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nice concept, you had a good inspiration, is not it…

Thank you!

Hot! Bookmarked!

Will you enhance the template ? Maybe some pricing tables or so ?

hi ihkawiss, thank you! sure thing :-)

Pricing tables are now part of the template.

Great LandingPage! Love it as always!

Thank you AndrejE your Feedback always helps us a great deal! :-)

Very nice theme, was wating for a good ebook salespage on TF.

Question: any possibility to have a WP version of it ?


Hi thempro,

thank you very much for your feedback. At the moment we do not plan to make Off the Shelf a WordPress theme.

However you might want to take a look at our Wordpress Landing Page – JustLanded

You can basically do everything with this template and transform it into the landing page you like.

Development of a WordPress version of Off the Shelf is now in progress, and if you like you can sign up for release updates at – Thank you for your continued interest in our products.

This looks pretty good. It can easily be adapted to other things than e-books, so I wonder why you made such an emphasis on it being solely for e-books. Thanks. I might purchase. I’ll have to add in my own pricing table; for me, that is missing :)

Pricing tables are now part of the template. The responsive pricing table adjusts to the amount of columns and looks great with any number of items…

Well done. Often times an author will say a feature is coming and two years go by and the author goes missing. Thanks for this. I’ll be following you for future items.

Your most welcome. Actually a lot of things we implement into our themes come from ideas our customers have send to us. So we are always very open to feedback and suggestions, again thank you :-)

Bought it and waiting for those nice, clean and super fast enhancements ;)

Well thank you very much, at your service ;-)

Pricing tables are now part of the template.

un Trabajo excellente .. mucha suerte con todo .

muchisimas gracias Atlaspix! :-)

Nice work, good luck with sales :)

Thank you SeventhQueen :-)

Just purchased this template – looks great!

Any chance of a video div and an order form inner page please?

Hi oxley,

thank you for your feedback! I think we have just answered your ticket :-) However just in case, yes we will add the video feature with the next minor update!

We have added a video block with the latest update, which makes responsive videos possible with Off the Shelf.

Wow! thats great, thanks!

I’ll cheekily suggest again that a little contact form div with perhaps three fields and a submit button would be super useful to lots of people (and me!).

But thanks again for the video div!

This is going to sell like crazy. Good luck with sales buddy.

Thank you so much :-)

Outstanding updates! May we receive some updates regarding top menu? :) Now menu is only on footer.

Thank s again for mind blowing updates and perfect design.

Thank you for your feedback. As Off the Shelf is a landing page, a menu is usually not desired. However, if there is enough demand for that feature, we will consider adding that in a later update.

Many thanks for adding pricing tables! so cool ;)

You’re most welcome!

Nice clean, professional work. My conversion rates are highest when you have email capture at top of page. I’ll keep looking for updates. Good luck with sales!!!

Thank you!

+1 for the navigation/menu idea. It’ll increase the flexibility and therefore appeal of the template.

P.S. The config area of the template is absolutely genius and so simple. Probably the best template I’ve purchased. Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback!

Hermosa y original! Buena suerte!

hola nimbleo,

muchas gracias mate! ;-)

Just purchased this item. It’s a great landing page for books.

I have one question: How can I use umlauts like ä/ö/ü within texts or headlines? In the current version of the template they appear as question marks.

Hi DCoben,

thank you very much for your feedback, the fonts we used do support umlauts. However if you want to send us a link to your website using our support at , we will have a look at it and help you in more detail, also in German! Thank you :-)

Wow, just beautiful work! I would love this in a WP Theme as I know hundreds of Kindle publishers who currently use WP for their eBook landing pages, me being one of them! This is one versatile landing page. Your products are top notch, keep them coming!

Thank you. We appreciate your feedback!

And by the way, if you are looking for a WordPress Theme, please check out

Which basically allows you to create the landing page you want have within WordPress, thank you! :-)

Development of a WordPress version of Off the Shelf is now in progress, and if you like you can sign up for release updates at – Thank you for your continued interest in our products.

Este se instala en un hosting cualquiera o en ya que todas las opciones personalizables donde estarían? serian por codigo? Gracias

Hola Gallardophoto,

gracias por tu pregunta. Off the Shelf es un template de HTML y no de WordPress. Para WordPress ofrecemos

Los textos y imagenes de Off the Shelf puedes modificar con un editor de HTML. Los colores y el Banner con un interfaz.

Si tienes más preguntas, puedes contactar nuestro soporte . Muchas Gracias!

Hi, I purchased the theme and am really looking forward to using it – however when I attempt to upload in wordpress I am getting this error message. Is there something I’m doing wrong or a fix for this?

The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

Hi mayvintraining,

Thank you for your purchase. Please note that Off the Shelf is not a WordPress theme, it is a plain HTML/CSS template and not sold in the WordPress category. If you are looking for a WordPress Landing Page theme, please have a look at JustLanded for WordPress:, which is a comprehensive solution for building landing pages in WordPress.

If you need any further help, please contact our customer support at, where we provide free customer service, 7 days a week.