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Great landingpage :) Instead of the book image, could we add a video in that position?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Brelle,

thank you! Yes you could replace the book image with anything you want to. If you need help with this, our support at will happily assist you!

Thank you!

what i liked: page structure was good, overall design is nice and its responsive. One of the nicest I felt.

What didn’t like: config is not necessary. If they know how to set a permission on a file to use it.. they know how to change a couple code items instead and leave no security issues.

the minified js file that has about 3 or 4 plugins mashed together is hideous. I just turfed the whole thing, went and got the files I wanted, included what I wanted minified and done. Better for form handling, better for everything. IN the very least, include what you mashed together separately in the download.

I’d love to see more landing pages from you guys (and please… the world doesn’t need any more ipad/app landing pages). I think picking other topics would be great. How about a couple great auto ones? Just concentrate on one car/make/model and make it look beautiful and give the user a quick way to fill in a form for test drive.

None of those in themeforest.

Thank you for your purchase, and for your feedback! We appreciate your comments.

The configuration interface is aimed at inexperienced users or those who would like to save some time customizing the look and feel of the template. From the public comments and private feedback received through support for both “JustLanded” and “Off the Shelf”, which both ship with this interface, we are aware that the vast majority of our customers actually likes this feature and we will continue to ship it with all our HTML templates, to support those with a lack of CSS skills. However, as the documentation puts it, this part of the template is entirely optional and “You may decide not to use the configuration interface at all, in that case simply leave out the config/ folder when uploading the files to your web server.”

As for JavaScript sources, it is common practice to ship minified files to reduce page loading times. However, we recognize that experienced users wish to make changes to these scripts which is why we do actually provide the sources in the /js/src/ folder. Those are exactly two scripts combined, just one plug-in and the initialization code. Please feel free to use them independently, or to replace those with scripts of your choice, and to combine or not to combine them in a minified file according to your specific needs.

We will also continue to cater for the themeforest community, and we are collecting ideas for new WordPress themes and templates from our customers who have been providing us with hundreds of feedback messages in the last couple of months.

Thank you for helping us improve our products – and good luck with your project!

Hi quick question on the regular license; if i buy this template on the license mentioned does it mean the ebook i will be promoting has to be free to download.

Hi camthagreat,

thank you for your interest in Off the Shelf. Your ebook does not have to be free.

Should you have more questions, just contact were we happily assist you with any issues, thank you!

Hi I recently purchased this theme but am having trouble with uploading it. It keeps saying Im missing CSS style sheets?? please help

Hi there,

Thank you for your purchase.

Off the Shelf is an HTML/CSS template and sold in that category on themeforest. There is no installation routine, and no special upload process. Just edit it in an HTML editor of your choice and upload it to your web host.

We do not provide customer service through the comments section on themeforest, but if you have any further questions, or need assistance with any of our products, please contact customer service at, where we provide free support, 7 days a week.

Hi there. Great theme! I bought it the other day.

Question: Is it possible to replace the ebook image with a video?


Yes it is. If you need assistance, please contact where we provide free customer support, 7 days a week.

Looks a great theme. Is it an SEO optimized theme?

Hi fmcstar,

thank you for your question. Yes the theme is SEO optimized, using semantic markup (HTML5), content first strategy and fast loading times.

Thank you!

This is how I have used this theme to sell a physical electronic product focus

Fantastic theme with excellent support. Still waiting for a form div though…

Thank you, that looks great! And, as promised back when you discussed this with Marcus, your feature request will be considered for the next update if there is a demand for that feature.

for the shopping cart, can i setup the paypal account?

Hello laripresa,

you can link “Off the Shelf” to any payment of your choice. But please be aware, that “Off the Shelf” does not have a Shopping Cart and is not an Online Shop. For detailed support please contact Thank you!

(Using PayPal’s ‘email’ links works fine to link the buy button to a PayPal shopping cart by the way.)

In style.css. Where can i change the position of the dummy_book cover image?

Best regards

Hello and thank you for your purchase! Could you please contact for all your customer support questions? They may be able to help you with that. Thank you :)

I would like to use this theme for a hardcover book. Is it possible to edit de button “Buy eBook”?


Hi jih1980,

thank you for your interest in Off the Shelf. Yes you can type in anything you want, the button is completely flexbile.

How to change color of button?

Hi michal123, thank you for your purchase, could you please contact our support at . Where we will help and get back to you as fast as we can. Thank you!

Hi There,

Wondering if you are offering the .psd file for the book?


Hello there, and thank you for your purchase. That book is part of the PSD that ships with the template, it has been designed exclusively for this template. If you like we can give you links to other resources as well, in case the PSD we provide does not fully meet your needs. If you’d like that, please contact customer support at—Thank you.

Hi, Great site! It’s simple, clear and clean. Before purchase it I wonder if the buy system is already implemented? it can handle paypal?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi Teresa, and thank you for your interest in Off the Shelf. This is an HTML/CSS template, so you can pretty much make it do whatever you want. There is no ‘buy system’ in place as you are buying an HTML/CSS template (= layout, graphics & design), but attaching the buy button to a PayPal cart is something that is very easy to achieve. If you have any in-depth questions or require support after your purchase, please contact, where we help customers 7 days a week, for free.

(Hi from BC, Canada by the way—Marcus)

Will there be a Wordpress version coming soon? If so, when?

Hi Travis! Thank you for your interest in of Off the Shelf. We have not begun working on a WordPress version of Off the Shelf, and there is no schedule yet, but we do intend to publish a WordPress version eventually.

Development is now in progress, and if you like you can sign up for release updates at – Thank you for your continued interest in our products.

I’m with @travisatlarge, please could you bring out a simple WP version of this super looking ebook landing page? I already have Justlanded which is Stunning! But a client particularly likes Off the Shelf instead…that’s 2 sales lined up with me and Travis:) How many more pre-purchase leads do you require before you’ll move this up the priority list? :)

Hi Amy! Thank you for the compliments. We actually do have Off the Shelf for WordPress in development, but there is another product further up the line that we need to finish first, so this will take some time to finish yet. We have very high standards, so we try and make the best of every product we publish—a ‘simple’ version will therefore not be released. But I am certain you will like the result once it has been released. —Marcus

Excellent theme

Couple of questions:

1. The background for the top section refuses to show on my version. Can you tell me a) the document and b) the line of code I need to correct to make it show or to change it.

2. I have replaced the book image with a video which looks great but now I would like to either a) increase the space between the video and the text to the right OR b) simply reduce the size of the video so the space appears wider – whichever is easiest.

Tried sending an email to your support email address but havent had a reply in almost a week.

If anyone else knows feel free to comment. thanks

Hi there! Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately, we have not received a support request from you. Please send your email to and ensure that and are not blocked by your email provider. You can also submit your request through if you like. We reply to all requests within 24 hours, 7 days a week. The average response time is 3.5 hours—and we would be happy to help you as well.

We do not reply to any support requests via the comments section to ensure that only legitimate customers have access to support, as per our support policy.

Good luck with your project, and thank you for using Off the Shelf.

We have already replied to your support question on Saturday when you submitted it via email, and we have sent the same reply again today. Please ensure that you accept emails from and and double-check that none of these messages ended up in your spam folder.


Thank you very much for your beautiful template work!

I have purchased the theme, could you help me get started on customization?

Thank you!

(If you could advise me about domain, hosting, and then applying your template, I would greatly appreciate it.) Or if anyone could refer me to some information, that would be fantastic. Thank you very much.

Hi RadiantCreation,

thank you for the feedback, please have a look into the “Documentation” folder which comes with the Download. Their you will find instructions about Colors, Styling, the Configuration interface and much more. However if you need a more detailed support, please contact us via where we will help you, thank you!

Thank you very much! I will do so. Thank you for your wonderfully quick reply.

These guys offer the best customer support I’ve experienced in a LONG time. So happy to have purchased this template and looking forward to dealing more with you guys in the future :)



Thank you so much, Shaun. We really appreciate your feedback.

Hi -

Love your theme! I was wondering how I could change the icons (cog, beaker, etc.). I have a custom graphic I’d like to use for them.



Hi Dan! You probably could, if none of the icon font symbols in FontAwesome meets your requirements. However, since icon fonts render much more smoothly than images, we always recommend to try and use an icon font instead (crisp & clear on HD devices). If you need assistance, please contact where we exclusively provide support for all our products. Thank you, and good luck with your project!

Hi..looks good. Is everything on the demo included?

Sample data?


Hi mod7, yes everything you see on our demo, is either available as demo content or as a freebie.