Discussion on Off the Shelf - Online Marketing WordPress Theme

Discussion on Off the Shelf - Online Marketing WordPress Theme

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ShapingRain does not currently provide support for this item.

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I’m having issues with my site. Anywhere I click I get a clear black screen/layer popup. It doesn’t say anything just a clear layer with an “X” on the top right of the screen but does not close the black clear layer.

The layer does go away when clicking the x in mobile view but not on the desktop.

They just left everyone stranded. Didn’t even keep it compatible. We trusted this developer and have non-working websites.

Not quite. Our sales collapsed in 2020 and we didn’t make any income from themeforest so that we ultimately had to abandon development. We also tried to submit final updates to themeforest, which were rejected by themeforest and thus never published (see previous comments).

This is such a great theme. It’s a real pity that it it does not support the latest Wordress versions, had to jump through a number of hoops to get it to work on an older version of Wordpress.

With a few small changes the theme is actually working 100% with Wordpress 5.7.2 now

Indeed. Which is why it’s unfortunate that themeforest doesn’t approve an update until it fulfills all of its current WordPress submission guidelines (and not the ones that were in effect when the theme was developed), preventing us from releasing an update that makes the theme compatible, without redeveloping it from scratch.

Sorry to hear that. It’s really a great theme, exactly what I needed for my e-book sales page.

Hello When I click edit page. I get a transparent screen popup and I cant exit it even when I hit the “x” . I have to reset the page

Hello. None of our themes have been developed for current versions of the WordPress platform. If you are having issues with the user interface, it’s very likely that you are using a WordPress version that’s newer than the last one marked as compatible on the theme’s product page on themeforest.

DO NOT BUY this theme – does not work in WP 5.6 and the author does not offer support. DO NOT BUY this THEME!

^^ It says so in big letters on the product page itself.

Hi, are you planning to make this theme compatible with the current wordpress and offering support again. I love this theme and would love to purchase it for another client.

We would love to, but Envato is not accepting our updates. Their development guidelines would require us to rewrite the theme from scratch, which is not economical. We will likely develop new themes based on more modern technology in the future.

Hi I cannot add social media links in the profile. button does not work.

I am waiting for an answer??

Hello. Just above where you wrote your comment, it says in big letter “ShapingRain does not currently provide support for this item.” ─ That is why you have not received an answer. We are not currently selling this product with any support whatsoever, and you were not charged for support for that reason. The theme is not compatible with WordPress 5.5, and it is likely that you are using it with WordPress 5.5, which is why the backend, which was not developed for WordPress 5.5, is not working.

thanks for all :)

Hello. I have emailed you. The button to change the logo is not working. I will need to update the logo.

We are not currently selling this product with any support whatsoever, and you were not charged for support for that reason. The theme is not compatible with WordPress 5.5, and it is likely that you are using it with WordPress 5.5, which is why the backend, which was not developed for WordPress 5.5, is not working.

I have reached out for help with the current issues with the theme. I see you are giving previous purchasers an updated theme as your theme no longer works correctly. I need the fix for wordpress 5.5 Off the Shelf

I have not received a response as of yet and it has been a week

Hello. This theme is not rated as compatible with WordPress 5.5, as listed on themeforest. Under themeforest’s current submission guidelines, we can no longer release an update without rewriting the theme from scratch, due to which we have decided discontinue this theme. An interim update we had previously released to individual customers outside of themeforest proved to still not be sufficiently compatible with WordPress 5.5.x, and we have not re-released it.

This is the official response from ShapingRain customer support regarding OffTheShelf theme compatibility issue with WP 5.5:

“UPDATE to WordPress 5.5: Please note that none of our WordPress themes are compatible with WordPress 5.5, and it is unlikely that they will be made compatible as our framework would need to be rewritten from scratch to do so.”

...so it is in contradiction with above statement about update release for WP5.5 :)

That message was sent before we had a fix for WordPress 5.5. Customer support also sent a download link for the update for everyone who contacted them about WP 5.5 and Off the Shelf (we are still working on the same for the successor theme, Inbound).

What the text you quoted refers to is that we cannot release an official update on themeforest as it would require a rewrite of the theme to comply with all the new guidelines they put in place since Off the Shelf was developed. They rejected this update when we pushed it to their server. Even if we did release an update that satisfied all their requirements, we would create a nightmare for all existing customers as it would no longer be downwards compatible.

So for the moment, we have released an upgrade that makes the theme compatible with WP 5.5 only, which we are distributing via email to anyone who contacts us with valid purchase verification.

Hello, since the new WP 5.5 update the customizer is not working anymore and u had to downgrade my WP. I love this theme so much why did you discontinue the support?

Is their a similar theme with Site origin builder?

I would appreciate to hear from you since a few of my clients have this theme a cannot upgrade too WP 5.5

Hello. Due to COVID-19 and a resulting lack of income, we had to switch to other business models. We are no longer developing themes at the moment. We have released a WP 5.5 upgrade, which is available via email only to anyone who contacts support with valid purchase verification.

Hi there, only warning for new buyers. I know, there is no support for this theme (unfortunately) but this theme is so great, so I risked it. But in newest wordpress 5.5, there is no way to adjust settings in theme settings section. Any of buttons, delete, edit, remove etc. is no longer working, after click there is no reaction. There is a way to workaround, is still possible to downgrade WP core to last supported (5.1). But for future, this is not a safest way.

That’s actually not quite true. We have released an update for WP 5.5, it’s just not available through themeforest because Envato doesn’t let us upload it. Please contact customer support, they can give you a copy.

Hello is the theme compatible with PHP 7.3?

It’s not been tested with PHP above 7.2.x


I am using custom sidebars plugin by WPMU Dev to replace the sidebare on a page. However it only shows the theme sidebar even though I choose for it to be replaced.

How can I do this?

Hello. We aren’t aware of or have ever used that plug-in. Perhaps try a different one from wordpress.org?

Hi there,

How do you increase the font size for this theme?

Profiles > [active profile] > Typography.

Thank you

Hello, I was wondering about the themes’ compatibility with the current WooCommerce version. I am getting the following notification on the dashboard: Your theme (Off the Shelf) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.

Hi there! The latest version that the theme is compatible with is always displayed on each theme’s product page here on themeforest, in the “Compatible with” section of the sidebar. That number indicates the latest version we have tested the theme with. The notification you mention tells you that changes to the theme “may” be necessary. You can dismiss the notification to get rid of it. It will always re-appear whenever you update WooCommerce until we update the templates in the theme by increasing the version number. The theme should nevertheless work.

Hi, Do you have any videos how to setup products to make the shop? Thank you

Hi there! The shoping cart used is WooCommerce, a free third party plug-ins, and there are countless video tutorials on YouTube that explain its usage. Contact customer support via support@shapingrain.com if you need any help with the theme-specific features.

This theme uses data-vocabulary.org for structured data and since Google officially considers it obsolete, As of April 6, 2020, data-vocabulary.org markup will no longer be eligible for Google rich result features. When will they update the theme?

We support a variety rich snippets in our WordPress themes, and upon deprecation of one standard, we transition to a new one. That’s also the case here. We will eventually update all our themes to transition to newer microformat markup through a maintenance release.

Please always contact customer support (support@shapingrain.com) for timely replies as it may take much longer for one of us to notice a comment here.

works with lates wp version?

Yes, it does. But Off the Shelf is not a Gutenberg theme (it uses SiteOrigin Page Builder as its page builder).

We don’t currently support RTL languages in Off the Shelf.


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