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All I know is I should have paid attention to the many comments from individuals not receiving assistance.. Just thought it was an issue with the users until I had a few conversations with tech support! RUDE, ARROGANT and not ACCOMMODATING.. I will never purchase another product from this seller.. I don’t care how long they’ve been in biz or how good looking their products are.. there are too many other sellers that offer equal, better an are kinder. I am actually receiving assistance from another seller to embed this html product into Joomla. This other sellers I will return. even if I have to pay for special services. Seller needs some customer service experience..

You purchased an HTML template in error and then requested customer support to basically turn it into a Joomla template at which point the agent informed you that you had purchased the wrong product and that HTML/CSS templates from this category cannot be used as a Joomla template. You vehemently refused to accept that fact and then proceeded to blame the support agent and themeforest for your mistake, alleging that we made ‘misleading statements’, which was and is not the case. We made every effort to point you to resources explaining how Joomla templates work, from the very beginning (and we pointed you to to purchase a Joomla template). That conversation lasted since Wednesday.

Envato policies exclude customization services from customer service, and they most certainly exclude turning a basic HTML template into a Joomla template. We have been offering excellent customer service since 2012 and we continue to do so, as the comments for our products attest to. We also continue to uphold our offer to help you work with Off the Shelf as the template it was designed for. You can obtain third party services for anything in excess of the Envato Item Support Policy (see for reference) via Envato Studio:

We wish you the best of luck with your project.


CUSOON4 Purchased

Is there a shortcode one_fourth for 4 icons across the page like

Also is there a font awesome or like code for counting number up .. like Starts at 1 up to 100 cups of coffee consumed.

Thanks Mike

Hi Mike! Thanks for your message. The theme doesn’t rely on shortcodes at all (it’s all visual), so I am not quite sure what you are referring to, but please contact our support team for any support questions. They’re happy to help, 7 days a week:

Thanks for sharing!

You are welcome :-)

Thanks for sharing

You’re welcome! Enjoy!

Is this a wordpress plugin?

Hi there! This is an HTML/CSS template.

Looks great…Cheers!!! :)

Thank you!

Hi Thanks for sharing.

Is contact page included? my contact.php page throws a blank page in all the browsers.

Hi there! The contact.php script is a backend for the ajax contact form that is part of the template. It’s not meant to be called directly. The form mailer requires PHP’s mail() function to be working.

Nice template thanks for free :)

You are welcome, enjoy :-)

Looks very good! :) Any theme for news, magazine do you have?

Hey there, thank you! Currently we are working on a different theme, however a Magazine theme is a great idea (noted) ;-)

I downloaded this theme for free but their is no style sheet so I get a error message uploading. Please advise.

Hi there! This is not a WordPress theme, so uploading it to WordPress won’t work.

Please be kind enough to refund our credit we appreciate your understanding.

Hi there! You do not appear to have purchased this template. It’s free in October. Are you sure you are commenting under the right product?

Love the look of this page and so many features. I’m looking forward to playing with it. Thank you for making it available in October’s freebies.

You are most welcome, good luck with your project :-)

Hi, Thanks for the sharing

Nice template

You’re welcome! Thanks for the download.

Great work! Many thanks)

Thank you! :-)

Hi ShapingRain.. Can we add or adjust form fields on the form easily?

The form is hard-coded, but if you know PHP and HTML, you can make those adjustments as necessary.

No problem ;-)

How do I integrate a payment service with the HTML template?

Hi there! This is an HTML template, so implementation of any services, checkout process etc. is up to you and depends on what you are selling and how you would like to facilitate that, e.g. a PayPal checkout, Clickbank, Amazon, etc.

Is there a tutorial that demonstrates how to implement a payment service?

I am afraid there is not as it depends on what and how you are selling and which payment service you are using and how that one works. It would be quite difficult to handle all of those scenarios in a tutorial.

Thanks for the free download :)

You are welcome, enjoy! :-)

Congratulations for template and for your achievement.

Thank you! :-)

Hello, can i ad a mp3 at the place of ebook? Thanks for you support

This is an HTML template. It is just the plain design and provided as-is (as it looks on the preview site). The template does not have any features not seen there.

It’s not very clear for me…

Since the template is the “Free file of the month” we suggest, just give it a shot and download it for free. Then you will see if the template suits your needs or if maybe you do need a different one.

I tried to contact ShapingRain for assistance to setup my configuration of this template as I’m not sure how to do it and fix the issue I have.

I send message for the first time and there is no respond. After which i send a few more directly from their website live chat. I got a respond and was told if I do so I will experience more delay!

This is the way how customer service respond. If there is no reply, of course I send through live chat to make sure my request is well received.

Instead of assuring me to resolve the issue asap as I have paid for the template and need it to be fixed, but disappointed to receive such respond from ShapingRain.

If view using mobile phone, the text alignment from each chapter will be unaligned.

Also when i set the background to other picture and try to save it in the config page. It does not save it.

I really hope ShapingRain or other customer service officer who are more responsible can attend to my request.

Appreciate your attention.

Regards Your Valued Client

Thank you for your additional comments. We responded before you commented, and we always do our very best to respond to support requests in a timely fashion. You received an automated reply to your very first message to us immediately after receipt in which we kindly informed you that we take 24 hours for an initial reply and that sometimes it can take even longer, depending on our workload. Please refer to the Fair Use section of the themeforest Item Support Policy for further questions regarding our response time. And, again, we look forward to working with you to help you get the most of your purchase.

I’m just a end user. Policy is created by man.

Our attitude towards people is more important than policy that is created.

I’m very sure my request is very reasonable and now I received your respond, that is good enough.

I do not need to look through your lengthy support policy just to let me know how right you are.

But I do appreciate your timely response and your offer to help.

That I very much respect.

I’m happy so far, no worries once you fixed my issue.

Thank You

We’d appreciate if you could just concentrate on working with us. We really just want to help you. Please let us :)