the Inconvenience…

well I guess you should start with designing awesome layout in PSD, just as we did here:

You may also want to read more envato KB articles :) Good luck!

Nice theme! Fyi though, on some pages when I try to scroll down the page it bounces back up to the top… does it 3 or 4 times, then after that I can scroll the page ok. Happened on a few pages, particularly the “About” page (using Firefox 20.0.1)

Thanks mate, we’ll check that!

could you make the top nav sticky, would be a great addition

Hi Jreseyj,

That’s a great idea – will update this site next week with an example sticky navigation:)

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

I love this design – it’s GREAT! I am having an issue with the home page banner and the navigation bar though. The banner goes over top of everything and renders the nav un-useable – only notice it on iOS – any ideas?

Just posted a question about the Twitter widget in the support page! I look forward to your response!

Ok, thanks.

I keep getting emails saying the template has been updated but when I check the channel log I dont see any updates. Is this an error on themeforests part.

Hi jasonrae,

Today we’ve uploaded a new version which fixes minor IE 8 problems. We didn’t update a changelog yet though.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

ok thanks

Hey ThemeWoodmen!

I got your note about the Twitter update. I installed it and it was working perfectly. However, now it seems to be down on my live site and your demo site.

Any thoughts on what happened?



Yes, twitter changed their API :( We are currently working on a new updated version, but it requires A LOT of changes. Now all requests will have to be cached and authenticated… Unfortunately in case of HTML site templates, twitter widget will require support for PHP to get all those tweets.

Stay tuned!

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Nice template! But how i can chage the theme main color in CSS? I can’t find it :-/ In online demo there is a “skin.css”... Thanks!

Hi marco14,

Could you please post this question to – our support team will tell you how to do it.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen


Loveley theme! Is it possible to place a header on the sub pages?

Regards Nico

Any chance this will get updated for BS3?


Right now we don’t have such plans – sorry.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hello, I have a few questions.

I would like to know if can I add a plugin into this theme, like this one:

Also this template work with wordpress?

Thank you.


We have a WP version available here:

Regarding this plugin – it’s not a Wordpress plugin so some customization may be required. To be 100% sure it’s compatible, it’s always better to ask plugin’s author.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Why is the background image hovering over the menu all of a sudden?? It’s doing it in the demo too. It did do that for me before.

Nevermind. Just need to add Z-Index to the CSS.